Chapter 7 Pulling The Beauty Down The Lake (Part 2)


Lin Wanrong was not a novice, seeing that huge breast, he could not help but mercilessly swallowed his saliva. His grandma! Those are huge! This girl unexpectedly wrapped these things into an airport, fortunately, this father freed them.

Xiao Qingxuan has drunk several mouthfuls of lake water, coupled with her chest belt being pulled by Lin Wanrong, she became anxious.
Panicked stricken, she unceasingly struggled hard; besides not knowing how to swim, the water has filled her throat, making her face pale.

Her filled-with-panic face desperately tried to signal Lin Wanrong with her small mouth, while her beautiful eyes expressed a touching look in silent.

This girl, although a stunning beauty, her heavy-handed move did not belong to a beauty.
Previously, they were still having a joyous conversation, but one remark from him that did not sit well with her and she immediately became this forceful.
Therefore, Lin Wanrong would never take her honey trap.

To be honest, since he came to this world, Lin Wanrong’s heart was bitter beyond words.
Compared to the previous well-mannered white collar worker, Lin Wanrong also did not indulge himself too much.
He was kind of wild in nature, therefore, knowing that he might never go back, he did not want to restrain himself anymore and let his nature free and became dissolute.

But he also has his own golden rule: he would absolutely not take advantage of somebody else’s difficulties, especially taking advantage of a beauty in danger.

Toward this girl, Lin Wanrong also merely wanted to flirt with her a little bit.
For such a beautiful thing like her, Lin Wanrong was not going to let her ruin in his own hands.

Seeing the girl became more and more powerless, and her struggle became more and more weak, Lin Wanrong stretched out his fist and shook it in front her, putting on a vicious look.

That girl quickly twisted her body while her face filled with horror.
She probably realized that in this water, Lin Wanrong was her master.

Lin Wanrong with his vicious look mentioned her to stop moving, and then slowly wound back her chest belt around her breast, hiding her ‘scene from springtime’ from his view.

Feeling that her own chest was safely wrapped, that girl slightly looked relaxed.
But then she felt her body became light.
It turned out Lin Wanrong has submerged under her body and picked up her small buttocks using his shoulder.

Although it was in the water, Lin Wanrong can still feel her smooth and slightly warm buttocks.
Unfortunately, this was not the time to enjoy it.
Lin Wanrong planned to thrust her into the surface of the water and then slip away by diving underwater.

This girl was a ‘hot potato,’ so Lin Wanrong temporarily cannot touch her and had to flee.

Xiao Qingxuan did not seem to understand Lin Wanrong’s intention, thinking that he wanted to take advantage of her, she could not help but look anxious, constantly writhing from side to side to resist Lin Wanrong’s action.

But no matter how she writhed, Lin Wanrong kept on kicking his feet lifting her body up.

When her head rose out of the water, Lin Wanrong felt a sharp pain coming from his shoulder, as if a sharp object pierced his skin, making his blood gushed out in an instant.

When Xiao Qingxuan just out of the water and breathed a mouthful of fresh air, her face still looked stunned, but suddenly she heard a desperate cry from a distance” “Miss—”

At a distance, her personal maidservant who dressed like a man similar to her was paddling a boat, rapidly coming to her side.

When Lin Wanrong fell to the water together with Xiao Qingxuan, the scene happened so fast, before Xiao Qingxuan personal maidservant realized it, the two people’s figure were already in the water.
Seeing that, in the blink of an eye, her master fell to the water together with that lecher, the panic in the pretty maidservant’s heart can be imagined.

Xiao Qingxuan continued to take several mouthfuls of breath.
It must be noted that, due to her struggle just a moment ago, her current position was already more than ten zhang (Chinese feet, 1 zhang = 0.33 m) away from the shore.

Xiao Qingxuan suddenly thought of something, her face changed color, and she glanced around at the surface, and then clenching her teeth while saying: “You quickly come out.”

But the water was calm, and no one answered her.

Xiao Qingxuan coldly grunted; her face turned colder, and she shouted loudly against the surface of the water: “Lin Wanrong, quick, quickly come out, you quickly come out.”

She continued to shout several times, but still, no one answered her.
The surface of the water was very calm and she cannot see any movement.

She looked a little uneasy, but she forced herself to calm down, and then shouted: “Lin Wanrong, you quickly come out.
I, I did not know that you were trying to save me.
Come out, my arrow is poisonous, if you do not come out, you will die.”

The surface of the lake remained deserted, a few startled waterfowls flapped their wings to get out of the way.

Xiang Qingxuan carefully searched the surface of the water.
Although she still cannot find that hateful figure, there were some traces of red drifted in the water surface.
Xiao Qingxuan tightly bit her teeth in silent, the heart did not know what to think.

“Miss, Miss, are you okay?!” When that personal maidservant approached Xiao Qingxuan, she pulled her up into the boat, and donned clean clothes for her, and then anxiously asked in tears.

Xiao Qingxuan’s wet hair clung to her body, the lake water soaked her clothes, revealing her splendid figure.
Even the two peaks on her chest were revealed; because they were only wrapped around in a hurry, they now lost their shackles and stood erect.
An absolutely Angel face, but with a Devil’s body.

Xiao Qingxuan bit her red lip, and then ordered in a deep voice: “Xiu He, go transmit my order, immediately send people skilled in water to search for Mr.
Lin—this pervert.
No matter how long it takes, and no matter how much effort they spend, be sure to find him.
If he lives, I want to see him in person, if he dies, I want to see his corpse!”

Seeing Xiu He puzzledly looked at her as if failed to perceive why she wanted to save this hateful pervert, Xiao Qingxuan, for a moment, did not know how to explain to her, but then she tightly squeezed her fists and said in an angry face: “I cannot just easily forgive him.
When I find him, I will, I will personally kill him.”

After saying the last word, she took a sharp deep breath and then turned around without a word.
Her eyes witlessly looked out, not knowing where they fell.

From the surface, Lin Wanrong, in one breath, secretly dove underwater very far away, and from time to time, stealthily approached the water plants to breathe.

While his chest pain only burst occasionally, on his shoulder, the sharp weapon pierced deep into his flesh, causing him terrible pain.

This little mother’s skin is really cruel.
This father only has good intention, not to take revenge on her! Lin Wanrong angrily cursed.

Lin Wanrong knew that Xiao Qingxuan’s last move toward him was a completely subconscious move.
She must have thought that Lin Wanrong was taking advantage of her, so she gave him this fierce attack.
After all, for an arrogant and conceited girl like her, her ass was more precious than gold, so it was definitely something that cannot be touched.

His grandma! Turns out this girl still left me some leeway.
This hidden weapon was in her hand all along.
It seems like she did not really want to kill me.
Otherwise, with this hidden weapon on her wrist, she could have taken my little life at any time. Lin Wanrong thought he got lucky.

But why did she finally shoot this hidden weapon? Did my last action was too much like a pervert, so this girl became a bit ruthless? Lin Wanrong muttered in his heart.

Thinking of this, a burst of bitterness arose in Lin Wanrong’s heart, You little mother’s skin, does this gifted scholar look like a pervert? This father, from the start, always thought that I gave off a sense of security.

His whole body has almost numb, but Lin Wanrong did not know how to climb to the shore.
He hid in the thick patch of grass, while constantly breathed heavily.

On his left shoulder, there was a long small golden arrow that pierced an inch into his flesh.
Although his wound was no longer bleeding, his eyes can see that the skin around it has turned black.
Even though Lin Wanrong did not know much about medicine, he can tell that he was poisoned.

This little mother’s skin actually smeared poison on her arrows, indignation flared up in Lin Wanrong’s heart. I don’t know whether or not this poison will take this father’s little life.

At this time, the boats on the lake appeared to increase by a large number.
They were often loaded with big burly men who constantly jumped into the lake in search of something.

Lin Wanrong knew that they were Xiao Qingxuan’s men looking for him.
He cannot believe that this girl was such a vindictive person.
If he knew this, in the lake, he would not let her go.

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