It was late at night… Crim was awakened by the sound of a knock and the small clatter of the door opening.

“Hey, are you okay…?”

“I still feel a little dizzy…”

I replied to Ludger, who had come to see how Crim was doing, while lying down on her bed.

Even though she was suffering from various flashbacks, she somehow managed to swallow the blood, but even the night after that, her mouth still tasted of rust and she remained useless.

“A little while ago, I showed you an unsightly side of me.”

I cried, yelled, and muttered my apologies for no reason.
I showed a discomposed side of me.

“It was embarrassing.
I apologise.
Even now my emotions are still messed up.”

–I’m glad Mr.
Ludger was quick to kick George out of the room.

The only saving grace was that she didn’t have to show that disgrace to a younger boy.

A big hand was placed on Crim’s head.

“… Still, you helped me, didn’t you? Thank you?”


Hearing Ludger’s somewhat gentle voice, she wiped her tears from her eyes and got up from the bed.

“But well, it’s good to be back, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, really…”

It was worth putting up with his weaknesses and working hard, and now Crim has regained her former appearance of a 14-year-old.

The gauge showing the amount of blood stored under her HP and MP bar has recovered to about half, so it should be fine for a while.

“And as for Juna-chan…”

As she slowly sat up, she asked what was on her mind.
Even though we had all the materials we needed, whether we made it in time or not, is another matter.

“Ah, don’t worry, she’s steadily getting better.
I can only say thank you in my daughter’s place for not only helping me, but also my son and daughter… I’m truly grateful to you.”

“Is that so… ten it is fine.”

Hearing Ludger’s words, she let out a deep sigh of relief… realizing that she had become so involved with the NPCs in the game, she smiled wryly.

“… by the way, it can’t be called a thank you for that, but… can you take this guy?”

That’s what he said, and he handed me a really nice box.

Wondering what it was, I opened it and found a carefully folded bright red cloak inside.

(Cloak of the Young Red Lion Emperor)

A crimson cloak said to have been worn by the first emperor of the empire when he was a child.

 Attribute: Unique, cannot be bought or sold

STR +3, Fire resistance +10

“Red Lion Emperor”…if I remember correctly, it’s the nickname of the empire’s first emperor who conquered the southern half of the continent during the Great War between humans and demons.

…Its performance as armour is also quite good.
It has much more defensive power than the “Weathered Cloak” I just bought the other day.

In addition, a unique attribute… a unique cloak that can only be worn by one person in this world.
You can’t buy or sell it, but it seems like you can put it on PvP bets, so you’ll have to be careful.

It might be a quest reward, but it was an exceptional reward.

Above all else… resistance to fire, which is one of Crim’s weak points and cannot be compensated for by anything other than equipment.

“Thank you, I will use it well.”

“Ah, again thank you for your help.
Well, I’m done with errands for the day, so you take a break too.”

Saying that, Ludger tried to leave the room, but… just before he left, he recalled what he had forgotten about it.

“And by the way, about the abandoned house on the lakeside, Miss.”


“Well, if you can fix it, you can use it as you like.”


I’m watching Juna’s condition, so please come if anything happens.”

Finishing what he had to say, Ludger left.

“Quest updated”

“The housing function has been enabled.”

A system message pops up in front of Crim.

The materials needed to repair the house were listed there.

However, most of it is lumber… and Crim smiles wryly, thinking that she’ll be living as a lumberjack in the “Black Forest” for a while.

The next day.

Crim went to the abandoned house by the lakeside alone and cleaned up the surrounding wasteland.

“Okay… hmm, I guess we’re done removing most of the rubble now.”

The rubble and rocks had completely disappeared, and she nodded to herself in satisfaction at the refreshing scenery.

Because she had been carrying heavy rubble for half a day, her strength proficiency had increased to a little over ten.

After wiping away my sweat, I took a breather while looking at the lake and the castle standing in the middle of it, which had begun to be dyed by the setting sun.

…After that day, Juna woke up this morning, and she was completely fine now.

Now that Ludger is at work, George should be taking care of her as her older brother.

“I’ve only been here for a few days, and a lot of things happened… I got too absorbed in it.”

She smiled wryly.

However, that quickly changed to a serious expression.

I was contacted by the management a while ago.
TIt was about… the time and date of the release of the area master registration system, which determines the sovereignty of the area.

–I don’t want to leave that family to other players.

Such a desire was growing in Crim’s chest.

Not all players are kind to NPCs in their territories.

It’s possible that the player who owns this town as their territory, may not even be a good person.

In that case, the course of action has already been decided.

Along with determination, I stored the (Young Red Lion Emperor’s Overcoat) in my inventory… it was like a combination of a cape and a cloak.
I swept my eyes across the town dyed in

“That’s right… I will become the guild master and expand my territory from here.”

A battle for territories between players will begin one month after the start of the game.

In this world where war is likely to spread again, I will protect this peaceful town, so they can live in peace.
With my own two hands.

That’s right, Crim made up her mind…

(Bersleid: (╯°□°)╯︵ sunouoɹԀ.
Pronouns Pronouns Pronouns ︵ /(^.^/).
sunouoɹԀ ︵ (°□°)/ ︵ sunouoɹԀ.
I hate them.
Well, that’s all for now, have other things to do.)

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