“What? Speak up quickly,” said Otto to Kairos.

Otto responded in his mind to Kairos’ question.

[Did you say that Aragon has unified the continent and received the title of emperor?]

“That’s right.”

[What happened after that?]

“What do you mean?”

[Is the empire that he built still standing?]

“It fell apart.
About 150 years ago?”

[…I see] Kairos’ voice sounded bitter somehow.

[Thank you for teaching me] Kairos said.

“Why are you suddenly asking about that?”

[I was just curious.
I was wondering if the empire that he built, even by betraying me, still existed.]


[It seems like you’re in need of some power.]

“That’s right.”

[Let me help to make you stronger for a while.
In return…]

Kairos made a condition.

[When the time comes that you no longer need my strength… destroy the mace.]

“What do you mean all of a sudden?”

[The fact that I was betrayed by someone I trusted and cherished as much as a brother was my grudge.
It was unfair and painful, and I couldn’t just close my eyes to it.]

“I see.”

[That must be why my soul couldn’t leave the afterlife and became trapped in the mace.
But now, I can’t really seek revenge, can I? Too much time has passed.]


[When the time comes that you no longer need my strength, melt the mace.]


[What’s the use of staying in the afterlife attached to a mace with no target for revenge? I didn’t live his life to be stuck in such a state.
It would be better to go to the other world cleanly.]

After hearing that, Otto thought that perhaps Kairos wasn’t the terrifying tyrant he was recorded as in the history books.

Of course, Otto didn’t let his guard down, as hasty trust could lead to a trap, but…

[What do you say? I won’t try to take your body anymore.
Instead, let me help you defeat that monster.]

I will.”

Otto decided to accept Kairos’ proposal for the time being.

After all, once he reached a certain level of growth after awakening, he would no longer need the “Punishment of Kairos.”

He thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to destroy the mace so that Kairos’ soul could rest in peace.

[Thank you.
I’ll help you defeat that monster.]


[Throw the mace.]

“You want me to throw it?”

[Yes! Just throw it!]


Otto grabbed the mace and threw it with all his might, as Kairos had instructed.


The mace flew toward the chimera at a terrifying speed.

The chimera was not amused.

Realizing that the mace was coming towards it, the chimera turned its body slightly and whipped its snake-like tail like a whip.

‘Shing! Shiiik!’

The chimera’s tail made a threatening sound as it tried to deflect the mace.

But just as the mace was about to be knocked away…


It changed its trajectory and flew straight towards the chimera, deflecting the whip-like tail with ease.



The mace struck the goat’s head among the chimera’s three heads.


Otto was amazed by what he had just witnessed.

Did he just witness swordsmanship???

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