{ Chapter 12 – The Enemy }


It had already been a week since I learned the secrets of the dominating hands and the villains.


[ Hey.


[ Ahjussi! ]


[ Come quickly to my room.
It’s urgent.]


I rushed to Pandora’s room at her sudden call.
As usual, Pandora, who was squatting in a chair with her frizzy hair, waved her hand.


[ Do you want to play Tekken together? ]


Then, she pointed to the large monitor in front of her and sent a chat like that.


“It is urgent!?”


[ Tekken is very important.
And If I tell you earlier, I probably would not have gotten a response.


There was a great inner intimacy in Pandora’s eyes.


‘It feels like I’m only getting closer to Pandora.’ I thought.


Just like Pandora, I wanted to get along with the other executives too, but Heart and Diamond left for a long mission a week ago.


And my second friend, Spade, had been exuding a terrifying aura when I met her since that day.


I was good friends with Dice, but no matter how much I think about it, I didn't think it was an ordinary friendship.


[ What are you doing? Sit next to me.


“We will play Tekken later, but first please explain this.”


Anyway, I had more important things than games right now, so I took off the cat-shaped headset she was wearing and put my hands in my pockets.


“So what the hell is this weird button…”






Eventually, I took out my smartphone and put it in front of her, but suddenly her whole body went stiff, and Pandora quickly covered her eyes.


“What are you doing?”


[ This is a cliché where the developer of a hypnosis app is hypnotized in reverse.
I know everything.




[ That the first victim of hypnosis is always the app developer who promised development.
Did you think I didn’t know? ]


Up until a week ago, it was quite embarrassing when Pandora started talking nonsense like this, but fortunately, now I knew how to deal with it.


– Tick!


In this case, honey chestnut was the medicine.


[ Ah this Pain! This kind of tyranny is unforgivable! ]


It must have been painful, but Pandora, with her usual half-closed eyes wide open, hurriedly sent a chat.


“So, now tell me, what is this big heart-shaped button?”


But she just couldn’t let it go.


[ It is unacceptable that the hypnosis application does not have it.
You can do things with it.


“Okay, delete it.
And make another function.”


[ What function? All attack functions are included.


“Psychotherapy functions.”


As I said that with my arms crossed, Pandora looked at me with blank eyes.


[ Psychotherapy with hypnosis…? Then the hypnosis you knew…]


“That is the correct way to use it in the first place, and what I’m doing is abuse.”


After hearing that, she closed her eyes for a moment and then nodded as if there was a reason.


Just how far the alternative hypnosis image had gone from reality? As a holder of the concept of hypnosis, it was truly deplorable.


'So, from now on, I will work hard to restore the image of hypnosis.'


[ That's easy to add.
But why do you need it? ]


Her question was correct, in fact, it was a feature that villains didn't need.
There was no reason to heal the enemy.


However, this function was needed by none other than Pandora and the executives.


As a result of spending time together and watching Pandora and the other executives, one thing I understood was that each had a 'trauma'.


So my skills would be very helpful here.


The original purpose of hypnosis was healing and relaxation.
So I decided to use it here and help them.


“What are you two doing here?”


As I was thinking about how to explain this to Pandora who was waiting for my answer with a mysterious expression, the door suddenly opened.


“Come out quickly.
We don’t have time.”


The one who opened the door and entered was none other than Spade.


– Ahh…


Pandora, who saw her, freaked out like a cat that had seen a cucumber.
And then hid behind my back.


“…What’s the matter?”


[ I'm too scared.
Bullying every day.
it's a curse…]


'Is she afraid of Spade?'


Well, if I looked at their tendencies, they were definitely opposites.


“A monster has appeared-”


I smiled at the trembling coming from behind, but I heard Spade’s cold voice in my ears.


“-So, unfortunately, I need your strength.”


Apparently, it was time to work.








A few hours after that:


‘Finally… finally, finally.’


It was the first day of school for International Hero Academy, which reopened amidst much controversy.


‘It’s today.’


Lumia, who was going to school wearing an old rucksack, was muttering to herself with an excited expression on her face.


‘The day when I'll confront the 'Trauma'…’


“Hey, hey.
Are you the freshman representative?”


Then, a startled voice came from the side.




“I-I’m in the same class! Nice to meet you!”




The girl, who was hastily sweeping her tousled auburn hair, looked at Lumia and smiled kindly.


“Do you live in this town?”


“Ah yes.”


“Then we are in the same neighborhood.
Oh, by the way, my name is Ariel!”


She introduced herself as Ariel to Lumia, who had a friendly smile looking at her.


‘Ariel Everray.
Of course, I know you.’ Lumia muttered quietly to herself.


“I wish you all the best in the future!”


‘How can I not know her sister?’




Her true identity was the famous Justia’s younger sister.


“By the way, it’s a coincidence.
We are living in the same neighborhood, but saw each other like this while going to school…”


“Well, is it really a coincidence?”


The corners of Lumia’s lips, looking at Ariel like that, began to rise gradually.




“Haha, I’m joking.”


Contrary to that joke, Lumia already knew that Ariel would pass by.


In fact, Ariel’s encounter with Lumia was also due to her meticulous calculations.


“Hey, can I ask you a question?”


“Me? Yes, why not? I don’t mind…”


As Lumia carefully asked that question, Ariel scratched her head and nodded.


“This time, that new villain, Trauma…”




“What do you think about him?”


Then, Lumia raised her eyes and asked her question.


“Um, that’s… hmm…”


Ariel pondered for a moment, then scratched her head and answered.


“I do not know.”


“You don’t know?”


“The internet says he is a supervillain and stuff… Well, I’m not really sure he is that bad of a person.”


Then, although it was only for a moment, Lumia smiled strangely.


“Then, what would you do if you met him?”


Ariel, who couldn’t see Lumia’s expression like that, mumbled with a bitter smile at the next question.


“In the first place, I wouldn’t even be able to fight.”




“My abilities are really insignificant.”


After hearing those words, Lumia patted her shoulder and encouraged her.


“Ah, you’re still enrolled in the Hero Academy.
Don’t blame yourself too much.”




“At first, some famous heroes were also sluggish in Academy.”


But on the inside, she was thinking differently.


‘You haven’t awakened your abilities yet, and you don’t even have the will to fight.
You don’t even have the ability to do that in the first place.’


“Uh, what is it?”


‘So this episode is my solo stage…’


In the meantime, Ariel suddenly stopped and started to open her eyes.


“What is it…”


After hearing those words, Lumia stopped and looked around carefully.


‘It’s started.’


She knew.


Today, at this hour, on this street, an incident would happen.




The existence she so longed for, would be drawn to the monster and appear on this street.


– Tsuzuzuzu…


“What is this fog…?”


As the situation she had seen many times unfold before her eyes, Lumia’s heart began to beat rapidly.


‘He is  here, he is here.’


'Now, out of that mist, a masked man will come out.'


Although it wasn’t the ‘white’ mask she knew, a man wearing a ‘black’ mask that looked exactly the same appeared.


He committed a catastrophe of helping others in his debut match, but he still had a sense of revenge against her.


He would aim for her life.


Because she was the one who stole everything from him.


‘When you see me, what kind of expression will you make?’


She wanted to fight him.


She wanted to be strangled by being beaten to death by him, who had lost his reason.


She wanted to be the first to cross the line.


‘I want to see you.’


Realizing that he couldn’t kill her now, she wanted to hear a terrifying voice whispering that he would kill her somehow.


She wanted to become his eternal nemesis.




In the eyes of Lumia, who was full of such thoughts and moved forward, the man who she had been waiting for finally appeared.




A mask with broken eyes.
A black cloak covering the body.
A black cane was held in the hand.


“You are traumatized.”


She looked at him, who had the appearance she wanted to see so much, and stopped in place.


Judging by his appearance, it seemed that he hadn’t expected to meet her and Ariel here.


‘We must not have come here today, so it’s a natural reaction.’


She was smiling happily imagining what kind of expression might be inside his mask by now, but suddenly she organized her expression.


As far as she knew, sooner or later scenes from here will start broadcasting live on the news.


She didn’t want to ruin this moment by revealing to the world that she was the only arch-enemy of Trauma just because she could barely manage her facial expressions.


“Why did you come here?”


Therefore, Lumia began to speak in a suggestive way, acting with a tense expression and voice.


“What’s your purpose?”


Then, when he noticed her words, Trauma who had been standing still until then started muttering in a low voice.


“As expected, the detection skill is quite useful.”




At his incomprehensible words, Lumia tilted her head for a moment.


“My nemesis.”




Then, she opened her eyes wide after hearing the words that came out of Trauma’s mouth, who had started walking forward again.


“I came to see a crazy existence because I wanted to destroy it.”


Joy began to spread throughout Lumia’s body.


“Um, I don’t know what you’re talking about…”


Lumia, who heard the words she wanted to hear so much through his mouth, quietly trembled and took out a knife from her arms.


“I can’t let you go like this.”


Then, with her eyes closed, she began to wait for his attack to come.


“I’ll stop you.”


A fleeting moment like an apocalypse passed.




A little longer momentary moment passed.




And then, when the waiting was no longer a fleeting moment.


“Excuse me?”


She opened her eyes and started looking around blankly.


“Where are you going?”


For some reason, he was ignoring her and she discovered that Trauma was walking backward.


Looking at that she hurriedly raised her voice.


“Not that way.
Come back.”


However, Trauma’s gaze, which did not look at Lumia, was focused on only one place-


“Hello, Ariel.”


-to Ariel, who was sweating in a cold sweat from the back.


“Me, me?”


Seeing the Trauma reaching out to her, Ariel’s face began to turn blue.


“Now, wait.
No, seonbae.”


Lumia, who had been watching the scene blankly, hurriedly tried to head toward them.


– Bang…



Alert: Skill: Defense (LV1) has been used.



But a transparent barrier had already blocked the space between her and Trauma.


“Where the hell are you looking?”


– Tub, Tub…


“That’s not me, seonbae?”


Behind Lumia, who was muttering like that in a voice that had lost her soul, with less understanding of the situation, thousands of civilians were approaching, mesmerized.









Meanwhile at that time:


“…He appeared.”


Absolute commander, who was watching the news in her office, staggered and stood up.


[Breaking News: Villain Trauma Appears on S City Street]


[Many citizens are being held hostage… Nearby residents should evacuate immediately]




Her eyes burned quietly.


'I want to see You.'


Kang Ha-neul’s torn side dish recipe was fluttering behind her as she walked to the front door.

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