Back to the unlimited exchange city

(Bersleid: Back for one more.)

“Even if it’s daytime in the game, it’s already late outside.”

Thinking that hunting would be impossible from now on, the three of them came to the unlimited exchange city of Valhalla, but…

“…Why is this happening!?”

“Ahaha, you’re so cute Crim-chan.”

Crim thought she was going to go to a coffee shop, so she came with them light-heartedly.
Instead, she got luxury boutiques to handle.

There, Crim was made to try on various clothes by Frey and Freyja.

“It’s no good, Crim-chan.
That outfit is the same as the first outfit.
It’s certainly cute, but since it’s a big deal, you have to wear cuter clothes.”

“Aren’t those clothes more functional, Freya-san?”

Even though she gave a stare of protest, Freya, who was happily choosing clothes for Crim, didn’t waver.

Luckily, changing clothes in game, can be done with a single button, so it doesn’t get very tiring, but the pace is fast, so it still makes one mentally tired.

“Aren’t you too free, Frey?”

“No, not really? If one day your best friend suddenly became a cute girl, dressing her in cute clothes and have fun… you’ll surely love it.”

“Just now you were obviously about to say that you would be happy, but even after the corrections after that, it is still terrible!!”

The two were making a fuss, but… the Demon King’s hands were placed on both shoulders.


“Hey, more importantly, let’s go to the underwear department this time!”

Freya grabbed Crim’s hand, as she let out a strange scream and her whole body shook, and she pulled her along with an iron grip.

Beyond that is… a garden where boys are not allowed, decorated with colourful pastel colours and frills.

“Th-that’s right, there’s no problem with the plain white initial equipment!?”

“No, you’re a cute girl right now, so you have to be careful about places you can’t show.”

“No, I don’t like it, that’s the only thing I don’t like…”

Crim’s earnest refusal scream echoes, as she is dragged to the innerwear section for female characters.

“… Namu.
Live strong.”

Frey, who escaped alone, murmured and prayed silently.

“Uu… I feel like I’ve lost something as a man.” (Bersleid: Waiting for you irl reaction…)

She was told not to wear a hood, and Crim felt that the gazes from the surroundings were about 50% more than before.

Crim seemed uneasy and reacted frightened by the public, but Freya on the other hand, was in a good mood, holding her hand and not letting go.

“It’s okay, Crim-chan is cute.”

“Yeah, that’s fine…”

That’s exactly what made her depressed, but unfortunately Freya only meant her well, so Crim had no choice but to let out a sigh of resignation.

The current Crim was dressed in a cute Gothic-Lolita outfit, with a red jacket and a black skirt that matched the colours of the [Overcoat of the Young Red Lion Emperor].

–By the way, I don’t know what it is, but there is a black string underneath.

I know it’s not like that, but I feel like that the way I walk is awkward because of the feeling that I’m going to fall down if I move strangely.

Because of this, Crim had been holding onto the base of her thighs with the other hand that wasn’t connected to Freya, as though she was worrying about the hem of her skirt, and wasn’t letting go of her hand.

That aside.

The costume that Crim is wearing right now, which was in the display case, was priced at a whopping 250k.

Considering that the best magician equipment sold in the city of Windham would cost about 20k, it was an incredibly expensive purchase.

However, it was an amount that Crim, who had collected a total of about 500k Fol in PvP on the bridge she encountered trouble on the way, was able to afford it.

“But it’s bad that you also shared it with us.”

“I’ll wear it with care, thank you.”

“No, don’t worry about it.
I’d be happy if it was useful.”

In addition, the two of them had upgraded their equipment as much as possible, so the money they had on hand had dwindled considerably, but considering that it was from extra income, it wouldn’t hurt their pockets.

Besides… Freed from the plain grey robe for beginners, Freya is now satisfied with the appearance of her changing into a white and red robe, with a hood, decorated with gold thread here and there.

When she saw her twirling around with her merriment, she felt as if it was her own.

On the other hand…

“Someday, I’ll pay you back.”

“You don’t need to.”

“No, I will definitely return it!”

This is Frey wearing a men’s robe with the same design as Freyja’s, except its base colour is blue.

“Well then, how about having a meal as a treat from Frey?”

“… Well, that’s fine.”

Crim and Freya couldn’t help but shrug their shoulders, as Frey corrected the position of his glasses with a little dissatisfaction.

“By the way, have you two decided on a direction for your growth?”

Inside a chain restaurant that mainly serves Italian cuisine.

Everyone’s orders were ready, and Crim brought the freshly baked cheese and tomato pizza he ordered to her mouth… she suddenly remembered and she asked the two of them.

“Oh well”

“It’s vague, but it’s already decided.”

Yes, Frey answers, while eating a basic meat sauce, and Freya with her pasta with pecorino cheese and asparagus pasta.

“We’re high elves… we’re a race with high magical aptitude, so when it comes to making use of that, I’m a magic attacker and debuffer…”

“I plan to become a healer.”


Subaru was like that in any games they played so far, so it was just as expected… Hijiri’s choice was a little surprising.

“I was wondering what kind of obscure composition Freya would come up with, but I am relieved that she is normal.”

“Crim-chan is a bit cruel!?”

Freya stopped eating the pasta and cried out in protest as she gripped her fork.
There is a criminal record about the time, when she used a character, that was a combination of a Tamer, Devil and Spirit. (Bersleid: How was that even allowed?)

It was a hellish scene where genies, golems, muppets, spirits and a large number of other familiars were duking it out.
While Freya was cheering happily for her pets, Crim and Frey could only laugh dryly, with a distant look in their eyes, while watching the fight from the side-lines. (Bersleid: Had to rewrite this one.)

“But Crim intends to create a guild, right?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m planning to do.
Will you two join?”

“Oh, of course.”

“Of course, that’s obvious!”

The two of them immediately agreed.
To be honest, Crim wasn’t even worried about it.

“But the problem is that the minimum number of people required to form a guild is five… what should we do with the remaining two members?”

“If so…”

“Yeah, it’s a place where you want a pure vanguard member.”

Crim nodded at Frey’s serious expression.

It’s possible that Crim can’t play the role of the vanguard… it’s hard to believe when you look at her battle record so far… but looking at the composition, she’s more of a magician.

(In other words, there are three magicians in the rear guard right now.
I still have concerns about durability.)

I would really like to have a vanguard position who can wear heavy equipment and stand in front of the enemy, but…

…While the three of us were thinking about that.

“Hey, you guys.
I heard you were talking about what to do with the guild, but if you haven’t joined the guild yet, our…” (Bersleid: I hate these kinds of people.)

The man approached Crim’s table and started talking to them.

I glared at the man, who called out to me, while being annoyed at how many times he’d been soliciting me…


Seeing the person there, Crim had a blatant frown on her face.

“…! You are the potato girl from that time!!”

“Why is everyone saying ‘potato’!?”

Hearing those words from before, Crim instinctively yelled back at him… but she had an idea of who the man was.

The person who was there was… a knight who had previously called out to her in Valhalla and caused a quarrel, and he seemed to be a guild leader…

(Bersleid: Managed to squeeze out one more for today.
Tomorrow is another Side Story, if I saw it correctly.
After that 3 more chapters and an Intermission, and then basically chapters almost to the end of the arc, with one more side story about 12 chapters from now.)

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