Lin Xia went back to feed his roommates.
Everything was as usual, it was as if Lin Xia didn’t come out to them last night.

It’s just that when they went to class together, his roommates took every person into consideration when they saw a boy talking to Lin Xia, for fear of missing out on any gossip.
They were also worried that Lin Xia would be deceived.

However, after looking at all the boys in the class, there was nobody suspicious.
Could it be someone from an elective course or the club? After an entire day, his roommates gain nothing.

In the evening, Lin Xia was ready to go out with his school bag.
“I’m going to the canteen.
Do any of you want a midnight snack?”

“Second canteen’s jajang noodles.” Xiao Qian was the first to respond.

Xiao Pang was dieting, and Xiao Zhao had no appetite today.
He casually asked, “With Fang Qi again?”

“No,” Lin Xia denied.

“Then who is it!!” Xiao Pang shouted, “Guy or girl?”

“You also know him, Yi Shang.” Lin Xia told the truth.

“Oh, Yi Shang.” Xiao Qian lost interest, then suddenly thought of a possibility, could it be Yi Shang?

After all, there were no suspicious candidates in the whole class, but Yi Shang seemed like someone whose popular with the opposite sex, so he didn’t think of him at all.

“Then go ahead.” Xiao Pang, like an old father who agreed to let his son go out, didn’t forget to tell him, “Come back early.”

After saying this, Xiao Pang made eye contact with Xiao Qian and understood what the other was thinking.
When Lin Xia left, Xiao Pang said, “Let’s go?”

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After Lin Xia arrived at the canteen, Yi Shang was already there.
He took the seats where Lin Xia and Fang Qi sat last time.
The first thing he did was apologize to Lin Xia, looking innocent and sincere, “Sorry, it’s so late and I still made you come out to teach me math.”

Yi Shang’s not a math major, and he isn’t bad at math, but if it’s compared to Lin Xia, it can indeed be described as “bad”.

“No worries.
I used to help other students too, it’s nothing.”

Lin Xia often tutors his classmates in math, so when Yi Shang proposed to learn math.
Lin Xia didn’t have any other thoughts, he assumed that Yi Shang simply wanted to learn math.
He was even a little happy, because the first person Yi Shang thought of was him, not someone else.

“How many people are you tutoring?” Yi Shang’s eyes revealed some grievances.

Lin Xia wasn’t dense.
Hearing the tone of Yi Shang’s voice, his ears turn red.
At the same time.
He was afraid of being too full of himself, after all, straight men all act like this too.
Yi Shang might be saying this casually while he’s the one with an impure mind.

“Not many.” Lin Xia opened the textbook and answered back.

Yi Shang held his head with one hand and looked at Lin Xia sideways.
He said casually, “How about you tutor fewer people and tutor me more in the future?”

“If you want me to teach you, I will.” Lin Xia felt that his head was going to let out smoke, but he still responded to Yi Shang seriously.

“Okay, then it’s settled.
You must keep your word.” Yi Shang thought of the last time when they clearly said to run together in the morning, but Lin Xia blocked him the next second.

“Mn.” Lin Xia opened the textbook and just wanted to start studying as soon as possible.

Xiao Pang, Xiao Qian, and Xiao Zhao sat together to observe Lin Xia.
Great, both the cabbage and the pig1 were found.
It looked like the cabbage had even taken the initiative to let the pig have him.

Xiao Pang was the most affected, he even paused his diet and bought a midnight snack.
The three of them sat together as they ate and discussed Lin Xia.

When Lin Xia talks about math problems, he is completely immersed in them.
Yi Shang looked up and saw Lin Xia’s roommate, he poked at Lin Xia, and pointed to the left, “Aren’t those your roommates?”

“Hm?” Lin Xia looked in the direction of Yi Shang’s finger.
Of course those are his roommates.

They probably noticed something and must have followed him here.
Lin Xia quickly took out his phone and sent a message to the dorm group: Don’t mess around!!

Xiao Qian was the first to reply: Oh my, you’ve just yourself proven guilty.

Xiao Pang is still sad: Two exclamation marks!!!!! It’s the first time I’ve seen you so excited!!!

Xiao Zhao also replied: You are done for, you are in love, hahahahahahahaha

Xiao Qian: The wise don’t fall in love, you will become a fool.
This semester’s scholarship is mine!!

Lin Xia looked at the messages from his roommates, he was in a good mood and couldn’t help laughing: I will have both.

Xiao Pang was crying again: It’s over, it’s over, our little cutie Xiaxia is poisoned by Yi Shang [crying]

Xiao Zhao: Bruh!!! Xiao Pang!! Why are you more like a gay than Lin Xia!!

Xiao Qian: Seconded!!! Speak!! Do you have a crush on our dad!!

Xiao Pang: All of you die!!! The heck!!! I’m just afraid our dad will suffer!!!!!

Lin Xia: Are you guys competing to see who can use more exclamation marks?

“Chatting with your roommates?” Yi Shang was now accurate with all his guesses.

“Mn.” Lin Xia put down his phone.
Yi Shang probably didn’t see, right?

“Not going to say hello?”

“No, we’re from the same dorm, I can see them when I get back.” Lin Xia felt that taking Yi Shang over to greet them is a little weird.

“I don’t live in the same dorm as you guys though.” However, Yi Shang didn’t insist on saying hello, he just waved to Lin Xia’s roommates when they looked over.

When the roommates saw Yi Shang waving at them, they immediately became excited and rushed to wave at him, as if they were afraid people in the canteen wouldn’t see.

“Am I not good at tutoring?” Lin Xia looked at Yi Shang, just as a teacher would look at a naughty student.
“Which is why you were distracted enough to notice them.”

“No, you’re very good at tutoring.
If I had a teacher like you before, I would get full marks no matter what.” Yi Shang was afraid that Lin Xia would feel that he had wasted his teaching, so he quickly expressed, “Let’s continue.”

After listening to Yi Shang’s words, Lin Xia’s heart began to beat wildly again.
He held the pen tightly, cleared his throat, and tried to look natural, “Okay.”

After Lin Xia finished tutoring and returned to the dorm, he was faced with three pairs of eager eyes, waiting for Lin Xia to admit it.

Lin Xia put down his school bag and went directly to the bathroom.
After washing his hands, he slowly picked up a cup of water and drank it, but he didn’t speak.

“Quick, tell us.” Xiao Zhao scratched his cheeks and went forward to massage Lin Xia’s shoulder and back.

“It’s what you guys think.” Lin Xia was quite helpless and had to admit it.

“Shittttt!!! When did it happen? Did you just start liking him?” Xiao Qian immediately came over and surrounded him.

“I realize you guys are quite nosy?” Lin Xia was surrounded by several people, which covered a lot of light and felt a little oppressive.

“Men are the kings of nosy.” Xiao Qian stepped back, pulled over the stool, and sat down.
“How long have you liked him? What’s the latest progress? Have you confessed?”

“I have liked him since the first year of high school, we just became friends recently, and not yet.” Lin Xia answered one by one honestly.

“Holy shit!! We lived together for so long, how come I’ve never noticed?!!” Xiao Pang questioned his own EQ.

“Not to mention you, we also didn’t notice he liked Yi Shang for so long.” Xiao Zhao agreed.

“Yeah, I remember that you and Yi Shang had no interactions before.” Xiao Qian said to Lin Xia.

“Right, we just got in touch recently.”

Lin Xia felt that the beginning of all changes was the day he blocked Yi Shang on WeChat and confessed.
Perhaps it was a blessing from God, which gave him a lot of unexpected happiness.

On the other side, Yi Shang was in a good mood after returning to the dorm so he went to the small supermarket to get some snacks for his roommates.

“Seems like Yi-ge is in a good mood today?” Xiao Tang was the first to take a snack.

“Of course.” Yi Shang turned in his chair and faced his roommates.

“What made you so happy?” Xiao Tang asked.

Yi Shang was waiting for this question and quickly said, “Did you guys not realize?”

“Realize what?” Xiao Zhang also got hooked.

“Lin Xia, the handsome genius from the math department, he’s been pursuing me recently!” Yi Shang lifted his chin slightly, trying to hide his excitement.

“A guy!!” Lao Wang was shocked and looked at the other two roommates, who weren’t shocked at all.
Was he too slow? Too feudal?

“Is there a problem?” Yi Shang was very calm and didn’t think it was supposed to be surprising.

“It really would be shocking if it was someone else, but when it’s you, nothing’s shocking.” Xiao Tang was happily eating the delicious snacks Yi Shang bought.

“Haha.” Xiao Zhang rolled his eyes and answered Yi Shang’s words, “I feel like you’re the one sticking to him instead.”

“You don’t understand.” Yi Shang said with an expression of this young man isn’t worthy to be taught, “He’s pursuing me, I need to at least respond right? This is called love goes in both directions, not me sticking to him.”

“What do you mean I don’t understand? I dated more than you, okay?” Xiao Zhang said.
“I think it’s you who’s clinging to him.
You rejected so many people before, now it’s time for retribution.”

“Believe it or not.” Yi Shang didn’t want to say too much.
“We just need to break through one more thin layer.
Wait for my good news.”

The good news of Lin Xia and Yi Shang didn’t arrive before the bad news.

On Saturday, Lin Xia came back from tutoring as usual, but when he arrived at school, he felt the attention coming from many students.

Although growing up Lin Xia was always the center of attention in the crowd, but never like today.
Lin Xia felt like an animal in the zoo, being looked at with a critical eye.

He also received greetings from some friends on WeChat, basically all asking him how he was feeling, don’t worry, and so on.

After returning to the dorm that night, Xiao Pang, holding his phone, looked at Lin Xia with some care, “Lin Xia, have you seen the news on the Internet?”

“What news?” According to the messages his friend sent, he knew that something had happened, but he hadn’t had time to find out.

“You took photos with Yi Shang before, right? That group of photos became popular online.” Xiao Qian said.

People do admire the strong and simps for good looks.
Just the two labels of high education and high beauty are enough to attract some people’s attention.

“Mn, and then?” Lin Xia thought it would only attract attention in school.

“That Qi Shi, is he your high school classmate?” Xiao Zhao asked.

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