The longer Ruan Tang lived with Auston, the more he realized that the mad duke who was like a ghost in the eyes of others was really very good to him.

From childhood to adulthood, Ruan Tang suffered countless difficulties, but every time he silently survived. 

No one had ever stood up for him or fought for his grievances.

It had always been Ruan Xi’s privilege to have someone show up at a critical moment to back him up and protect him completely from any situation.

And he had always been named as the vicious villain in those situations…

His husband, Duke Auston, was the first person Ruan Tang met who was willing to stand up for him after he grew up.

Although he didn’t show it on his face just now, the moment Auston suddenly stood up to protect him, Ruan Tang really felt that the person in the wheelchair was like a god descending in front of him…

Ruan Tang felt deeply about this.
His eyes looking at this violent Alpha, whose face he hadn’t seen, was a little different.

“It’s nothing, don’t think too much!” 

Hearing his gratitude, Duke Auston’s cheeks under the mask were a little hot.

But he still snorted lightly, “You are my partner now, those people who humiliated you are slapping me in the face.”

“I didn’t stand up for you…” 

Auston didn’t admit that he deliberately came to rescue this troublesome omega.

When Ruan Tang heard those words, the smile on his face remained unchanged, “No matter what, I want to thank you, sir… I am very happy…”

Ruan Tang had never cared about what others said, only watched what others did, actions have always been clearer than words.

Regardless of whether Auston really felt that his humiliation lost the dignity of the Duke’s Palace or he just stood up for him, the fact was he defended him. 

It was a fact that he gave him enough dignity and respect in front of others today.

Ruan Tang felt that he should be very grateful.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a trivial matter…” 

Auston stopped looking awkwardly at Ruan Tang, but sneered, “You are too weak, easy to be bullied.
It’s really a shame to our Duke’s mansion to get bullied by outsiders.”

“When others bully you, it’s fine if you don’t have the ability to bully them back, but with my backing, you still don’t know how to bully them back…”

“After being bullied, you even plead for them… You’re a coward!”

Auston fixedly looked at Ruan Tang, and ordered, “The next time I see you like this, I will definitely punish you.
It’s really embarrassing.” 

“…I really don’t know where I am weak and can be easily bullied? Please enlighten me, my lord.” Ruan Tang was stunned hearing Auston’s words.

Recalling the heroic act of forcing Owen to apologize after being provoked by him, he really didn’t know where he made Auston get the illusion that he was weak and easy to bully. 

An illusion that he would not bully back others after being bullied.

Owen was from a famous Duke family, before Auston appeared just now, he was actually not sure whether someone would support him as a duchess or not… 

He already felt that he was great today, okay?

Sure enough, the thinking logic of this lunatic was different from that of normal people.

“In my opinion, when you were humiliated, none of those people stood up to speak for you, they were all watching the scene with cold eyes, and some even snickered, just to belittle and bully you.” 

Auston looked at Ruan Tang’s unusual expression and suddenly understood what he meant.

Auston directly said, “I will stand up to support you.
But if you don’t take the opportunity to humiliate them back, and even plead for them.
What is it if you are not weak and cowardly?”

When encountering the same incident, if no one present there spoke for him and even laughed at him, then he would have not let anyone from the mastermind to the accomplice get out of the hall easily. 

He would never just hold on to those who provoked him, those who looked at him coldly and despised him would also shed a layer of skin.

Therefore, in his opinion, Ruan Tang was too weak.

Hearing this, Ruan Tang understood why he called him weak and cowardly.
He didn’t expect him to have such logic.

He was immediately speechless, “…” 

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

“I’m not weak, but I think if you can’t kill someone with one blow, then leave them for the time being.
There was no need to offend others too much…”

“Otherwise, if that person stands up again there will be many future troubles.” 

After a while, Ruan Tang suddenly said, “Especially because they are all high-ranking and powerful people in the audience.”

“…Since you don’t intend to kill everyone, you shouldn’t push people too far, humiliating others too much is very troublesome.”

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