Chapter 15 – I feel sick

Ruan Tang looked at him in surprise.
Unexpectedly, he didn’t go crazy.

The whole breakfast process was that what Ruan Tang ate, Austin followed, and the atmosphere was very harmonious for a while.

Ruan Tang almost felt that the legendary Bluebeard Duke was not so crazy, and was very normal quite a few times.

And it was clear that Ruan Tang was not the only one who thought so, Butler Andre also thought so……

Seeing that the atmosphere was harmonious and Ruan Tang and Austin were getting along nicely; He, who happened to be standing beside Ruan Tang, immediately glanced at Ruan Tang several times, trying to hint with his eyes that Ruan Tang should make advances towards Austin.

Over the years, as Austin became more and more ill, his temper grew…….

It was rare for him to have such a good mood like this, in his opinion this was the best opportunity for Ruan Tang to please Austin.

Ruan Tang immediately received Butler Andre’s hint and understood what he meant.

In fact, Ruan Tang sincerely did not want to ruin this still perfect breakfast for him, but he happened to know that Butler Andre was one of the Empress’s people…..

Although Andre was only a butler and he was a duchess…….
But as the Empress’s eyes, he had more power than the duchess who was just a tool without anyone’s protection.

Ruan Tang had to listen to the butler’s intentions, who conveyed the order on behalf of the Empress.
He had to at least show goodwill towards Duke Austin on the surface.

Thinking of this, Ruan Tang suddenly lost his appetite and didn’t want to eat any more, no matter how delicious the breakfast was……

Seeing that Ruan Tang was not moving, the butler immediately looked at him a few more times and urged him with his eyes.

“My Lord……” Ruan Tang put down his chopsticks, being driven to do something beyond his abilities1, and was about to say something to get close to Austin.

“What are you looking at? Who let you look?” Just then, Austin, who seemed very normal just now, snapped.
He directly picked up the tableware and threw it to Ruan Tang’s side, where the butler was standing; His tone abruptly changed, eerie and terrifying, “If you look again, I’ll gouge out your eyes!”

“Bang——” The sound of the tableware breaking suddenly rang.

Ruan Tang was immediately dumbfounded, “……”

The butler’s complexion changed right away, knowing that he was guilty of having violated Austin’s taboo.
Because Ausin’s temper had been good recently, he had forgotten how he usually was.
His face showed fear, even his body could not help trembling, “Sir, I……”

The other servants who stood by the side saw the butler like this, and their faces also showed a look of fear.
They unconsciously held their breath, shivering with fear, but still forcing themselves to be calm.

Ruan Tang had stayed at the Duke’s residence for several days, and at last witnessed the Duke’s moodiness and unpredictability firsthand.
He finally understood the fear of everyone in the Duke’s mansion and the lingering gloomy, repressive atmosphere throughout the entire residence. 

Looking at such an Austin, Ruan Tang decided to withdraw his sympathy for him from a few days ago; although they were both wretched people at the mercy of fate, Austin had the right to vent wantonly against others.
Butler Andre was the Empress’s person, but in front of this madman, he could only be at his disposal.

But he could only be controlled by others, constantly adjusting his mentality and forcing himself to adapt to the world.

 ”Sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it, I ask for your forgiveness…..” Butler Andre’s face was pale, but at the moment he didn’t defend himself first, and chose to directly admit his mistake and ask for forgiveness.

As the butler, he knows Austin’s temper well and knows that it is easier to get his forgiveness when he did something wrong than sophistry.

But this time, Austin was obviously very angry.
He glared at the butler full of hostility, as if he wanted to devour him alive, “One time is not intentional, but two or three times, do you still want to tell me it was accidental?”

He clearly saw the butler looking at Ruan Tang several times, which made him unable to eat his meal.

Since this morning, he had felt Ruan Tang’s tension.
He knew that someone must have put pressure on Ruan Tang……

“Sir, I……” The butler lost all the blood on his face.
He didn’t expect that Austin would care so much about the details today.
He didn’t even know how to argue for himself.

Austin, however, did not even look at him and said in a grim tone, “Choose for yourself, ok? Will you dig out your own eyes, or shall I help you!”

The butler could no longer grasp control over his mind.
His whole body trembled, not knowing how to choose, “I..….”

The other people were equally pale with fear, and for a while, even the sound of their breathing was inaudible in the large dining room.

Ruan Tang didn’t expect that he would see the bloody and terrifying scene of the legendary Bluebeard Duke digging out someone’s eyes only a few days after he arrived at Duke Austin’s house.

“My Lord, you can’t do this.” Ruan Tang looked at the trembling butler; before his hand reached his eyes, he finally couldn’t stand it anymore and spoke up.

Although the butler, as the Empress’s eyes, had been monitoring him and giving him pressure, Ruan Tang still couldn’t watch such a bloody and violent scene happen before his eyes.

As soon as he spoke, everyone in the dining room, including the butler, looked at him in astonishment……not expecting him to actually speak up and stop Austin.

They looked at Ruan Tang as if they were looking at a brave warrior who went to die a martyr’s death.

With the same look as when he first met him, Austin’s eyes, that made people’s hair stand upright as if there was a viper baring their fangs, turned and stared straight at him, “Oh? Why can’t I?”

“Because the Empire has imperial laws.” Ruan Tang withstood the pressure of Austin’s temper that could flare up at any moment, and said word by word, “The laws of the empire emphasize human rights.
Although they are your servants, they are also independent individuals…..You are in an employment relationship, and the butler is not your belonging.
You have no right to dispose of them at will.”

Recalling Seth’s gruesome face; although Ruan Tang had no affection for the butler, he couldn’t bear to watch his eyes get gouged out alive in front of him.

In uttering these words, he held the mindset of if you die, you die; Even if Austin’s anger shifted to him, he also had the watch the Empress gave him as protection.
Austin couldn’t kill him, which was better than the butler gouging out his eyes alive with such a heroic mood of injustice.

“They are not my belongings and I have no right to dispose of them at will?” Austin listened to his words, but it was as if he had heard some kind of joke.

 He sneered slightly, and immediately looked at the butler with a grim gaze,”Then, Andre, I will not dispose of you, immediately get out of the Ducal residence!”

“Now – you answer me, do you want your eyes or do you want to stay?”

The butler looked pale; Remembering the pressure put on him by the empress, he immediately replied without hesitation, “I… I will voluntarily dig out my eyes and offer them to Your Excellency2.”

As the Empress’s eyes, he had to stay at the Duke’s residence.
Once he leaves, he would be useless to the Empress .

In order to achieve his goal, what does it matter to him to give up a pair of eyes?

Austin was not surprised by his answer.
He immediately sneered with boredom after hearing his words,”Heh ~”

It was like mocking Ruan Tang.

“Then you can’t do that!” Ruan Tang had nothing to say and could only continue to assert himself, “No one has the right to turn a normal person into a disabled person3, that is a very sick act.”

Since everyone was used to this madman, no one told him that his behavior was wrong——

Then let him tell.

If such a thing had not happened right in front of him, it would have been better, but it happened in front of his eyes; out of his own conscience, Ruan Tang felt that he could not ignore it.

“I don’t want him to become disabled.” Austin didn’t seem to have the slightest intention of angering Ruan Tang, but only said very naturally,”Later, no matter how he gouges out his eyes, I will put them back on him as they were, and use the best medical technology to cure him, to ensure that they are exactly the same as before they were gouged out.”

Since such eyesores go to great lengths to stay by his side in order to provide information to others, he will let them stay. 

However, similarly, they must be punished and pay a price.

The butler was relieved to hear Austin promise to put his eyes back as they were, without him going blind, and his fingers began to gather strength.
He was ready to dig out his eyes raw in front of Austin for him to see, so as to satisfy the violent streak in the Duke’s bones.

However, Ruan Tang still frowned deeply in disagreement, and wanted to speak but seeing the two of them willing, he didn’t know how to persuade him, “But……”

He finally understood that the Duke of Austin didn’t like the people around him to become disabled, but enjoyed the bloody and violent process.

He averted his eyes and stopped looking at the butler and Austin, feeling some nausea rise in the pit of his stomach.

Austin looked at Ruan Tang’s frowing face through the mask, pondering for a while before suddenly asking, “Do you feel scared because you don’t want to see such a scene?”

He suddenly remembered that Ruan Tang had told him he hated the sight of blood.

Another reminder on how kind this Omega was.

“Yes, I don’t want to see such a scene.” Ruan Tang endured great pressure, paused for a moment, and finally chose to smash the pot4, “I feel very disgusted, it makes me sick to my stomach…..”

If Austin didn’t ask him, he wouldn’t say, but since Austin asked, he decided to tell the truth……

 Even if Austin was angry, he couldn’t do anything about it.

…..Although he knew who Austin was long before he got married, and was ready to stay alone in the bedroom out of sight, but if this sort of thing happened in front of him from time to time, Ruan Tang still felt that he couldn’t stand it and didn’t want to force himself to adapt and get used to it.

Anyway, he’s newly married now, and Austin can’t kill him, period.

“In that case, you don’t need to dig out your eyes.
Get lost.” Austin watched Ruan Tang’s brow furrowed in a very unbearable manner, and immediately waved his hand at the butler impatiently and ordered.

  It was a small matter to dispose of people, and he does not want Ruan Tang to be unable to eat because of this.



TL notes:

[1] beyond his abilities – this is actually a metaphor, “drive a duck onto the perch”: being forced/forcing to do things that are beyond your ability.
I just didn’t know how to fit it into the text without it sounding awkward.

[2]Your Excellency – This is actually the same word for the butler’s previous ‘Sir’s, as well as Ruan Tang’s ‘My Lord’, they are all correct but I’m using translation variations to accentuate their positions.
‘Sir’ feels more butler-y and “My Lord” feels something a bit more personal (‘my’ is possessive), and here, ‘Your Excellency’ is putting Austin above the butler more than ‘Sir” would.
Let me know if you guys prefer the same thing for all of them or if it’s fine the way I’m doing it.

[3] disable person –  Peeps, remember disabled ppl are also normal ppl.
Don’t take this ABO interstellar fantasy BL too serious or as facts

[4] smash the pot – full saying is  “smash a pot to pieces just because it’s cracked” – to write oneself as hopeless and act recklessly, now this metaphor was easy to adjust

The TL has something to say: Hey guys hope you enjoyed this chapter! Decided to finish up this chapter and release it since I had some free time.
I wonder if we can add some sorta food fetish to Austin’s list……or is it a stretch? Also gonna make a character list since I update sporadically just so you guys can refresh your minds.
If you have any questions, want to point out any mistakes, or simply want to say something then go ahead and leave a comment! (seriously on the pointing out mistakes, I go over it like 5 times but even then some slip through or a sentence might even sound wonky)

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