Security Records

20th December, 6:30pm

Catty looked through the window. She was tired, she had been practicing for her new Christmas album which was planned to be launched on the 23rd of this month. She was a Christian, not to religious, she rarely sang gospel songs as a singer and her career as an actress was also good but not so religious. During Christmas seasons or festive seasons there was a need for extra cautions. With the enjoyment and celebrations one had to be extra careful because of certain rumors that may begin circulating about her as a celebrity and also because of recent increase on assassination. The popular Sadony, a Canadian musician was assassinated on the 12th of this month maybe for refusing something, launching her album before them or something. Nowadays most celebrities are turning the business to a do or die affair which is proving too dangerous for her.

In the midst of her thought, her manager, Mr. Hawkins entered, ”Good evening Miss, what happened? Thinking? ”, he asked smiling and she returned the smile generously. ”Yeah, kind of, about how cautious we have to be during this festive seasons and Jade said he has taken care of my security, security measures has to be taken seriously. He said he has doubled the security and has canceled static security system ”, she said.

Hawkins brought out the small notebook from his pocket and a pen and sat down, ” How much did he tell you was used for all this? ”

”He didn tell me ”, she replied.

”And you didn ask? ”

”Sorry, my mind wasn there ”, she said

”But you have to start worrying from now on and you will also have to avoid speaking anyhow in public, you know answering the press and also be careful about what you do in the public and who takes your picture, people can start using all these to start making rumors about you which can be disastrous to your career ”, Hawkins said.

”Well thats right, I want to rest throughout tomorrow, I don know if you can please help me reschedule all my activities and before 10:30, Ill make sure I call Jade to ask for the expenses of the Security maintenance and Ill send it to you unfailingly by 12 am. Hope youll be up by then, if not youll see it tomorrow ”, she said.

”Yes and make sure that for every money he spends, he has proof, okay? ”, he asked.

”Yeah, Im not a kid ”

”who said you were? Anyways bye, well talk more tomorrow ”

”I am taking a break tomorrow, remember? ”, she asked

”Oh sorry, the next. Have you told Jeff? ” he asked.

Catty blushed, Jeff was an American rapper and singer, a popular and prosperous and talented one and was loved by many people in South America, North America and some parts of Africa and also parts of Asia— and he was her boyfriend. They started dating not long and since then that has been the trending news.

”Oh Catty you
e blushing? ”, he teased smiling.

”Oh no, just you know, when people remind me something important that I forget, I get… ”

”Get what? Anyways bye ”

”Bye ”, Catty waved him as he left through the glass door that Catty felt needed to be changed.She sat down on the sofa in the room she was, took her cell phone and dialed Jeffs number. He picked and she became numb and her throat become dry, she was speechless, ”Em… hi, Jeff ”

”Hi, whatsup, how are you? ” he asked.

Unlike her, Jeff was free. ”Fine and you? ”

”Fine but Im tired right now… ”

”Did I disturb you? ”, Catty asked because he sounded really tired.

”No, not at all, just that Ive been working on rescheduling my activities from 28th of December to the 30th because I have various programmes, my secretary also had to stay up, calling people, offices, cancelling appointments, deals and meetings. And many other things because tomorrow I plan to rest. You know, take the day off ”, he said.

Catty smiled at the coincidence. ” Yeah, thats what I called to tell you, I am also thinking of taking the day off tomorrow, to rest. Ive been practicing to launch my album on the 23rd of this month and the albums will be ready tomorrow. And Im so happy invitations have been sent earlier this week at least work has been reduced ”, she said.

”Yes, since we are both planning to take the day out, we can go out in the evening by 3:30, don you think so? ”, he asked.Catty was so happy she could burst, ”Yeah, Im open to that idea ”.

”Okay, see you tomorrow, bye ”, Jeff said and hung up.Catty was so happy, they just started dating and both of them have been really busy, theyve not been going out as fresh couples do and anytime they
e together- it feels magical as Catty always put it.

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