The maid put away the fan and put it in her arms, then wiped the sweat off of the young girl with a handkerchief.


‘Is she unable to speak?’


The girl seemed to be giving orders only by nodding her head or gesturing with her hands, without opening her mouth.


The maids around her seemed to understand the girl from that alone.


The girl seemed to be of a very high status.


‘There’s no way the princess is here.
She must be a noble lady.’



The people around her are wearing good clothes as well, so I’m guessing that they’re not from a typical noble family.


She seemed well-off, so why didn’t she just ride the magic train?


At that moment, as if sensing my gaze, the girl’s purple eyes turned to me.


Her eyes, shining brightly like diamonds, were so beautiful that I couldn’t help but look at them, unable to look away even as I try to avoid her gaze.


The girl smiled ominously towards me.


She wet her lips with her red tongue.


Her expression is too beautiful, what was that about? Yet I couldn’t help but keep watching.


It was as if she’s a sea nymph who lures humans into the sea and drags them to their death.


When the young girl tilted her head towards me, pink hair flowed out from under her black hood.


At that moment, the girl looked startled and lowered her black hood even further.


So that not even one strand of her hair could be seen.


Only then did the strange glances that we have been exchanging come to an end. 




It’s strange.
I wonder why I feel uneasy.


I have never seen that girl’s face before, but it’s inexplicably familiar.


This is a world from a comic book, but everything in front of me, including the creatures and the people, are real.


So, at first, I didn’t even realize that I entered the world of , and it was also difficult to recognize the characters at first glance.


I couldn’t figure out who the girl is among the cast of characters.


is a BL comic with terrible proportions of female characters.


At best there was Kayla, who was killed halfway through the story, and Marian Dmiroz, who’s Franz’s fiancée and had a weak prescence.
Both were considered insignificant characters.


I first met Marian at my brother’s engagement ceremony last summer, and she was pretty, but it's not her face that I'm trying to remember.


I wonder who she is.

(T/N: Kayla's wondering who the girl in pink hair is )


She could be another noble girl I met within the social circle.


Why does she look so familiar.


I felt strangely uncomfortable.



It takes about 40 minutes for the train to get to Kratier.


There was a shop inside the platform and it’s a small shop selling souvenirs.


If a duty-free shop that sells high-end items at a lower price in the market were to be created, like in my previous life, it would probably do well in business.



It seemed like a good idea to grab this business opportunity while no one has come up with it yet and since there would be magic trains coming from foreign countries.
However, the thought of the many things I have to do at present came to mind and immediately gave up on the idea.


Now is not the time for pointless daydreaming.


Through the butler, Franz and Lithaus are unable to communicate with each other, but it’s not possible to keep things this way forever.


It would be difficult if he takes advantage of my absence and meet Franz.


Franz simply owning [Shitsuro] and quitting Kratier Academy doesn’t mean the matter is resolved.
There’s more to it.


It’s necessary that I find a place to methodically hide Franz.
At least until the day he becomes [Shitsuro]’s master.


Where would be a good place.


A place where there’s not much interaction between people should be good.


Also, it needs to be a place where I can always keep in touch with Franz at any time, and it must be a place where there are no men.


“Would it be safe if he goes to a place with only women.”


Baang! Clink!


Just as a brilliant idea was about to emerge, a huge rock and metal surface collided with a crash.


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