But Mu Qing was wrong in her estimation.



The spread open wings of the monster bird were like two iron wings, and the intertwined branches along the road were actually broken by the violent sweeping of its wings.



It was probably also very hungry, and now that he had found a prey, and he was desperately chasing it.



Mu Qing was also desperately fleeing, but her speed was obviously not a match for this bird that was in its own living environment, she heard the sounds behind her getting closer and closer, the back of her head was even heavily smashed with a branch the giant bird had broken with its wings.



Mu Qing tripped over a protruding root at her feet and her whole body tumbled to the ground.



The big bird quickly caught up.



She smelled that bird’s foul smell again and felt at the back of her head the pressure of the heavy animal incoming attack.



She used her last bit of strength and quickly rolled to the side.



The giant bird pecked the ground and reduced a piece of wood into crumbs.



Although Mu Qing had just avoided the blow, but now she was stuck between the roots of the tree, unable to move.



The huge bird’s attack failed, and it was probably a little furious, it raised its beak and pecked towards Mu Qing.



Mu Qing could not dodge it anymore.



She suddenly regretted not having stayed in the wooden house a while before.
The man might have hurt her, but maybe he could have saved her life.



But now it was too late.



She let out a sharp scream.



The swift and powerful sound of a sharp object tore through the air, then there was a heavy “poof”.



The giant bird didn’t peck at her; instead, it stood motionlessly.



When Mu Qing, shivering, raised her head, she saw that the giant bird’s chest had been impaled by a long spear-like weapon, that was pierced through its chest, looking like a big turkey planted on the grill.



The huge bird went limp and fell down toward the roots of the tree with a bang, right on top of Mu Qing’s body.



Mu Qing only felt a sharp pain, the view in front of her turned black, she could not see anything anymore, there was only the heavy stench of the giant bird’s feathers in her nose.




Mu Qing suspected that her ribs had been broken by the weight on her, just when she thought she was going to suffocate, her body was freed of that weight, that giant bird had been pushed over to the side, on the ground, while she was practically ripped out of the tree roots’ hollow by the neck.



It was that man.
But now he looked at her with eyes full of rage, like …… the rage one would feel after having been betrayed?



He kept yelling at her.
His voice resonated into the nearby forest, disturbing the resting birds in the shade, creating a commotion as they flew away.



Of course, Mu Qing did not understand what he was saying.
But she suddenly understood some of the things that had happened, and the reason why this man had untied her hand this morning and gave her wild fruits.



He probably thought that he could trust her, yet she had betrayed his trust, so this was why he was so angry at this moment?



But he still had not forgotten to tie her feet up with a rope, although the rope could be untied with a hand.


Subconsciously, he was thinking of her as his prey or his captive or something like that, and now that the captive had ran away, of course he was furious.



Mu Qing cursed him silently in her mind.
But she did not dare to let it appear on her face.
She just kept sitting on the ground with her head bowed, letting him roar, while she wrapped her hands around her ribs to slowly probe.



She was afraid that her ribs had really been broken, in that case, it would really not be a joke.



She touched all around, but it wasn’t as painful as just before.



She breathed a sigh of relief.


Probably because he had noticed her movements, the man stopped yelling and squatted down in front of her.

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