“That Night”

[Open your eyes.]

“Umm… just a little more… sleep…”

[I said open your eyes.]

“I’m too tired…”

[You trash!]


At the sound of someone cursing at him, Otto woke up from his sleep.
But when he looked around, the bedroom was empty.

is this aftereffects?’

[What are you looking at?]

The voice spoke again.

“Wh-who’s there?”

Otto jumped out of bed in surprise.
But no matter how he looked around, there was no one to be seen.

‘Is a concussion really this severe? Or… am I losing my mind?’

Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

A faint vibration came from the box containing “Punishment of Kairos.”

“Wait… did you just call me?”

[Is there any other trash around here besides you?]

“What the h*ll?”

Otto scowled.

“Are you calling me Trash?”

[If you’re not trash, then what are you?]

“Am I going crazy…?”

Otto rubbed his eyes.

So, it was true that Otto de Scuderi was trash.

But gamer Kim Do-jin was not.

“Who are you to call me trash?”

[What else can I call someone with such poor athletic ability as you?]0

“Who would say something like that on purpose? Ugh!”

[Shut up! Just hand over your body quietly to me!]

“Have you kept it safe? Huh?”

[Anyway, a useless piece of trash like you is only wasting air by living.
So, give your body to me….]

“This is ridiculous.” Otto’s veins bulged on his forehead.

“I’ll show you.”

To express his anger, Otto swung “Punishment of Kairos” with “Awakening Poker.”


The sound of the whip and the mace colliding echoed.


Kyros screamed.

“What… this works?”

[How dare you…Dog like y–!]

“Can I do it again?”

Otto swung them together again.


Kyros screamed again.

“Awakening Poker” is an item that has the effect of awakening one’s senses.
In other words, it is an item that inflicts a kind of mental damage rather than physical damage.
However, this mental damage seemed to cause quite a bit of pain for Kairos, whose soul was imbued with a mace.

“Well, you got caught,” said Otto.
Though being woken up in the middle of the night irritated him, he hated hearing insults.

Otto rolled up his sleeves and began to swing the mace against Awakening Poker.

Bang! Clink! Thud! Thud! Clang! Thud!


[Ah! Ahhhhh! This trash… Aaaah!]

[P-Please, stop…!]

Otto didn’t stop punishing Kairos until he begged like a dog.

“I’ll only give you one chance.”


“If Try to wake me up again.
Something even worse will happen.”


Kairos was very angry, but he didn’t swear at Otto anymore, perhaps because he was afraid of getting punished again.

“If you’re going to lose, lose gracefully.
Why are you clinging to the mace like that? It’s pathetic, really.”

[Don’t insult me…]

“What insult? I don’t think someone who is afraid to go to the afterlife should be saying anything.”

[I’m not afraid of the afterlife!]

“Then why are you clinging to the mace instead of going there?”

[I’m just angry and feel wronged.]

“If you’re going to lose, then leave with your dignity.”

[What do you know about me?]

Kairos became angry.

[How could someone like you understand this pain and resentment of mine?]

“What’s so painful about it?” Otto snoted.

“What did you do that was so great?”


“You became an emperor and tortured and killed people, didn’t you?”

[What are you talking about?]

“You even ate human flesh because you went crazy, didn’t you?”

[That’s nonsense!]


[Who the hell says that kind of thing?!]

“I’m getting a headache.”

Otto said with a sigh.

“You’re denying it now, after saying that kind of thing?”

[I never ate human flesh! I never even put it in my mouth! And I never committed any tyranny! Who did I torture and kill?!]

“Don’t lie.”

Otto didn’t believe Kairos’ words.

“You evil deeds are all writen history book”

[History book…?]

“You were upto no good and only did bad things.
That’s why the Great Emperor Aragon stoped you.”

[Emperor…? Did you call that b**tard Aragon the Emperor?]

“Yes, Emperor.
He was a man who defeated you and later unified the continent as an emperor.”

[That damn… Aragon, that b**tard, receiving the title of Emperor… accusing me of such a dirty and unjust crime… even though It was I, who was betrayed by someone I considered a brother… to lose my honor that was more precious than life itself, and to have it fall to the ground…]

Kairos’ voice was filled with sadness.

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