The director of the program group probably sensed the hidden value of Lian Qing.
In the next recording, whenever there was a little monk, he deliberately asked the cameraman to give him more shots.

Among the guests, this was the only one among all the ordinary people invited that brought out his own meng points.
Whether it was the beauty and temperament that were not inferior to that of stars, or the clean and neat action that formed a huge contrast with his appearance; Whether it was the gentle and soft way of speaking or the identity of once being a little monk.

Each of these points can be singled out as a topic! He believed that if he gave one or two shots, the audience would definitely notice him!

This was a simple monk with his own topic!

Little monk Lian Qing didn’t know that he was being watched.
After helping Sister Sha win a round of competition, he retreated to the corner again to wait for the next task site to be arranged by the program group.

Occasionally someone came to talk with him.
Although he didn’t know them, he felt that the other person didn’t mean anything, so he basically had questions and answers.

For example, one of Sister Sha’s friends came up to her and said with a smile, “Little monk, can I record a video for you?”

Lian Qing nodded demurely.
Although he grew up on the mountain, he also went to the mountain to study later.
He still knows something about video recording and photography.
After all, his classmates used to pull him to play with these things.

At this time, Sister Sha came up to Lian Qing and the man, as if protecting a cub, and said, “What are you doing, Zhao Chengyi? And…!”

Zhao Chengyi held up his mobile phone innocently: “I didn’t do anything, but I was won over by this little monk and wanted to record a video of him to look at later when I miss him.
Sister Sha, the little monk agreed, so let me record it.”

Sister Sha took a special look at Lian Qing.
Seeing that there was no reluctance on his face, she gave way.
After thinking about it, she asked again: “Record a good one to watch ah!”

Zhao Cheng nodded and held his mobile phone excitedly at Lian Qing.
After clearing his throat, he asked, “Little monk, what’s your name?”

“Lian Qing.” The little monk answered indifferently.

The two people asked and answered each other’s questions, and only stopped a few minutes later when the director yelled out for someone.
Zhao Cheng hurriedly uploaded the video to Weibo to archive it and then went to listen to the director explain the next task.

On Weibo, there are still countless netizens online in the middle of the night.
At the sight of Zhao Chengyi, the popular celebrity’s post, they immediately became more interested and clicked on it.

At one o’clock, they heard Zhao Chengyi’s excited voice: “Little monk, why did you suddenly go down the mountain and return to the secular world?”

Zhao Chengyi didn’t appear in the camera, instead, the video taken was of a handsome boy.
The boy wore a simple white T-shirt and jeans with a dull expression and clear eyes.

“Shifu asked me to go down the mountain to see the world.” The boy who was called Little Monk replied honestly.

Zhao Chengyi: “Little monk, do you know the Dog Beating Staff Technique? No, it seems to be from the Beggars’ Sect.
Do you know the eighteen martial arts of Shaolin?”

The little monk said blankly, “I’m not from Shaolin.” Do Shaolin have 18 kinds of martial arts?

Sister Sha couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Zhao Chengyi, you said that you just wanted to record videos for a while.
Why are you acting like you’re investigating your household register? Shaolin, you’ve seen too much TV and novels!”

Zhao Chengyi smiled sheepishly and said, “Little monk, you don’t talk much.
Are you usually so cold?”

“No.” The little monk said calmly, “I don’t speak much because I don’t know you well.”

Zhao Chengyi: “…”

Sister Sha laughed wildly, and she didn’t forget to pat the little monk on the shoulder.
“Good job, little monk!”

Zhao Chengyi pointed to Sister Sha and said, “It’s the first time that you and Sister Sha met today.
Why did you go with her?”

The little monk looked at Sister Sha.
A smile suddenly appeared on his cold face.
He said from the bottom of his heart: “Sister Sha is a good person.
She invited me to dinner.”

Sister Sha smiled: “Good boy, I will invite you to eat after recording later!”

The little monk’s eyes lit up immediately, and he raised three fingers of his right hand and said, “Don’t worry, Sister Sha, I will help you win!”

Sister Sha: “Well… haha, it’s up to you!” In fact, she doesn’t care about winning or losing.

Zhao Cheng couldn’t stand the loneliness and said, “Little monk, I’ll invite you to dinner too.
You can choose barbecue or hot pot.
How about it?”

The little monk swallowed saliva secretly, and coldly refused: “Sorry, Don’t get a reward if it’s not deserved.”

Zhao Chengyi: “… You are sexist! Why would you accept Sister Sha’s invitation but not mine?”

The little monk said, “She asked me for help.” So, it’s not free!

The video just focused on the innocent little eyes of the little monk and the evil laughter of Sister Sha.

Zhao Chengyi’s fans were laughing hysterically and couldn’t stop posting messages.

[Hahahahaha, I love you very much, big orange 666]

[Who is this little brother? He is good-looking.
Is he a newcomer to the entertainment industry?]

[Sister Sha is also here.
Are you recording the new issue of Battle of the Stars?]

[It must be.
You’re working hard in the middle of the night!]

[Little monk, what a ghost! Ha ha ha…]

[A little cute.
Who is this little brother? He is so straightforward!]

[I don’t know you well… I don’t know you well…]

[Hahahaha… but the shadow area of the big orange heart is 333]

[Can you cheat such a little brother with one meal? Ah ah, I’ll give you ten meals!]

[Don’t get a reward if it’s not deserved, and so Zhao Chengyi, please ask the little monk for help.
Didn’t you see he swallowed his saliva slyly 333]

[Upstairs, not to say that I haven’t found it yet.
On the surface, he is cold and indifferent, but his small eyes are full of expectation and regret.

[My little brother is so cute! Sister Sha’s laughter is so magical hhh]

[Ten minutes, let me know all the information about the little monk!]

[Why do you call him Little Monk? Ah ah, who knows who this little brother is? I want to love him 333]

[Big Orange and Sister Sha seem to like this little brother very much, and they always talk with a smile.
Ah, what they are recording now should be broadcast this weekend, right? I’m itching to see 333 soon.]

[I think we may have to be mentally prepared in case the younger brother is a plain person rather than a star…]

[No, no, no, he must be a star! No ordinary person is more beautiful than a star, and his temperament is so good…]


Zhao Chengyi’s microblog was so lively but no one had time to pay attention to it.
The director of the program team announced the new rule that several groups of guests and the ordinary people they brought should work together.
Each group could only move on two legs, walk from start to end on the toe board and take down the fruit basket hanging from the tree at the end.

After taking the fruit basket, you must return to the original point again, and be the first to win.

In a group of two people, with four legs, but only two could land on the ground, then it is necessary for one person to carry or hold the other person.
Sadly, Sister Sha shouted to the director, “Director, the little monk is so thin that he can’t carry me!”

The director replied, “Then you can carry him!” 

There was a guest nearby who shouted excitedly, “Sister Sha, come on! You must be good, believe in yourself! You are the fattest!”

“Go away!” Sister Sha laughed and scolded.
The little monk was nearly 1.8 meters.
Although he looked thin, she could not walk so far with him on her back.
She said sadly, “I should have found a stronger man if I knew there was such a challenge.”

Lian Qing pursed her lips and gently poked at Sister Sha’s arm: “Sister Sha, I’ve always wanted to say that you don’t need to lose weight.
I’m strong enough to carry you!”

Sister Sha: “Who said I would lose weight?! Does my standard figure look like that of a person who needs to lose weight?!” She doesn’t want to lose face!

Lian Qing said dryly, “When I ate hamburgers, you said that everything was ordered for me and you wouldn’t eat since you wanted to lose weight.  Although you still ate three pairs of my chicken wings later…”

“Shut up!”

The little monk’s mouth was covered by Sister Sha, who became angry with embarrassment, and only a pair of beautiful almond eyes were shining innocently.

Everyone who saw this scene: “Ha ha ha ha ha…”

At the insistence of the little monk, Sister Sha finally agreed to let him carry her.
She thought that just now the child could throw the one-meter nine-strong man over his shoulder with three or two strikes, so his physical strength should be OK.

Other groups of guests were being held princess-style or carried on the back.
Sister Sha quickly jumped onto Lian Qing’s back, put her hands around his neck, and leaned her head against his shoulder.
Lian Qing immediately said, “I… Don’t get too close to me.”

“Why?” Sister Sha said strangely.

The young bachelor, who has been single for 20 years, stammered: “I…… I will be shy……”

“Puff… hahaha…” Sister Sha laughed and fell on the little monk’s weak back.

At that moment, the director shouted at the beginning.
Lian Qing resisted being laughed at and rushed out barefoot with Sister Sha on her back.

The other groups of guests stood still and watched the good-looking young monk carrying Sister Sha on his back, running on the toe board with bare white feet.
And Sister Sha, who was paralyzed on his back, continued to laugh: “Hehehe…”

Well, they will probably never forget this picture!

The little monk who wanted to help Sister Sha win ran under the tree at the end of the toe board and looked back at the other players.
Seeing that they had just started, he felt relieved.

He put Sister Sha down, stood on tiptoe, and took down one of the fruit trees.
Then he looked anxiously at Sister Sha, who was sitting on the ground and couldn’t stop laughing, and felt that she could not hold the fruit basket on her back.

He looked at the approaching and grinning contestants and bent down to pick up Sister Sha.
Then he picked up the fruit basket with one hand and put it on his head.
He ran as smoothly as possible toward the starting point.

Other groups still on the way: “!!!”

Director: “Quick, quick, photographer, take a close shot and catch the little monk’s expression!”

The photographer hurriedly adjusted it and called to the director: “Do you think this is OK?”

The director leaned over to have a look.
In the camera, a cool, handsome, and thin boy was holding a fruit basket larger than his head, holding a girl who was slightly fatter than him in the position of a princess, and stepping on the toe board with a face of humiliation.

But the woman in his arms, Sister Sha, seemed to have been hit with a smile, and she looked like she was crazy: “Hehehehe…”

The author has something to say:

Bear the burden of humiliation.
Little monk: Amitabha, I feel wronged!

Laughing into a sand sculpture.
Sister Sha: Hehehehe


Little Monk: Amitabha, I am a talented, and strong young man! Must win ah!

Sister Sha: Talented in insulting people innocently! Amitabha

Little Monk: Shy shy shy

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