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“Finally, here!!”

“Welcome to the city of beginnings, Windham.”

After overcoming the long journey, Ryunosuke greeted Crim, who was trembling and screaming, with excitement, like she was a child who got to go to the amusement park.

The city of beginnings, Windham, a fortified city with a huge harbour district.
One of the few remaining cities from the era of the empire.
As the gateway to this continent, even in times of war, the city was allowed to exist, on the condition of absolute neutrality.

The atmosphere of the city is “the typical medieval fantasy” surrounded by outer walls.

A canal runs through the centre of the city, which is divided into a northern and a southern part, with the teleporter plaza occupying the central plaza as the starting point.

When you open the map and look at the whole area, the main districts of the city such as banks and shops are in the north side.
The south side is an area with a nice view.
You can find lodging facilities here such as inns, hotels.
There is also a super large park.

Also, I found out that a narrow road runs from the southern end of the southern side, and if you go along it, you will arrive in the harbour area.

“It’s a city that serves as a starting point for all players… it’s incredibly large.”

“It’s probably on the scale, that you can easily spend a day or two just by walking around the city.” (Bersleid: Fourth time the city got downgraded to a town.
Fix it up.)

“So, where are we meeting?”

“Um, wait a minute.”

Launch NLD’s message app and send a message to the group chat on the display that unfolds in front.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.
I’ve arrived at Windham.”

“Oh, good job!”

“We are sitting on a bench at the edge of the central plaza, so call out if you found us.”

“You know, an elf with blond hair and longer-than-normal ears.
We are both rare races.
I think a high elf, was it?”

A reply came back immediately.

Seeing that (especially the sister, Hijiri) being in high spirits, she loosened her cheeks and checked the location.

“Um, the central square.”

“Well, it’s in the Teleporter Plaza.
It’s over there.”

Following Ryunosuke’s guidance, Crim stepped into the crowded city of Windham for the first time.

It’s still daytime in game, but it’s Sunday night outside, so it’s a busy time.

Towering in the centre of the plaza is the teleporter plaza, that is bigger than anything I’ve ever seen.

Fountains and flower gardens were beautifully arranged around the plaza, creating a soothing landscape.

In addition, around the fountain and the flowerbeds, many players spread their wrapping cloths and set up stalls, crowded with players looking for bargains.

Looking around the plaza, I searched for the elf twins.


Twin elves, with bright blond hair, are sitting side by side in the corner of the Teleporter Plaza Square.

The girl who is large ‘specific’ place, which is unusual for a slender elf, looks divine as she radiates a warm smile, recklessly to the surroundings.

I don’t know where he got it from on the first day of login, but there was also an intelligent looking, beautiful man wearing thin-framed glasses, is definitely Subaru.

Both of them had the same hairstyle, that was symmetrical on the left and right, with the hair cut around the shoulder blades and tied in a braid on one side behind the ear.

Seeing the two of them looking for someone without noticing, Crim’s throat contracted when she was about to raise her voice.

Needless to say, Crim’s appearance has changed, and even her gender has changed from reality. (Bersleid: Oh yeah, would’ve totally forgot about it, if it weren’t for these pronouns.
Damn you pronouns!)

If I say things like, “I’m Kurenai, actually, I’ve become a girl,” would I really be trusted?

(That was the moment when I almost collapsed.)

“What are you doing? Hurry up and go.”


Ryunosuke pushes her from behind, and after taking a few steps she appears in front of them.

It seems that the other side also noticed that I was about to fall over… and I can no longer turn back. (Bersleid: Standing in front of the guillotine… Word didn’t correct it, I managed to spell it right!)

–In fact, was this the right thing to do?

While thanking Ryunosuke in her heart, she timidly steps forward in front of the twins.

“Um… well.
It’s been a while.
I’m dressed like this, but I…”

The expressions of the two were dyed in shock.

“Kurenai-kun… you’re so cute!!” (Bersleid: Yup, typical cute stuff lover.)


The female of the twin elves, jumped at Kurenai at such a speed that she didn’t have the time to react… Hijiri hugged her with deep emotion.

Embraced helplessly, Crim, who was buried under the two splendid bulges of her chest, groaned like a crushed frog, something a beautiful girl should never let out.

“No way, Kurenai-kun is so tiny and cute! How!?”

“Gee… Subaru, help me…!”

“Impossible, it seems that she has been patient ever since you were hospitalized and no visitors were allowed, so please let her replenish her Kurenaium obediently.”

“What is that!?”

She was the one who unintentionally loudly protested against his heartless grin and black glasses, who had ruthlessly dismissed Crim.

After such a slapstick reunion, when Crim finally started to take slip damage from suffocation… she was finally released from Hijiri who had calmed down and sat down at the same table. (Bersleid: Oof, realistic simulation of suffocating, wonder what it would display if you died because of that…)

“Again… it’s Frey, nice to meet you.”

“Freya, nice to meet you, Kurenai-kun!”

Subaru was Frey, the one with the glasses, while Hijiri was Freya, with a loose smile, they greeted her for the first time in this world.

“Um… Kurenai, no, it’s Crim…”

“Crim-chan, are you nervous?”

“Well, well…”

She appeared as a female avatar in front of her childhood friends, whom she had known ever since she could remember.
No wonder they don’t care what people think of her.

“So, what the heck is going on with that kind of fun… Kohon.
Is it supposed to be interesting?”

“Frey, if you make a mistake, rephrase it properly, don’t give up like that!”

“Ahahaha, it’s really funny.” (Bersleid: You are laughing now, but if it happened to you…)

“I’m not saying you should be brutally honest!?”

“But well, you’ve become cute.”

“Leave me alone!?”

Crim bared her fangs and attacked Frey, who chuckled.

However, she just laughed it off, like she doesn’t even care.

She didn’t get angry, because she knew that Frey understood that, because of their long-standing relationship.

“That’s right, even if you change your appearance, Kurenai-kun is Kurenai-kun.”

That’s right, Freya speaks kindly to Crim with a smile that’s full of tolerance for her age, like that of a holy mother.

“…Thank you, Freya.”

She declared so without any hesitation, and Crim felt her heart warm up at the girl who was a childhood friend, who fully accepted Kurenai.


“With this, I would have been moved if you had stopped your hand from hugging me and stroking my head…”

“Well, it’s really nice to touch.”

Yes, Freya, who was clinging to Crim and stroking her head with such a force, that she could even rub her cheek, said without making her feel any malice.

Crim glared at her innocent smile like a child.

“Haa… Anyway, I’m relieved that the two of you are still the same.”

Yes, Crim, who was relieved from her heart with a loose smile, lured both Freyja and Frey into laughing.

…And so, it was a harmonious reunion.

“It looks like you were able to reunite safely, which is great.”

“Ah… Ryunosuke, thank you so much for everything you’ve done.

“You’re welcome.
I had a lot of fun traveling with you.”

(It seems that Ryuunosuke will say goodbye here.) Crim endures her lonely feelings, smiles and thanks him.

“Crim, who is this person?”

Ryunosuke, whom I met in the game.
He brought me here.”

“That’s right, thank you very much.”

When Crim answered Frey’s question, Freyja bowed deeply.

“It’s okay, young lady.
Well then, I’m sorry for the disruption.
See you later.”

“Yeah… ah, can I send you a friend request?”

“Oh, of course.”

Saying that, Ryunosuke accepted the friend request, while stroking Crim’s head.

As soon as he finished his registration, his back disappeared into the hustle and bustle of the city.

“Hmm… Ryunosuke?”

“Hmm, Freya, what’s wrong?”

“Hmm… His name, I’ve heard somewhere, huh.
And it looks like a face I’ve seen somewhere…”

Freya put her hand on her cheek and thought about something.

For a while she was groaning “Mumumu…”, but…

“Well, if you can’t remember, it’s not a big deal, I’m sure!”

Freya urged them to put an end to their worries and go somewhere else as soon as possible.

–However, Freya’s question at this time was an event that would have a great impact on Crim’s guild.

(Bersleid: Well, this was the main chapter for today.)

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