Chapter 018 – Thanks.

Austin gave a soft hmm, no longer talking to him about Ruan Tang, and was again talking about the plan between them.

Carlos solemnly said at once, “Your Highness, rest assured that everything will be done according to Your Highness’s wishes, and there will never be any half-hearted mistakes.”

“In that case, I’ll leave everything to Uncle.” Austin looked at Carlos with a trusting face, as if he was satisfied with everything he had arranged

After a while, Carlos walked out of Austin’s study, the kindness and amiability on his face were immediately swept away and he took up the standard expressionless aristocratic manner again as he walked out of Austin’s mansion.

In the study, after he left, Austin also sat up straight, his face no longer held childishness nor admiration for his uncle.
He gave a very cold sneer.

Very often, the kinship between those of nobility was this plastic and false.

Everything was only held together by profit.

Austin had known this since he was a child.

He laughed mockingly for a while, but suddenly, Austin’s face turned somber.
He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and press his temple, revealing an incomparably ferocious and pained appearance, his expression unconsciously irritable…

The intense pain made his hand clench into a fist involuntarily, even the veins on the back of his hand were portruding.

He struggled to raise his writhing hand to ring the bell in the room…

As soon as the bell rang, the servant standing outside the door quickly realized that his Duke was ill again.

Remembering the Duke’s violent behavior in the past, Aaron immediately trembled with fear and turned pale but he had to take the medicine shakily, carefully open the door, and deliver it to Austin.

“Sir, is it another headache?” Aaron asked, trying his best to remain calm.

Austin didn’t speak, brows furrowed and eyes red, he looked at Aaron coldly, like a viper flicking its tongue, waiting to pounce at any moment.

Being stared at with such a gaze, Aaron’s whole body unconsciously trembled.
He wanted to escape but didn’t dare.
He could only continue to hold the medicine before Austin.

Austin gave him a profound look, quickly took the medicine from his hand, unscrewed it, and swallowed it with water.

After a while, the look of pain on his face eased a little, before he impatiently waved his hand at Aaron, signaling him to back off.

Seeing his reaction, Aaron felt a sense of happiness as if he survived a disaster, and retreated like he was escaping. 

When he reached the door, he lost all his strength, his legs went weak and he nearly collapsed to the ground.

Austin doesn’t get sick very often, but once he gets sick, he would be twice as temperamental and cruel.
If someone made him unhappy at this time, it’d be more terrible to fall into his hands than to die.

Today, Austin had a flare-up but didn’t hurt anyone.
For Aaron, who’s countless predecessors have died, he was luckier than winning the lottery.


Ruan Tang didn’t see Seth all day.
He was worried that the silly servant had angered Austin. What happened? He immediately asked the butler with some worry, “Have you’ve seen Seth? He’s the servant that has been serving me the last few days? Why didn’t he come today?”

The butler didn’t expect Ruan Tang to care about a servant like this.
He looked at Ruan Tang in surprise and replied instantly, “…Seth is sick and on leave today.
Please don’t worry, Madam.
I’ll arrange another servant to serve you later.”

“No need, I’m fine on my own.
I don’t need to be served.” Ruan Tang breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that he had asked for sick leave rather than being punished by Austin.

Due to the sunlight, Ruan Tang was in a happy mood all day.

In the afternoon, he also picked a book and ordered a cup of tea to the garden in the Duke’s residence.
He had a very pleasant time enjoying the flowers, drinking tea and reading a book.

By the evening, Ruan Tang unknowingly fell asleep on the sofa in the garden in the afterglow of the sunset.

When Austin came to look for Ruan Tang, he saw such a scene.
Looking at Ruan Tang sleep so soundly, so sweet, and the quality of his sleep was so good, due to his illness that plagued him, Austin was extremely irritable, and facing the soundly sleeping Ruan Tang, his heart suddenly had the desire to destroy…

I have trouble sleeping everyday and always have a headache.
Why can Ruan Tang sleep so happily?

Austin looked at Ruan Tang for a while and immediately reached out, he didn’t care whether Ruan Tang was sleeping or not, that is, to smell the pheromone exuding from his glands and touch the skin on his body…

Ruan Tang always slept very heavily.
He couldn’t wake up no matter how much Austin tried.
He just moved his body in discomfort and turned over again.
He muttered a few times in his dream and continued to sleep.

Ruan Tang’s skin was like an egg; tender, smooth and warm to the touch, one couldn’t bear to part with it.

Austin couldn’t get enough of it.

But looking at Ruan Tang sleeping so soundly, his heart was not strong.
He immediately bit the skin on the side of Ruan Tang’s neck…

Ruan Tang was suddenly awakened by pain, but his consciousness was still a little confused and he rubbed his eyes in a daze, “Hmm?” it seemed as if he didn’t know what happened.

He looked very confused, and his eyes were a little red…

Because of his illness, Austin’s heart was full of destructive and sadistic desires.
Looking at the quietly sleeping Ruan Tang, he wanted to destroy his beauty and make him unable to live in peace, showing a painful and twisted expression.
However, seeing Ruan Tang like this, he was inexplicably reluctant to. 

The feeling of irritability and sadism was suddenly suppressed.

“…Why did My Lord come?” As soon as Ruan Tang woke up, he was startled to see Austin biting him, but considering that this guy was mentally abnormal, he immediately calmed down and responded without change.

He had just woken up, his voice was still not fully awake, with the slightest trace of a little milk voice1…hearing that, Austin’s heart trembled.

“This is the garden of my mansion.
What? I can’t come?” But Austin still had a sullen and icy face, staring at Ruan Tang gloomily as he opened his mouth.

Although he vaguely knew he was not quite normal just now, but Austin heard Omega should not be too used to being indulged…

It’s easy [for them] to be spoiled and coquettish and climb on top of others.

“…This is the back garden of the Lord’s residence.
Of course My Lord can come.” Ruan Tang knew that he was abnormal, but he was still trying to communicate with him, “Just, what was My Lord doing just now?”

He didn’t understand why Austin bit him.
If it’s to mark, it should be on the glands at the nape rather than the side of the neck…

He was bitten hard on the side of his neck, so Ruan Tang felt that due to the friendly relationship between Austin and him in the past few days, he should have the courage to explore the reason.
It’s not like he’s this madman who wants to know what his flesh tastes like for no reason.

If next time, Austin bites off a piece of his flesh while he’s asleep, it’s over.

Ruan Tang felt that if that was the case, he had to dissuade Austin of the idea.

You’re sleeping too deeply.
I wanted to wake you up and go to dinner.” Austin looked at Ruan Tang’s neck, which was red and left with obvious tooth marks.
He was a little guilty, but his words were still casual.

Ruan Tang was speechless and stunned: “…”

It was the first time he had heard that there was such a way to wake someone up.
Sure enough, the logic of a madman was incomprehensible.

“Come here, I haven’t touched your skin and smelled your scent for a day…Come and let me smell!” Austin felt a little embarrassed when he saw Ruan Tang’s expression, and immediately waved at Ruan Tang, calling up his pet.

Although Ruan Tang was still very speechless towards Austin, he still obediently sent himself to Austin’s arms.
Letting him breathe in his gland and stroke his skin like a cat…

After this period of time, he has been quite accustomed to the way he and Austin got along in their marriage.

Austin is a madman.
He has no normal concept of marriage.
He didn’t want to sleep with him, he just wanted to tease him like a toy pet.
He was also happy to be comfortable.
He didn’t feel there was anything wrong.

Austin inhaled Ruan Tang again for a while, immediately withdrew, and said, “Well, that’s it for today.
Let’s go to dinner.”

The words fell, Austin, who had returned to normal, promptly pushed his wheelchair and was about to go to the dining room…

“…Wait, My Lord.” Ruan Tang looked at Austin’s back amidst the afterglow of the setting sun, suddenly remembered something and called out to him.

Austin was a bit taken aback and immediately asked, “Hmm? What’s the matter?”

 ”…I heard that you restored the natural climate of the mansion because I didn’t like darkness.
Thank you.” Ruan Tang originally had little feeling for the marriage he had to choose, as well as for his husband, Duke Austin.

But after knowing that Austin decided to change the climate of the whole residence and his habits, Ruan Tang still had some subtle changes in the bottom of his heart.

He thought that even if Austin was a madman, he was willing to change his living habits for him and integrate him into the residence…

Even if he was crazy, for this marriage of theirs and for him, Austin made great efforts and earnestly wanted to make it work.

Therefore, he felt compelled to thank Austin.

“…It’s nothing.
It’s not for you that I restored the natural climate of my residence.
I just wanted to bask in the sun myself.
Don’t think too much.” When Austin heard his thanks, he immediately felt uncomfortable and stubbornly said.

He doesn’t want this Omega to be aware of how much he cares about him.

But after the words were spoken, he suddenly recalled that Ruan Tang was easily depressed.
For fear that he would be unhappy and depressed, he promptly made up for it, “You…it’s good that you’re happy.”

Ruan Tang did not care about his stubbornness, smiled and looked at the sunset accompanied by fiery clouds, and said, “Then thank you anyway, I like it very much and I am very happy.”

Hearing Ruan Tang thank him, Austin suddenly felt his cheeks burning a little under his mask for some reason.

This…this must be because the sun was too dazzling and too hot, making him a little hypersensitive.
Austin thought so in his mind.



TL Notes:

[1] Little milk voice – I have no idea what this means but it’s exactly that: 丝丝缕缕的小奶音.
I suppose like a puppy/kitten doing little yawns after a nap?

The TL has something to say:

What Austin is portrayed as: a psycho who tortures his servants, mentally unstable, and a weirdo collector

What I see him as: aww cutie tsundere, so blushy blushy!!

It’s a good thing Austin is fictional, otherwise he’d be in jail for life :D.
Anyways, I was eating boiled eggs when they were describing Ruan Tang, so I was like, so this is how Tang Tang feels like, but it was also kinda hot, so it was more like Tang Tang if he had a fever lol.
Also, if he’s that smooth can he drop the skincare routine?? If you have any questions, want to point out any mistakes, or simply want to say something then go ahead and leave a comment!

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