{ Chapter 26 – The Determination of the Transmigrater}




The closest aide and sidekick of Villain Trauma.


Her role was crucial and could not be ignored, but in the original work, she was always treated as a joker, a laughingstock.


A typical gag character that was bound to exist in other works as well. 


A supporting character that evokes the atmosphere by sticking to the serious character.


Paradise was a character in just that position.


Of course, her popularity itself was quite good.


Despite her popularity, she was just an executive of the Dominating Hands, a group of villains whose leader was Trauma.
But even while playing the role of a joker, she always showed off her flamboyant character.


Thanks to that, even though she was often intimidated, she quickly recovered her self-confidence and had the shamelessness that led to accidents again.


Even in the original game, which was famous for its powerful abilities, Paradise transmigrated one of the best fraudulent abilities.
However, even with that advantage, she was set as the weakest among the executives because of her nature.


In addition to the gimmick of secretly having a crush on Trauma, she received a decent heroine-level push.


But a supporting role was a supporting role in the end.


Therefore, she was a character that could not fit into the mainstream of the work.


Obviously, it should have been like that…


‘But why? Why? Why?’


Right before the entrance ceremony speech, Lumia, who was quietly reading past newspapers, grabbed her head.


‘Why is Paradise the head of the Dominating Hands?’


She couldn’t quite figure out why.


It was only a few days ago that she first transmigrated to this world.
Of course, she couldn't know everything that had happened in the past.


‘Did I transmigrate in a low-level novel based on that world?’


Lumia wondered for a moment, then shook her head.


If there had been such a novel, she would have known.


It was because she had read all the setting books, manga and side novels, and even parodies and fanfictions.


‘What the hell?’


'Why the hell did the development change?'


Could it be that the new side story was released as a movie?


“Am I not the only transmigrated?”



Lumia's doubts could be traced back to the conversation she had with Paradise, who hijacked the Academy.


“But you’re the transmigrater, Lumia.”


It was because Paradise knew that she was a transmigrater.


“She knew that I’m transmigrater…? But how?”


After missing the dice at the Academy Annex, Lumia, who was fiddling with the Joker card she had left, began to mutter in a cold voice.


“Is she the regressor?”


Paradise was the regressor…


If it were true, it could explain this bizarre situation.


“But there must be no one who can do that…, right? but apart Ariel with could do it with her game system…”


Because there was no concept of ‘regression’ in this world.


It wasn’t just that; this was a world with numerous abilities, but none of the abilities related to time existed.


Therefore, in this world, only the playable character Ariel could do something similar to 'regression.'


‘But it’s only because of a game system.’


However, could Paradise copy even the game system, using the concept of 'copy' that dwelt in her body?


'That load and save function…
Could that be copied too?'




Lumia, who had been thinking over and over again, got up from her seat quietly.


She got a clue, but there were too many questions that couldn’t be explained by that alone.


Was she really a regressor, or was she really that stupid sidekick ‘Paradise’ in the first place?


Just because Paradise knew that she was the transmigrater, she couldn’t be sure.


“The plan should proceed.”


She decided, refusing to give up just because she was frustrated.


She needed to keep pushing forward, even if she didn't have all the answers.


Therefore, the appeal to be killed by Trauma would continue.


“Sunbae… is he okay?”


But now, the most important thing was Kang Ha-neul’s safety.


Because all the executives of Dominating Hands were women except for one.


Besides, in the original, they all had some sort of romantic relationship with Kang Ha-neul. 


She had even seen countless illustrations of them together on various sites.


– I’ll send you a mysterious videotape soon.


Suddenly, in her head, the words that Dice left behind echoed.


‘…That Yellow-haired bitch.’


If she was helpful to sunbae, Lumia would cooperate.


However, she knew that if that Dice touched her sunbae, she would not be able to control herself.




'Could it be that they are filming that video tonight?'


'For some reason, the villainization did not proceed properly…
So would she attack him in pure state?'


– Grrrrrrrrrr…


Lumia, who momentarily imagined that the Kang Ha-neul and the skin of a yellow-haired girl were touching, began to tremble all over.


“Should I reveal that I am a woman?”


She had a sudden thought.


If she revealed that she was a woman, she wondered if he would do anything rough for revenge.


Even if she died, no, when she died, she wondered if she could be satisfied with it and die.


“…That’s not it.”


However, the current Kang Ha-neul was not like that.


Because of that, it could have had the opposite effect.


– Beep, beep…


After standing and thinking about it for a while, she suddenly called somewhere.


“I want to entrust the request I consulted with you the other day.”


Then, as soon as the other person answered the phone, she started talking in a cold voice.


“…Just quietly investigate.
Avoid fighting as much as possible.
No matter how bad the opponent is in the League of Villains, you can do that much, right?”


Her red eyes glow quietly.


“Oh, and no matter what happens, don’t touch Trauma.
If he was hurt even the slightest bit, I’ll tear you to pieces and kill you.”


She was threatening and was about to hang up the phone.


“Yes? Deposit?”


Then, when Lumia heard a story about money, she frowned and opened the bank application.




Her eyes, as she quietly checked her account, began to tremble slightly.


‘It will not be a problem…
Because I’m used to being poor…’


It was then that her finances began to strain.








Back in the present moment:




When Kang Ha-neul and Ariel, who were walking side by side in the hallway, entered the class at the same time, everyone’s eyes were focused on them.


Unfortunately, it was an unfavorable glance.


First of all, temporary professor Oh Ji-seok abandoned his students during the last academy raid and disappeared somewhere.


Of course, he disappeared before the incident occurred, and he was spared from hardship because there were testimonies from students who were rescued by him.


But his public opinion could not have been favorable to the students of the 1st grade, who had to evacuate without a leader.


“These days, she hangs out with the professor.”


“…could it be…”


Still, Ariel was on the slightly better side.
Thanks to the sudden change in the attitude of the media recently, her image had improved.


But still, some students still looked at her with bad eyes.






“Crazy, he is really in our class.”


Thanks to Lumia's sudden appearance, the slightly awkward atmosphere suddenly reversed.


The promising hero who was already famous even before entering the academy.


Not only was she good at skills, but Lumia had a lot of good stories about her on the internet, so most of the children were looking at her with a favorable gaze.


And it was also because of Lumia’s outstanding appearance.


Perhaps because of that, some of the female students also wanted Lumia to sit in their seats.


‘It’s also empty.
The front and middle seat.’


Lumia quickly headed to the desk in the front that was empty.


The reason was simple.
It was to get a closer look at Kang Ha-neul, who was disguised as Oh Ji-seok.


The boy sitting next to her had a burdened expression on his face, but she didn’t mind.


Because it was more important to be close to Kang Ha-neul even a little more.


“Uh, um…”


As soon as she sat down, Ariel started to look around with a troubled look on her face.


“…Oh, hello.”


Then she goes to the only empty seat in the back and greeted the girl next to her with an awkward smile.


‘You can save and load, you don’t know yet.’


Lumia, who glanced at Ariel like that, quietly fell into thoughts.


‘To check that ability, I have to get a system.’


In the main story, if Ariel had the save & load function, Lumia had the ability to use and manage ‘skills’.


How to get it was unknown.
Although not now, she already had that function at the beginning of the original.


‘Well, it’s just the beginning.’


Although there were so many variables, still, there was no need to rush, as it was a game world where she saw the ending many times even in hard mode.


If she thinks of it as a handicap play, it was more comfortable.


‘I will surely die for you, Trauma.’


Lumia sat down like that.
Her eyes lit up and she quietly began to mutter inwardly.


‘I love you.’


Her stomach was ringing like crazy because she hadn’t eaten anything in several days, but she was happy now.


It was because the mask worn by Trauma she bought at the kiosk was covering her stomach.


It was a thrilling feeling as if she was holding the entire Kang Ha-neul in herself.


Thanks to that, even with a seriously empty stomach, she felt full-


“Before starting the full-scale class, I will check your belongings.”


-until she heard Kang Ha-neul’s words.


“Get everything you have out on the desk.”


Lumia’s eyes began to tremble rapidly at his words.


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