ehind him, he has a sword on his belt.”


  Muyeon had placed a hand on his sword due to the aggressive atmosphere he was feeling in the dim building. 


  The inhabitants didn’t seem to care though.


  One of them spoke to me.


  “Hey kid, what brings you to this dangerous neighborhood?”


  It had been a while since I was treated this poorly, but to be honest, I was used to this feeling rather than the treatment I received at home.


  I replied with a slight smile.


  “Why, you ask? I’m here as a customer, of course.”


  “How disrespectful our little kid here sounds, maybe he’ll learn if I cut off his tongue?”


  Muyeon tried to draw his sword at the man giggling in front of me, but I stopped him. 


  “Young Master, he dares to-“


  “Hold on for a sec.”


  After I stopped Muyeon who was ready to swing his sword, I spoke to the man who had an ominous smile on his face. 


  “You probably knew who I was ever since I set foot in this area.
Let’s just take it easy.”


  I wanted to appeal to him, but I didn’t have much time left. 


  The smile on his face disappeared after my words.


  “Hey, I don’t have much time left, and I came here knowing everything, so let’s cut to the chase.” 


  “What the hell are you talking about?”


  He tried to put on an act again, but it was too late. 


  “You may be worried that the Gu Clan found out about this place and is trying to destroy it, but we don’t have any good reason to, and we don’t gain anything from it.”


  I see cold sweat flowing down his cheeks. 


  “Like I said, I don’t have much time.
I came here as a customer, so hurry up and call the branch manager.
Unless you want me to actually destroy this place.”


  The man’s pupils quivered upon hearing my bluff. 


  I had to make this bluff even though I had no ability to destroy this place in the first place.
It was the only way to get through with these guys.


  Muyeon inquired with a confused tone.


  “…Young master, what is going on…?”


  “It’s nothing, I was originally going to go to that place, but there was a problem in doing so.”


  Muyeon seems to have realized something.
Does he know about the place I was referring to? 


  He might have better senses than I’d initially thought.


  I would have liked to come here by myself, but I couldn’t afford to do so with this body. 


  “Sorry for bringing you here, but I honestly can’t do much about it.”


  The place I’m referring to is “Beggar’s Sect” which was able to take a spot in the Ten Sect Alliance solely because of its power in knowledge. 


  It would have been easier to just visit there.


  But they wouldn’t do anything that would be problematic for them. 


  Well, not unless I pour them a fortune. 


  Anyways, the business I had would cause problems for Beggar’s Sect, so I had to go to a different place. 


  If Beggar’s Sect was said to be the best place for getting information in the Orthodox Faction, 


  Then this would be the best place to get information in the Unorthodox Faction, 


  Hao Clan. 


  I was at the Hao Clan. 


* * *


  It didn’t take long for me to get proper treatment in the Hao Clan.


  The man led us to the cellar that was behind the building. 


  Muyeon declared, ‘I can’t let the Young Master go to such a dangerous place alone!’, but I had to ignore him because I didn’t have enough time to persuade him.


  When we went down to the cellar, a young man with a snake-like face was waiting for us. 


  “I’m the branch manager, Dowoon-Chu.” 


  He was incredibly handsome, although it was probably a disguise considering this is the Hao Clan. 


  “We didn’t expect someone like you to come to this place as a customer… We apologize for being so aggressive.”


  “No need to apologize.
Will you accept my request?”


  “Before that, may we ask why someone like you that comes from the Gu Clan chose us instead of other places?”


  “You keep asking weird questions, I told you I came to ask for a favor.”


  “We are asking why you chose us instead of Beggar’s Sect.”


  Why did I choose to come all the way to the Unorthodox Faction rather than go to the Beggar’s Sect in the Orthodox Faction?


  “This is a request that only the Hao Clan can fulfill.
Why do you keep asking when you clearly know the answer?”


  I respond in a slightly annoyed tone, following which the snake-eyed man smiles. 


  “I’m sorry if it made you upset.
I had to make sure because of the rumors about you that have been going around…”


  It was understandable that he was skeptical about me since I was a teenager who had barely reached 15 years of age, and then on-top of that, I was a teenager who came from the Gu clan. 


  “The reason why I, the branch manager, came out to see you was solely because of the Young Naster’s surname.


  “Yes, I know my name carries significant weight, I’m asking if you are going to accept my request.
This is the third time now, you know?”


  “The Hao Clan never refuses any request, as long as the price is appropriate.”


  Dowoon-Chu signaled that he will hear my request out. 


  Finally, I could speak. 


  “I’m looking for a person.
A boy that’s just over 10 years of age.” 


  I handed a piece of paper to Dowoon-Chu that had a description of his appearance and the area he was in. 


  Dowoon-Chu responded with a confused look on his face. 


  “I don’t understand, Young Master.
If you are only looking for a person, then there was no reason to come to the Hao Clan.”


  “The area is a bit far and I know little about the place.
Plus, Beggar’s Sect is expensive.”


  As well-known as Beggar’s Sect was, the place had high credibility.


  And as high as the credibility was, so was the price. 


  If I made the same request I made to Hao Clan to Beggar’s Sect, they would probably charge me twice or more. 


  However, one problem I had was,


  “Young Master, we don’t operate at small prices either.”


  It didn’t mean that it was cheap.


  “I know, but I came to Hao Clan knowing that I can pay.”


  Dowoon-Chu was looking at the paper I handed him. 


  “It may be easy to find the person as the description of his appearance sounds unique, but it isn’t an easy request because of how far it is from Shanxi, combined with the fact that the area of that place is huge.”


  “So you’re telling me it is going to be expensive, right?”


  Dowoon-Chu told me the price. 


  Muyeon, who was standing behind me, choked on his breath after hearing the price. 


  How much allowance did I have to save up in order to have enough? It was scary just thinking about the price. 


  But, it didn’t matter. 


  “The more we fail to find the person, the lower the price will be, but as of now the price is-“


  “Sorry, but we are not paying in cash.”


  “…Excuse me?”


  It was dangerous in itself for a man from the Orthodox Faction to come to the Hao Clan and make a request.


  It was a matter of being associated with the Unorthodox Faction Faction while bearing the name of Gu. 


  But even then, the reason I came to Hao Clan was because I was confident that they wouldn’t tell anyone about this, and I had assurance that they would accept my request no matter what. 


  “I have a very juicy piece of information, one that I can perhaps pay with.”


  “…Young Master, did you forget where you were?”


  Obviously, I didn’t forget what this place was.
This place rivals Beggar’s Sect in terms of how much information they have. 


  “I dare to say with confidence, that the amount of information we hold is greater than Beggar’s Sect.”


  Beggar’s Sect was restricted in how much they could do, compared to Hao Clan, who didn’t care about what they had or needed to do.


  He probably gained enough confidence to say that because of such a key distinction between the two. 


  “Furthermore, the information the Young Master holds is something we probably already know about.
If you don’t have the means to pay, let’s just pretend that this never happ-“


  “The Lord of Hao Clan.”


  Dowoon-Chu stopped talking after hearing my words. 


  His expression which was previously hard to read, was now filled with fear. 


  “The location of the Lord of Hao Clan who had disappeared.
Aren’t you curious?”


  Multiple swords were directed at me from several directions right as I finished my sentence. 



The person who manages both managerial affairs and military affairs in the clan

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