“Spray it wide and thick.
That way the fire will catch easily.”


Condor’s subordinates and hired mercenaries spread oil everywhere and prepared to set the fire.

Their plan was to turn half of the territory into a sea of flames, causing chaos and disorder.


“We got them! These guys!”

“Where are they?”

The soldiers of the Iota territory who were lying in ambush attacked Condor’s subordinates and mercenaries.

“Kill them!”

“You b**tards!”

Small-scale battles began to break out all over the territory, between those who wanted to set the fire and those who tried to prevent it.

Ort territory residents came out one by one to see the sudden commotion, and were shocked when they witnessed the fighting.

Those who wanted to set the fire were once Condor’s allies, while those who tried to stop them were soldiers of the occupied Iota territory.

“What’s going on…?”

“Why is it so loud?”

“Can you guys be quiet for a moment…huh?”

The residents of the Orth territory were astonished.

They couldn’t believe that Condor, whom they didn’t particularly admire, was trying to turn the territory into a sea of flames.

In the meantime…

“Arrest complete! Cease combat!”

“We have also completed the arrest here!”

Condor’s subordinates and mercenaries were one by one subdued by the soldiers of the Iota Territory, arrested, and taken away.

“This, this can’t be happening…”

Condor was in despair as even the arson mission had failed.

It was all over.

In this operation, he had lost all his subordinates and even the hired mercenaries.

There were no more troops to be drawn.

In addition, even the temporary camp was burned down.

Now, Condor was alone.

“Get him!”

“There’s Condor!”

The soldiers of the Iota Territory discovered Condor and began to chase him.

“You damn dogs!”

Condor didn’t even have time to despair.
He ran for his life.

Although the soldiers of the Iota Territory pursued him closely, they failed to capture Condor.

Condor’s martial skills were so outstanding that ordinary knights and soldiers couldn’t catch him.

“Condor has escaped.”

As soon as the operation was over, Camille reported this fact to Otto.

“I know.”

“Don’t you feel uneasy?”

“Not really.”

“Still, it seems to have ended well.”

Camille seemed to evaluate that the incident had come to a close.

He judged that since Condor had lost everything, he would no longer have the nerve to try to reclaim the Orth Territory.

“Well…” Otto smiled mysteriously, as if he knew something he didn’t.

“Is that really the case?”


“Let’s just wait and see.

After saying that, Otto yawned and went to bed.


The next morning.

“Listen up, everyone!”

Camille gathered the Orth territory residents and told them about what had happened the night before.

“Former lord Condor not only recruited mercenaries, but also tried to burn our territory down to ashes! This will be attested to by the captured Orth territory knights and soldiers, as well as the mercenaries themselves!”

Then, Conder’s subordinates and mercenaries began to disclose the truth.

“Conder was a tyrant! He constantly suspected and killed his subordinates!”

“That b**tard didn’t care that our beloved territory would turn into a sea of flames! He was only greedy to regain the territory!”

Conder’s subordinates had already been disappointed several times, so they had no loyalty left.

Due to Conder’s suspicion and pressure, their arrogance had dropped.

“Our mission was to help Conder turn more than half of this territory into a sea of flames.”

“We didn’t care about the damage to the people of the territory; it was just part of the mission.”

The mercenaries, who had originally participated in the mission for money, spoke out the truth.

There was no reason for them, as mercenaries, to defend Conder.


“We were just paid to participate in the mission.
And Conder promised to pay us half of this territory as the reward.”

The leader of the mercenaries who participated in this mission disclosed the contract that Conder and the mercenaries had agreed upon.

“Selling off the territory?”

“What a jerk! Can he sell off our land even if he were the lord? Who would allow him to sell off our homeland!”

“Such a traitor!”

The people of Orth were furious at the disclosure.

They could understand other things, but they could never tolerate Conder’s attempt to turn territory into a sea of flames and give more than half of it to the mercenaries.

That was not all.

“The contract also included a clause to sell half of the people in the territory as slaves.”

In the aftermath of the additional revelations, the anger of the Orthean people reached its peak.

Yes, let’s say we understand taking over more than half of the territory.

But trying to sell half of the Orthean people into slavery to pay for the contract was an unforgivable atrocity.

An Orth territory is like a small kingdom.

Who would dare to make their own citizens into slaves?

“That son of a b*tch!”

“He didn’t love us! He treated us like objects!”

“That b**tard!”

“Who gave him the right to make us into slaves?”

The rage of the Orthean people pierced the sky, and as a result, Condor completely lost their support.

He lost their temporary base.

He lost their troops.

Now, even their greatest asset, public support, was lost.


Otto watched with satisfaction as the Orthean people cursed Condor.

Thus, any hope of regaining Orthean territory was completely lost.

Since public opinion had turned against them, there was no way to turn the situation around, no matter what they did.

“What happens next is what’s important.”

Otto knew very well that just because public support had left Condor, it didn’t mean it would automatically come to him.

“Especially at times like this, I need to do even better.”

Otto immediately began to work on restoring public support.

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