{2 – Dominating Hands}


Since I was discovered using hidden ability against Lumia, the security towards me had become many times stronger.


Of course, now I couldn’t meet anyone anymore.


The number of restraints attached to my body also increased several times.


And if I tried to move my body even a little bit, the light on the camera in the room turned on.


In addition, armed guards now took turns monitoring solitary confinement day and night in real time.


Thanks to that, I was able to do only one thing while lying in bed all day…


Alert: Skill < Detection (LV1) > has been used.


…To use and learn about the ability that Justia entrusted to me, all I did was, test the ability on the guards outside the bars.


'Maybe I can get some clues from this ability.'




I wondered if I could use other abilities as well.


However, it was useless.


I tried to use other abilities countless times, but the only ability I was able to use was ‘Detection’, which allowed me to detect the information of the target I desired.


At least when I thought and tried to break all these damn restraints, a new phrase came to mind…
just one..



Alert: The conditions to use this skill have not been met.



After that, no matter how hard I tried and concentrated, that phrase never appeared.


Just like that, around the time I started memorizing the personal information of the guards that I didn’t even want to know-


“It’s my shift now.”


-suddenly, a completely unexpected person came into my sight.


<Detection (LV1)>

◆Name: Ira Kim

◆Gender: Female (19)


– [In disguise]










There was an awkward silence between us.


“…um, hmmm.”


I tilted my head and looked at her slightly,


She slowly turned her gaze to the side and coughed in embarrassment.




What the hell was she thinking when she came here?


Her true identity was none other than my sidekick.


Since the concept of ‘disguise’ resided in her body, she was a person with the ability to change her appearance into anyone.


Unfortunately, she could not mimic the ability of the disguised person, but she was good at acting, so the fact of disguise could not be detected in any way.


I never thought that she would use this ability to see me.


“Here, number 10156.”


As I was staring at her blankly, Ira pushed food into my room and continued.


“I’ll release some of the restraints until the meal is over.
So finish the meal in five minutes.”


Then, she went to the wall of the solitary cell and maintained an immobile posture.




In the room, I grabbed the food tray and looked at it as naturally as possible, and soon I was able to understand her intentions.


‘…Is it Braille?’


The side of the plate was coded with fairly small Braille.


The method that Black Agent me and my assistant often used.


If this was the case, I could read it naturally without being detected.


[Truth] [Knowing] [Self] [Witness]


Thinking that I slowly began to read her code.


[something] [ideal] [testimony] [nobody] [believe]


As I read the words, my heart began to beat stronger.


[So] [This time] [I] [Help]


After reading up to that point, I glanced at her, and Ira seemed to wink a little.


[At that time] [Just Like you]


Now I know why she came here.


[Staking your life]


She was trying to break me out.


‘Are you insane?’


This was too risky.


No matter how capable she was, it was impossible for her to break out of Karma’s strict watch and break me out.


And all else aside, I couldn’t let her be in danger.


I got caught up in something too big.


So, if it were revealed that she, who had a promising future, was somehow involved with me in this, the end would be obvious.


– Clinking…!!!


Having gone mad, I overturned the table with all my might.


Then, she turned her eyes and started looking at me.


“Get out…”


I murmured in a cold voice, hoping that my heart would reach her.


“…Because I don’t need this.”


Among the guards who started running toward me with suppression sticks, I could see her shaking eyes.


What would happen if I asked for help right now?


No, I couldn’t do that.


I didn't want her to be in a difficult situation.


But still, I had to do what I had to do.


Before the guards’ batons flew, I shouted with all my might.


“Go and suck Lumia's ass, you bastards!!”


I hoped Ira would understand what I was saying.


I shouted loudly, hoping that one day there would be people to stop Lumia.


– Kwajik…!


I lost consciousness as the guards struck me in the head.








How much time had passed?


10156, you have a visitor.”


I was staring blankly at the wall, unable to even caress my swollen head thanks to the restraints, at that time the guard opened the door and entered, announcing a visit request in a cold voice.



I was still drowsy from the shock of being subdued, but I knew it at once.


That this was an execution, not a visit request.


About two days had passed since my meeting with Lumia, and above all, the atmosphere of the guards was different from usual.


Because I had always dealt with people's emotions, I noticed it right away.
They were happy.


‘Is this how it ends?’


When I realized that I was heading toward the end like this, a cold sweat broke out all over my body.


‘Am I going to die like this because someone framed me?’


I wanted to shake off the guards’ grip and get out of this place right away.


“Stay still.”


However, the body tied with restraints did not move, and the guards’ grips were too tight.


Because of this, I had no choice but to be dragged along like a cow being led to a slaughterhouse.


“Go in.”




After walking for a long time, the guards started pushing me somewhere.


“Confirm the prisoner boarding, we are leaving.”


Before I knew it, with a black cloth on my face, I began to be escorted somewhere.


“Hey… where the hell are we going…”


“Stay quiet.”


Naturally, questions were not tolerated.


In that situation, all I could feel was pitch-black darkness and the occasional rattling vibration inside the car.


How much time had passed?


I was violently grabbed by the arm and dragged outside,


They started dragging me somewhere else.


“Sit down.”


Eventually, we finally reached our destination.




Before I even had time to grasp the situation, my body began to be tied to the chair, and only then I realize.


“F*ck!! Really?”


My execution method was…


…None other than the electric chair.








– Sreuk…


As I shuddered at the cool sensation on my back, the cloth that was on my head slowly peeled off.


A familiar face caught my eye.






“…Why Noona…?”


“Isn’t that obvious?…”


When I found my Noona standing in front of the guards and asked that question, she answered with an expressionless face.


“…For the execution of a villain with supernatural ability, a hero must be there.”




“Especially since we don’t know the identity of the concept you’re indwelling, it’s of course necessary.”


She answered me with eyes as if looking at some serious criminal.


My Noona, who was always kind and warm when I was young, was not in front of me.


As a top-ranking hero, she was just dealing with me, an A-class villain.


“Before the execution, is there something you wanted to say?”




“What will you leave behind?”


Such a fact completely shattered my last will to resist.


No matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I cried and beg, my fate had not changed.


“…There is an orphanage that I regularly support every month…”


Now, it was time to clean up for the little time left.


“…Donate all of my fortune to the orphanage.
Don’t say anything to the kids.”


With such a trembling voice, I began to say my ‘last words’.


“And, there is a report on the 2nd year first class student in the academy that I was in charge of, in the third drawer of the office.
Refer to it when taking over.


“Give all the equipment I bought to Ira.
There are many things that can help her.


“The West Coast has been unusual lately, so be careful.
According to my analysis, it’s definitely…”


Once I started talking, all the things started popping up.


I never thought there would be so many things in life that would make me regret; The children of the orphanage who always talked about becoming heroes, A problem child in the first class of the 2nd year, who had just gained momentum, Ira, who always quarreled at Justia’s office, And…


“…Eat well, Noona.”


When I said that in a calm voice, Noona's eyebrows rose.


“Because you’re busy at work, you always buy lunch boxes from convenience stores…”



“…I’ve posted a side dish recipe on the fridge… Take care of it.”


I wanted to leave something for the other two as well.


However, my body couldn’t hold out any longer. 


“And please, don’t trust Lumia too much…”


Because of that, the moment I was about to finish my words with my eyes closed.


“Shall we stop wasting time?”


Noona opened her mouth with a cold voice.


The moment when I tilted my head helplessly at that strange sound.






“Excuse me.”




Two people came in with the door slammed open.


“Did you think you could deceive the child of prophecy?”




The identities of those two people could be identified without the need to use ‘Detection’.


“Mission successful.”


The man saluting Noona… no the woman saluting Noona, was Lumia who stole everything from me.


“Good job, Lumia.
You played an active part again this time.”


In her hand, there was a girl, who was bloody and rolling on the floor, without even using Detection I was able to recognize her…


It was Ira, my sidekick.




“Calm down, Calm down…”


Looking at Lumia in disbelief, Ira, who was coughing with blood, raised her head and said.


“Hey, you fucking bastards!!”


Then, suddenly, looking at Noona and the guards, she started shouting.


“I was on the scene from start to finish!”




“Kang Ha-neul Oppa is not the criminal!!”


Then everyone’s eyes began to focus on Ira.


“I saw clearly just before I lost consciousness! Ms.
Justia fell after taking the final blow!! But… But why the hell?!”


All of a sudden, Ira burst into the tears and vomits.


“I woke up and found that Kang Ha-neul oppa was the killer of Justia!! This is not true at all…”


“This kid…”


“In the first place, you don’t know! What kind of relationship the two had!! And yet… Yet…!!!”


She threw away the clutches of the guards who rushed at her with all her might and poured out her words.


“Why do you all believe in that bastard Lumia, I mean…”


– Pajik…




When Noona made a light gesture, Ira lost consciousness with her body paralyzed.




I blankly watched the situation.


“The disciples of Justia are so scary.”


Hearing a familiar voice from behind, I lost my reason.


“Isn’t that right?”


She was the one who took Ira and brought her here.


Lumia looked at me and secretly smiled with satisfaction.


‘I want to kill you.’


In such a worst case.


‘I want to tear that smiling face of yours in pieces.’


For the first time in my life, I had intentions of killing someone.


‘I want to pursue revenge to the end of hell.’


At that moment, it was as if I was waiting for this moment.


‘No matter what the cost…’


– Tring…!




The miracle I so desperately wanted, happened in front of my eyes.



Option: The Villain’s Path

◆ Description:

It is an unavoidable fate given to you.

Upon acceptance, you will be able to use the [Villain’s Path] system, but the villainization will proceed at the same time.



Unlike the opaque window that came up last time, a bright red window appeared.



Alert: Are you sure you want to accept it?





The moment I saw it, I burst into laughter without realizing it.







After all, I was destined to be like this.


It was the power that Justia gave me in the first place.


If so, was there any reason not to accept it?


“Then, let’s execute the death penalty.”


‘Villainization’ is in progress…


Although the meaning of the sentence was slightly caught, it was fine now.


“Everyone step back…”


Because I was already the worst villain to everyone.


Even if I became a real villain, nothing would change.




With that thought in mind, I lowered my head and pressed ‘Accept’ with all my might.


“…Finally, finally, finally.”


“Don’t worry.”


I smiled for the first time and whispered softly to Lumia, who was trembling without being able to hide her ecstatic expression.


“If you really want it, I’ll make sure you regret it bitterly…”


– Kwagwagwagwagwang…!!!




With a sudden roar, everything was enveloped in darkness.








“Cough, Cough…”


When I opened my eyes, coughing heavily, the whole area was in chaos.




“Oh, it hurts…”


I didn't know why, but half of the people were buried under the rubble of a completely collapsed building.




“Keuug, what kind of guys are they!”


“Lumia! Come on behind me…!”


And half of the people, who were being attacked by unknown people including Noona and Lumia, were in confusion.


“How did this…?”


I was watching that dream-like situation.


“Hey, are you in trouble right now?”


I turned my head at the sound I heard next to me, but then I froze.


“It happened that we also had one vacant executive position.”


It was the Dominating hands; Located at the head of the current Villain League, The Worst Villain group ever.


“How about we try to win-win?”


The leader of the group I tried to catch all my life, asked me.


She was reaching out to me from over the broken wall.


“Even if you suddenly say something like that…”


In such a sudden situation, I slowly retreated back.


“…there is nothing I can’t do.”


Soon after, I made up my mind and started moving forward.




Lumia, who was being escorted by Noona from afar, showed a look of embarrassment that I had never seen before.


“Why are you guys here now?”


“Probably because it seemed like the right thing to do.”

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