“Did you have trouble sleeping again? Your skin looks dry.”


Remy, my maid, was worried as she smeared cream on my face.


Lately, because I've been training to increase my fitness and strength, my muscles have been crying out in pain every day.


That’s what happened.


Even if I’m extremely tired, I can’t fall asleep.
This is my life now.


“If you don't get enough sleep like this, it's not good for your skin care.
Look, it's rough.”


Remy’s brows furrowed to the middle.


“Once my body adapts, I’ll be fine.
Don’t worry, Remy.”


I relied on Remy a lot.


It was because of Remy’s teachings that I was ab;e to act like Kyla on the outside.


This is not like Miss Kayla!


Every time she said that I would look back to Kayla’s memories to correct the way I speak and behaviour.


“By the way, miss.”


Remy, who patted my face and massaged me, began to talk.


“Are you really going to break your engagement with sir Lithaus?”


Her eyes look curious.


My declaration of ending my engagement quickly spread amongst the employees, but no one had asked openly about it.


Remy is the first to ask.


“Yes, and I’m not going to break my engagement with him – I have already ended it.


Remy’s face had an incomprehensible look.


“Why would you do that, miss? Lithaus is handsome, a gentleman, and has a decent personality.
He seems to have a good heart.”


I agree that Lithaus is handsome, gentlemanly, and an outstanding model student.


It’s because he has a fatal flaw.


“He also arranged a fundraiser for the poor people in the capital of the empire.
He’s a good match for the young lady.”

(T/N: Remy is speaking in 3rd person out of politeness.)


He’s a good match for me.
I suddenly have goosebumps all over my body.


“People won’t know just by looking, Remy.”


“What's in Sir Lithaus' mind?”


Remy’s eyes are sparkling.


But I can’t tell her the truth.
She wouldn’t believe me, and she wouldn’t imagine what kind of bastard he really is.


In truth, Lithaus himself is not such a bad person.


As Remy said, he was a well-behaved, upright, stereotype-like schoolboy.


But he had an ultimate weakness, and that was being stuck with Astaire.


Even if Astaire committed evil deeds, he had no will to stop him.


「Sorry, Franz.  I can’t go against Astaire…… all the more the Duke of Lische.」


Lithaus, in the original story, failed to help Franz escape when he was kidnapped by Astaire.


All he did was blame his helplessness with his mouth.


Which contradicts his personality of an upright knight who shouted for justice.


In addition, when Franz was abused by Astaire, he was shocked and furious that he did terrible things to Franz.


Thinking that Franz, whom he had cherished all this time, had been defiled by Astaire, he must have snapped.


Of course, the story faithfully followed the nature of a typical BL comic.


And when Kayla, who came to Franz’s rescue, was brutally murdered by Astaire, he cried and mocked himself.


「I couldn’t protect your precious sister.
I couldn’t even protect her body.
I’m sorry I’m so helpless.」

(T/N: Lithaus wasn’t able to protect Kayla’s already dead body.)


In fact, Kayla wasn’t killed in the usual way.


Astaire said that in addition to tearing Kayla's body to pieces and killing her, he also fed her remains to the beasts he raised as his own pets.


There were no scenes of Kayla Vesta dying nor her body being eaten by the dogs, but Astaire’s dialogue alone properly conveyed the horror.


「Did it come out in seven pieces? I starved them for a week, and they ate well.
My beasts finally had a feast after a long time.」


At that moment, Astaire had a chillingly evil and beautiful smile.


The artist put so much effort into drawing Astaire.


Even though it was a black and white comic, it was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off it.


Meanwhile, even at that moment, Lithaus looked uneasy as he worried about Franz, who was screaming.


But he didn’t help Franz escape until the end.


Because Lithaus was Astaire’s loyal dog.


Just when I thought I finally feel blessed now that I won’t have anything to do with Lithaus anymore, someone knocked on my door.


When Remy opened the door, she faced butler Alto.


His face looked a little serious.


“Lady, Lord Lithaus has come to visit.”


That guy may not be a gentleman after all.
He got here too quickly.


He sent a special message and expected to receive a reply the next day.


But after some time had passed, the person hasn't responded to him, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.


I thought it would be nice if they gradually lose contact like this, so I stole and read all the letters that Lithaus has sent to Franz.

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