Chapter 16 The Advent Of The Three Editions of Tabloid (1)

The eldest miss Xiao was low-key while the second miss Xiao was too young, so the matter of public appearance and things naturally could only be done by madame Xiao.
When one thought about it, being a woman was really not that easy.

Everyone paid attention the madame Xiao’s words, they even made a decent line, even the shameless four brothers also restored their refined appearance.

Knowing that nothing of importance would happen here today, Lin Wanrong carefully looked at madame Xiao’s appearance and, after remembering it in his mind, quietly left the scene.

When he returned to Dong family’s house, he saw Dong Rende father and daughter were attentively transcribing something.

When Lin Wanrong took a glance at it, he saw that the handwriting was simple and beautiful, truly attractive.
It seemed like Dong Rende was dictating the gossips about the eldest miss Xiao that was collected by him for Dong Qiaoqiao to transcribe.

Dong Qiaoqiao’s writing was really pretty.
Looking at her writing, Lin Wanrong nodded again and again.

The father and daughter only now noted that Lin Wanrong was standing next to them.
When Dong Qiaoqiao saw Lin Wanrong nodding his head, she could not help but flush, feeling a bit excited.
It seemed like Lin Wanrong’s appreciative look made her happy.

“Lin, Lin gongzi, you’re back.” The tip of Dong Qiaoqiao’s pretty nose hung a layer of faint crystal beads of sweat, looking very beautiful, which made Lin Wanrong remember his sister that was still in College.

Lin Wanrong smiled and said: “Yeah, I was just walking around, doing some market research.”

Toward the term market research, the two certainly have not heard, but Lin Wanrong was also too lazy to explain to them.
He simply held out his hand to ask for that transcribed booklet: “Let me see it.”

When he checked this booklet at a glance, he was seriously surprised.
The two not only divided this small booklet into detailed functional modules, they also made it so that each has different types of ‘font.’ With this level of talent, if she did not work at ‘The Sun,’ it would really be a pity.

Looking at the look of surprise in Lin Wanrong’s face, Dong Qiaoqiao immediately panicked and quickly said: “Lin gongzi, is there something that I did wrong? Oh, how could I do this, I failed your big matter.”

She was so nervous that she was about to cry.
Her reaction was normal, after all, in this age, the emphasize was that ‘a woman’s virtue is to have no talent.’ After finally managed to have a worthwhile opportunity, she screwed it up, how could she not be nervous?

Lin Wanrong somewhat cannot bear to play a joke on her, his tight face turned into a smile: “Miss Qiaoqiao, you did nothing wrong, it’s actually very good.”

Dong Qiaoqiao was surprised first then, overjoyed, hurriedly said: “Is this true, Lin gongzi?”

Lin Wanrong smilingly nodded, Dong Qiaoqiao then happily said: “I just followed your instructions.
When you previously left, there are some things that I cannot understand, but I was too embarrassed to ask, so I had to add according to my own understanding.”

This girl was not only clever and deft, she also has the courage to implement her own ideas, truly a talented person; These two father and daughter were actually good.

Dong Rende who has been listening from the side opened his mouth to say: “Oh, Lin gongzi, thankfully you are satisfied with this, Qiaoqiao and I have been worried that you would frown upon our crude skills.”

Seeing this father and daughter’s innocent and simple look, Lin Wanrong could not help but sigh and sternly said: “Uncle Dong, miss Qiaoqiao, I want you two to remember that one can be without power and without money, but not without confidence.
If you look down on yourself then no one in this world will look up to you.
‘Face’ is not given by others, but is earned by yourself.”

Dong Qiaoqiao’s eyes shone with reverence, she gently nodded and said: “Lin gongzi, I understand.”

Lin Wanrong glanced at Dong Rende and said: “She understand, what about you?”

Dong Rende smiled and said: “Since our family’s Qiaoqiao knows it, then I know it too; In everything, I listen to Qiaoqiao.”

Looking at this father and daughter who were this trusting in sincere to each other, Lin
Wanrong suddenly remembered his own parents that he will never be able to see again.
His heart turned sour and he hastily turned his head to continue to look at that booklet and then asked: “Did you finish transcribing this?”

Dong Qiaoqiao said: “Yes, I did, gongzi please have a look.”

Lin Wanrong took the booklets and casually said with a smile: “Qiaoqiao, not only you are good at sewing, you are also a female scholar, but I don’t know where you learn all of this scholarly stuff?”

Dong Qiaoqiao said: “It is by miss Luo’s grace that she let me accompany her to study together, otherwise, how could I have this opportunity?”

“Miss Luo?” This name seemed familiar to him.

Seeing Lin Wanrong’s contemplative look, Dong Qiaoqiao said in surprise: “Don’t you know about miss Luo? She is the number one talented woman in Jinling.”

Number one talented woman in Jinling? Lin Wanrong then remembered that afternoon in Xuanwu lake, Hou Yuebai, Hou gongzi was pursuing a girl, the girl was none other than the number one talented woman in Jinling.

Seeing Dong Qiaoqiao’s look of surprise, Lin Wanrong felt funny and said: “I usually am not
interested in those talented persons or talented woman.”

“That is because gongzi yourself is a great talent.” Dong Qiaoqiao said with a smile: “However, even if you are not interested in talented women, you should be interested in beautiful women, right? This miss Luo is also the number one beautiful woman in Jinling.”

She has already considered Lin Wanrong as ‘one of her own’ and even called him directly as gongzi, omitting the word Lin, her tone of voice has also become more intimate.

“Oh, a beauty, em, yes, I do like them, especially a beautiful woman like you.” Lin Wanrong, also felt closer to her, began to talk freely and could not help but flirt.

Dong Qiaoqiao’s face reddened and did not dare to speak.

Dong Rende gently coughed a few times, Lin Wanrong’s face flushed, ashamed that he was caught red-handed by the old guy.

But Lin Wanrong’s thick skin was without a doubt, he quickly adjusted his mood and, pretending as if nothing happened, whispered: “Miss Qiaoqiao, why would miss Luo let you study along with her?”

After Lin Wanrong flirted with her just a moment ago, Dong Qiaoqiao became shy; She said in a low voice: “The first time I went to her place to do her clothes, she noticed that we have almost the same age, so we talked a few words.
She is really a good person, but she seems to have just a few friends, so from then on, she often called me to accompany her.
After we get along for awhile, she let me accompany her to study together.”

Lin Wanrong nodded his head and said: “This miss Luo is really a good person, with the heaven’s blessing, she would find the number one husband under the heaven, em, well, I barely can be counted as the world’s first.”

Hearing him talking funny like this, Dong Qiaoqiao could not help but chuckle out loud: “How could you talk like that? If you let miss Luo hear, even if she has a very good temper, she would not spare you.”

But in her heart, she actually thought otherwise.
This Lin gongzi‘s words were ‘like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies’ (bold and unconstrained), but somehow, hearing his words actually made her especially happy.

Old Dong pretended not to hear anything, he now has a hint of worry, Did I just let a wolf into the house? This kid is a smooth talker while Qiaoqiao is innocent and gullible, perhaps one day she would be swindled and ran away with him.

Lin Wanrong no longer talked to Qiaoqiao, focusing his attention instead on the booklets.

Other than the booklet that he mentioned, the two also added, “Eldest Miss Xiao’s View On Life”,”Eldest Miss Xiao’s Quotes” and “Eldest Miss Xiao’s View On Choosing A Spouse,” several booklets.
If they added several illustrations, it would become three editions of outstanding tabloids.

Especially the last booklet, “Eldest Miss Xiao’s View On Choosing A Spouse,” which moved even Lin Wanrong.
Old man Dong definitely cannot come up with such ideas, needless to say, they definitely came from Dong Qiaoqiao’s talent.

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