Chapter 002- Negotiation

      Due to Ruan Tang’s disobedience, Ruan Ming’s face became unsightly, “The rumor may not necessarily be true.
Besides, even if Duke Austin is so ruthless and unreasonable, there is no rumor that says he tortures people around him…Those Omega were scared crazy because they were cowards.

       “You are a son of the Ruan family and a partner recognized by the Emperor and Empress, including Duke Austin himself.
So long as you don’t seek death and deliberately provoke him, how could he hurt you at all?’’

       This reasoning was no different than the words of a misogynist that blamed the rape on the victim for wearing too little. 

       Ruan Tang looked at him coldy.

        Ruan Ming also followed with a sneer, “Besides, my son, since you chose to come back today and chose to stand here, it shows that you have acquiesced to this marriage, right? Otherwise, you would have run away with that young Alpha… “

       He bluntly revealed to Ruan Tang that he knew everything about Lu Yang’s invitation to elope and Ruan Tang’s refusal.

       Ruan Ming has a deep, scheming mind and has never been a good person.
In his eyes, this unfavored omega son, would never be a pure and kind darling1.

        On the contrary, in his opinion, Ruan Tang is simply synonymous with ambitious and sinister Omega.

        If he is as scheming and resourceful as he is, he will not be fooled by Ruan Tang.

       “Father you think that, in Empire Star…I could really run away if I wanted to elope?” Ruan Tang looked down at his toes and snickered out right.

       Since the Ruan family had announced that they would be marrying Duke Austin, it is impossible for him, the prospective spouse, to run away.

       Ruan Tang knew that all too well.

       Ruan Ming did not pick up on his strife but instead spoke directly, “ The crown prince is dead.
Duke Austin has already become the only son of His Majesty the Emperor and the Empress.
The royal family has promised that as long as you can have a child with Duke Austin, the child will become the first heir of the Emperor.’’

       Ruan’s family was already noble.
They had no desire to go through this muddy water2; selling their sons to seek honor and give their own sons to a psychopath.

       But the Empress’s family persuaded the Emperor to give such benefits, so it tempted Ruan Ming to sell his son.

       In the face of huge interest for the whole family, the personal happiness of one unfavored son is nothing.

       Moreover, in his eyes, Ruan Tang’s reputation was so bad that it would be impossible to find a better Alpha.

       It’s better to thoroughly make use of everything and make sacrifices for the benefit of the family. 

       “Ruan Tang, you should be satisfied.” Ruan Ming said quietly.

       He was ambitious, and in his eyes Ruan Tang was equally ambitious, and he felt that this weighty position as the biological father of the future imperial grandson should in any case make Ruan Tang put away his greedy thoughts.

        “If Duke Austin and I have a child, it’ll be the first heir to the throne…” Ruan Tang looked at him and suddenly sneered, “It sounds, very tempting indeed.”

       “But my dear father, don’t forget – these are the interests of the family, the transactions between you and the Empress’s family.
What does it have to do with me?”

       Ruan Tang looked at him coldly, having been hurt so much that he was already indestructible, “And why should I go and feed my body to a tiger for this, risking my life for nothing?”

       Marrying a psychopath, few normal people would make such a choice right?

       He doesn’t have a great spirit of sacrifice and devotion, and has even less feelings for the cold and heartless Ruan family.
If he was asked to sacrifice his life for the family without any complaints or regrets…

       Sorry, he can’t do it.

       If Ruan Ming wants him to be a sacrifice, he must pay a corresponding price.

       Ruan Ming looked at him coldly, his face turning blue with anger.

       After a while, considering the interests and involvement behind it, although he was still disgusted with Ruan Tang’s insatiable greed, he took a deep breath and made a concession, “What do you want?”

       Among his five omega children, only Ruan Xi, Ruan Tang, and his crazy eldest daughter were legitimate.

       Ruan Xi has a lot of good resources, even a casual marriage could bring many benefits to the family.
It could not be ruined.
The eldest daughter was not only a madman but also had been married twice and had a child, she could not marry Duke Austin.

       In addition, Ruan Tang has the best appearance, and his matching rate of pheromone with Austin is the highest. 

       After all, Ruan Tang is the most suitable among his sons.

       Ruan Tang felt it laughable for his father’s concession.

       It’s ridiculous, but he didn’t expect it.

       He took out an agreement directly from his briefcase, Ruan Tang pushed it over to Ruan Ming, “This is what I want.”

       After knowing Ruan Ming’s plans, Ruan Tang had already accurately predicted Ruan Ming’s bottom line, and was prepared to ask his family for what he deserved and sell himself at a good price.

       Born and raised in such a family, Ruan Tang doesn’t believe in love nor Alphas.

       Due to being a rare Omega, he knew the imperial government and the Ruan family could not allow him to remain single forever.
In addition, the effect of the inhibitors were getting worse and worse, letting him know that he’d have to enter a marriage and be bound to an Alpha.

       He had to make a choice.

       As for his marriage partner, whether it be a lunatic, a fool, or an ugly disabled person…Ruan Tang doesn’t care, so long as he knows he can achieve his goals through this marriage.

       “Ruan Tang, are you greedy?” Ruan Ming took a glance at what Ruan Tang had requested in the agreement, and his face immediately paled.

        As soon as Ruan Tang opened his mouth, he not only intended to take away most of the current working capital of the Ruan family, but also wanted to take a lot of the fixed assets and planetary resources.

       He still has so many other children, how could he let Ruan Tang take that much for himself?

      “Greedy?” Ruan Tang looked at him coldly, and said one word at a time, “Look carefully, these assets are the foundation I set up for my mother, elder brother and sister, I hope you contribute.
I don’t want any of it…”

       “My mother married you when you were very poor.
At that time, you had nothing.
She took out all her savings and all of her grandfather’s family possessions to accompany you to start from scratch.
After she suffered a lot, you are able to enjoy today’s family business…”

      “And elder brother, when you lead the army to war, he was always rushing at the vanguard.
For you, for the sake of the Empire, he fought bloody battles of enemies numbering over a hundred…Without him, Marshal, how could you have made the great military exploits today? 

       “…Elder sister, it was you who separated her and her beloved, forced her into marriage, and after her husband’s accident, you forced her to have an abortion and divorce, severing the relationship with that family…It was you who drove her crazy and ruined her life.”

       Hearing Ruan Tang mention his first wife and eldest son and daughter, Ruan Ming’s face turned blue, his face suddenly looked unsightly.

       He is a typical chauvinist male pig.
In his eyes, Omegas are just accessories to Alphas.
Just like toys.
However, the eldest son and eldest daughter were different to him.
Ruan Tang’s eldest brother and sister were nearly 20 years older than all of Ruan Ming’s subsequent children.
They had been born when Ruan Ming had nothing.

       At the time the family was going through difficult times, that house was small and they couldn’t afford to hire a servant.
The two children grew up under Ruan Ming’s eyes, so his feelings for them were different.

       His eldest son and daughter had accidents one after another, Ruan Ming realized that his heart ached more than anything else.
It almost burned.

       Because he did not want to recall the desolation of his eldest son and eldest daughter, Ruan Ming could not bear to look at them again after he was sure that they were not likely to get better.
Even more, he did not want people to mention the tragedy of the Ruan family’s eldest son and eldest daughter.

       However, Ruan Tang mentioned it again and again in front of him——

       How can he like this son, when he wants to win his sympathy with such an unwelcoming behavior?

       Ruan Tang saw the dull pain in his eyes, but he only found it ridiculous.
After the accidents, the eldest brother and sister had been at home all the time.
Ruan Ming gave them the best medical treatment, but for 20 years he did not go to the big room to see his so-called “favorite” children.

       Why would such a person pretend to have fatherly love for him here?

       Ruan Tang sneered and pressed him step by step, “My mother was your first wife.
In terms of the contributions made by my eldest brother and sister to our Ruan family, let alone these things, I don’t think it’s too much to take half of your property, right?”

        “After all, you love them so much, you wouldn’t even blink an eye…”

       “Besides, don’t you want to sell me now to get more benefits for the family? Why should you be so stingy over such a little thing? ” Ruan Tang scoffed.

       Ruan Ming’s forehead veins bulged, recalling his excellent eldest son and eldest daughter, and then looking at the disobedient and unfilial Ruan Tang in front of him.

        After a lengthy weighing of interests, he still made concessions and signed various property transfer documents with legal effect as requested by Ruan Tang.

       He looked at Ruan Tang coldly, “You should be satisfied now, right?”

        “Thank you, Father.
I will follow your orders to marry Duke Austin, but- I have one more request.” After winning this tug-of-war and seeing that the future of his mother, brother, and sister guaranteed, the smile on Ruan Tang’s face finally became a bit sincere.

       Ruan Ming, whose expression was already not looking good, immediately became furious when he heard this, “How can you still ask for more?”

        It was as if he was rebuking Ruan Tang for his lion’s share3.

       To walk away from so many things, he’s actually not greedy.

       “I want to take my mother, elder brother and sister away from the Ruan family.” However, Ruan Tang smiled this time, but he did not open his mouth to demand for more.

       Ruan Ming’s face looked more gloomy and ugly than when he was asking for money, as if Ruan Tang did something treacherous.
He suddenly shot up and slapped the table, everything on the desk shook, “They are my wife and children!”

       What a joke it was for Ruan Tang to say he wanted to take them away from Ruan house.

       Did he want to slap his face4 in front of the entire Empire Star?

      “Mother has long ceased to be your wife, your current wife is Ms.
Xia Ruzhi.” Ruan Tang smiled coldly, “It’s true Elder Brother and Elder Sister are your children, but since their accident, these past twenty years… have you ever taken care of them for a day, gone to take a look at them?”

       “If this is the case, why do you still keep them?” He knew that Ruan Ming was just trying to save face.

       Ruan Ming’s complexion turned blue and white.

       Ruan Tang got what he wanted, and no longer had the desire to drag him on.
He raised the property transfer letter in his hands, “You have given it to mother, brother and sister.
You have countless children and omega, but I only have this one mother, brother and sister…”

       “I’m going to leave the Ruan family soon.
I’m really afraid that if I leave, I won’t be able to watch them, and they’ll be harmed by people without knowing it… Since you’ve given the money, I believe that even if outsiders know that my mother and brother and sister aren’t in the Ruan family anymore, no one will be able to criticize you for anything…” At this moment, Ruan Tang spoke truthfully.

       He looked at Ruan Ming calmly, “In order to ease my mind, you might as well let our family leave.”

       Having said that, after careful consideration, he felt that the situation is exactly as what Ruan Tang said…He gave so much property, so even if mother and children left, no one could accuse him of abandoning his dregs.
A couple of children sacrificed for the family would not affect his reputation.

       Ruan Ming no longer opposed Ruan Tong’s insistence on taking his mother and siblings away, but just sneered, “How could the Ruan family have such a filthy thing, you mustn’t use a villain’s heart to measure a gentleman’s belly…”5

        Although he said that, Ruan Tang understood his intention at once that he agreed to letting him take his mother, brother and sister with him.

        He looked at Ruan Ming docilely, his eyes sincere, and responded, “Thank you, Father.”

       Ruan Tang didn’t care that his father ridiculed him as a villain.
He just wanted to be able to leave Ruan’s house and live his own life.

TL Notes:

[1] 单纯善良的小可爱 –  means simple and kind hearted little cutie, I just used their alternatives to make it fit

[2] Muddy water – a metaphor for mess/scandal

[3] Lion’s share – demanding an exorbitant price

[4] Face – reputation/honor/pride

[5] Use a villain’s heart to measure a gentleman’s belly – Using despicable ideas to speculate the minds of good people

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