A peaceful day in Izumikirigo Navel

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—— Khan… Khan… Khan…

The sound of copping wood echoes through the town of Navel, making a constant rhythm.

The place where the sound originated… was in the logging area near the “Black Forest”, where a small white girl, was swinging an axe that was clearly oversized for her petite body.

Before long, the tree started to fall, and the sound of the tree hitting the ground could be heard not long after.

“… Phew, I guess this is a good place to stop for today.”

Because she had been chopping trees, since before the sun had risen, her inventory was already full.

When she let go of her jet-black two-handed axe, it melted into the shadows and vanished without a trace.

After seeing that, she raises her hand, facing the large tree that fell there, and the it starts emitting a light and begins to shrink.

“Obtained [Oak Log] x3”

“Three logs disappeared, after such a system message.”

“My inventory… is already full, so I have no choice but to carry it back.

After such a light shout, as she carried the disproportionately large luggage for her petite body, she started walking back to town with a smile on her face.

It’s already been a week since Crim set her own goal, after her near death battle with the ‘The Strongest Magic Beast’.

There are only two weeks left until the area master registration system is introduced.
Even so, there was a reason why Crim was prioritizing the completion of her home.

Because… there are two conditions for gaining control of a ruler less area.

One is that they have earned a certain level of trust from the residents of the area.

And the other… is that the player lives in that area.

The house will also have all the necessary materials.
By doing so, her first goal of “making this town her own area” was almost completed, and her life as a lumberjack would become a thing of the past.

She had just finished the day’s work and had just returned to town.

“Crim onee-chan!”


The impact of a small body that jumped on her back, almost made her drop the wood she was holding in her hand.

“Ehehe, Onee-chan”

“Really, this child…”

The girl who was hugging her from behind, buried her face in Crim’s long hair… Juna gave Crim a blooming smile.

As an only child, Crim was weak to this girl who called him “onee-chan”.

……Crim honestly wanted her to call her “Onii-chan”, but even she tried to guide her, it didn’t work.

We’re going off topic.

Crim herself has greatly increased her skill in strength as a result of her manual labour of carrying materials to build the house up to this point.
Thanks to that, she still had time to spare, even if Juna jumped at her.

But… it’s definitely a dangerous act.
For the time being, I will scold her properly.

“Hey, don’t jump on someone who is carrying something heavy.”

“Yes, I’m sorry”



I just couldn’t help, but forgive her easily.

While stroking Juna’s head, who smiled happily at her praise, she threw the new materials she had just carried into her material delivery box.

“But Juna-chan, aren’t you glad that you got permission to go out of the house?”

“Yeah, but it’s still only two hours a day.”

Juna said it with a disappointed look on her face.

It seems that she has recovered completely and is brimming with energy, but… as expected, she shouldn’t do anything taxing.

She made sure that she was stable and sat her on top of the material.

“Well, it can’t be helped.
By the way, what about George?”

“Ah, if it’s about brother, he said he’ll take care of the lunch with mother before coming.

“Heh, that’s right.
I’m looking forward to it.”

Today we are having a picnic to commemorate her being able to go out, she says happily, hugging Juna and stroking her head.

“Ah, Juna is still here.

“Ah, Onii-chan!”

“George, good job.”

“Oh, oh…”

Crim, Juna, and George, who was laughed at by the two of them, sat down on a piece of fabric a little farther away.

I chatted with the two of them while enjoying the fresh vegetable and cheese sandwiches that were picked this morning.

The topic was mainly about the progress of the rebuilding of the house.

“The garden has become quite beautiful.”

“Well, I’ve almost finished cutting the grass, that was growing, and I’ve also finished replacing the foundation and the floor.”

It seems that the exterior will be done by the craftsmen in town once the materials have been collected.
Thinking about it, that part was like a game.
I smiled bitterly to myself, so that the two couldn’t see it.

“Building a house means that Crim will live in this town forever?”

“Nn, I don’t know if it will last forever, but for the time being, that’s what I intend to do.”

“I see… I see.”


Seeing George looking somewhat happy, Crim tilted his head, wondering what was going on.


User name: Crim

Race: Noble Red

Affiliated guild: none

■ Basic abilities (base skills)

HP: 560

MP: 779

Vitality (VIT): 26/100 (+15)

Mental strength (MND): 43/100 (+30)

Strength (STR): 58/100 (+35)

Magic power (MAG): 49/100 (+50)

■Possessed skills

· Mastery skills

One-handed weapon mastery 31/100

Two-handed weapon mastery 45/100

Armor Mastery 21/100

・Weapon Skills/Magic Skills

Dagger 33/100

Two-handed axe 55/100

Nails 12/100

Fang 1/100

Shadow magic 66/100

Dark magic 41/100

Blood magic 51/100

・Production skills

Collection 40/100

Logging 42/100

・ Everyday skills

Drop resistance 24/100

Natural healing 26/100

Sprint 35/100

Stealth 25/100

Observation eye 14/100

Recovery 6/100

・Auxiliary skills

Magic proficiency 23/100

Transfiguration   21/100

 Total 788/1200



“X: Weak against silver”

“X: Weak against the Bible and the Cross”

“X: Weak against fire (strong)”

*Fire resistance is fixed at -100 and cannot be corrected with anything other than equipment.

“X: Weak against light attributes (strong)”

*Light resistance is fixed at -100, and cannot be corrected with anything other than equipment.

(Bersleid: I hope you enjoyed the chapters.
Tomorrow I am planning a larger release.)

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