“You—” Owen didn’t expect that Ruan Tang would dare to use the status of the duchess, and pretend to be his elder to teach him.

Because of this, he was humiliated in front of his sweetheart. 

Thinking this, Owen became more angry and he rushed forward to fight Ruan Tang.

But before he could get close to Ruan Tang, he was restrained by the bodyguards of the duke’s mansion who did not know when they came in…

“Madam, we are late.”

After Ruan Tang married into Duke Auston’s mansion, although she didn’t have much power, because the queen was afraid that she would be accidentally killed by Auston, the security personnel around her were still very reliable.

The queen even gave them the power to prevent the Duke who had mental strength at level sss from hurting her in critical situations, let alone a dude who was mentally useless.

They stop Owen like an eagle stops a chicken.

Ruan Tang gave a faint “hmmm”.

“Stop me? How dare you let your dog stop me! I’m the son of the Fidia Family! Fuck you—” 

Owen, who had always been arrogant, had never been humiliated like this before.

But he couldn’t fight the bodyguard, so he struggled at the spot and scolded her.

The bodyguards of the Duke’s Mansion immediately tightly held the struggling Owen.

Ruan Tang directly picked up another glass of red wine from the table next to him and poured it on Owen’s face without saying anything.

“Since Mr.
Feidia can’t speak well, I have no choice but to continue to teach you.”

He didn’t believe it, he couldn’t cure Owen’s problem today.

“Owen! Duchess!!!” 

At this moment, Owen’s elder brother, the eldest son of Duke Feidia, rushed to the scene after hearing the news. 

Seeing his younger brother being embarrassed by Ruan Tang, his expression immediately turned very ugly.

He had always known that his younger brother liked to fight with Ruan Tang, but the whole family loved him, so no one stopped him. 

Today, Owen wanted to fight with Ruan Tang again, he also knew a thing or two about it.

But thinking that the status of a duchess was not real and she held no power, he only verbally persuaded him and did not take any strict action to restrain his younger brother…

He didn’t expect that Ruan Tang, who had married the duke, was no longer a soft bun.

He had turned into a sharp thorn.
And his careless brother fell into his hands.


Seeing his elder brother, Owen aggrievedly yelled.
Like a dog relying on his master to fight others.

Everyone thought that the heir to Duke Feidia’s mansion was here, so Ruan Tang would be afraid.

“Prince Feidia, long time no see.” 

Seeing Duke Feidia’s eldest son, Ruan Tang immediately greeted him, “Your brother just said something dirty, seeing that his family is not here, I, as a half-elder educated him on your behalf…”

“It shouldn’t be too much, right? It won’t make you angry…??”

Ruan Tang preemptively made the entanglement between him and Owen clear in just a few sentences.

No matter what Owen’s elder brother thought of him in his heart, he would definitely not take the initiative to offend him if he took care of his family status.

“Of course, it’s not too much.
You are the wife of Duke Auston and my father can be regarded as his equal… Naturally, you can be called a half-elder.” 

The eldest son of Feidia ignored Owen’s shouting and turned to Ruan Tang. 

Hearing this, Ruan Tang laughed dryly.

“My younger brother has nothing better to do.
So, I’m here to apologize to the Duchess on his behalf…”

As the heir of the family, the eldest son was a smart man, unlike his younger brother.

No matter what he thought about Ruan Tang in his heart, he knew that even though he had no status in Duke Auston’s mansion, his coming out here represented the face of the royal family and Duke Auston.

Owen offended Ruan Tang, but if Ruan Tang doesn’t pursue this matter, everything would be fine.

Now that Ruan Tang has acted on this matter, they have to apologize in order to respect the royal family and Duke Auston.

“The eldest son did nothing wrong, so why do you have to apologize to me?? It made me, an elder, seem like I am bullying a junior.” 

Ruan Tang gently smiled at the eldest son of Duke Feidia, but his eyes were plain without any emotions. 

He didn’t have the slightest intention to let the bodyguard let Owen go.

What he wanted from the beginning was Owen’s apology.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

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