What about your girlfriend?

Lin Xia wanted to ask, but thought it was out of line and didn’t say anything.

However, his heart was still beating wildly because of what Yi Shang just said.
Lin Xia hated himself for being excited about a person that’s already in a relationship.
Fortunately, they won’t have any interactions after the photoshoot, and everything will return to how it was originally.

When they arrived at the lecture building, Yi Shang stopped the bike.
He said with smiling eyes, “As thanks for carrying you, how about you treat me to the crepes from the third canteen?”

After saying that, he ran to the lecture building on the other side, and didn’t forget to say one last time, “It’s a promise, message me on WeChat if anything comes up.”

“Ah?” Before Lin Xia could react, Yi Shang had already run away like a gust of wind.

Lin Xia looked at the way Yi Shang left with the sunlight.
For a moment, he seemed to see Yi Shang wearing a high school uniform.

“Damn! How can this person be more shameless than me?” Xiao Qian complained with the voice of a broken gong, then said softly to Lin Xia, “Bring me one too.”

“I know right! His face is bigger than mine1.” Xiao Zhao also followed, “Me as well.”

“Can’t be helped.
Who can refuse a handsome guy?” Xiao Pang shook his buzz cut head, as if he was talking about himself, then smiled at Lin Xia.
“I want it tomorrow too.”

Lin Xia couldn’t help laughing.
These clown roommates really added a lot of fun to his dull college life.

“Shit bro! Don’t people normally say ‘who can refuse a beautiful woman’ instead? Are you gay, Xiao Pang?” Xiao Zhao hooked Xiao Pang’s neck.

“If I were gay, I would do you first.” Xiao Pang winked at Xiao Zhao.

“It’s not certain who’s doing who.” Xiao Zhao wasn’t willing to be outdone.

“You two get out of here, acting so dirty this early in the morning.” Xiao Qian dragged Lin Xia to the lecture building.
“Let’s go, it’s shameful walking with them.”

When Lin Xia heard the jokes made by his two roommates, he realized that only straight men can be so frank.
Then he thought of how he was moved by Yi Shang’s words alone, he couldn’t help but find it a little funny.

In Yi Shang’s view, it’s just normal interactions between ordinary school mates.
Yet it turned him into such a mess.

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Before going to bed that night, Lin Xia received a WeChat message from Yi Shang: Don’t forget my breakfast.

After an entire day of no contact, the first thing he mentioned was breakfast, it gave Lin Xia the feeling that Yi Shang was a person who loves to eat.

Lin Xia also felt self-conscious about it and replied: Got it, how do I give it to you tomorrow?

Yi Shang replied right away: Wanna run in the morning? Then we’ll go to the canteen together after.

Lin Xia looked at Yi Shang’s reply and fell into deep thought.
How did bringing him breakfast turn into going there together?

Yi Shang sent: Any objections?

Lin Xia replied: None.

Yi Shang: OK, which sports field do you want to meet at?

Lin Xia has never seen Yi Shang run, so he replied according to his usual practice: The one near the second canteen.

Yi Shang replied: Sure, no problem.
See you at 7 tomorrow morning.

Lin Xia didn’t know what to reply, so he answered one word dryly: OK.

Yi Shang sent another message: Is that where you usually like to run?

Lin Xia: Mn.

Yi Shang: I’ve always been running here near the dormitory, no wonder I’ve never seen you.

Lin Xia typed, then deleted, and finally replied with an: Oh.

Yi Shang looked at Lin Xia’s reply in the chat interface, three single words in a row.
Does he actually like him?

He quickly scrolled up to read what Lin Xia sent before and made sure that Lin Xia likes him.
It’s just that the way he likes someone is really strange.

At the same time, Lin Xia was also looking at their chat history.

The above messages were all him talking to himself, and below were their conversations going back and forth.
Amazing, it looks as if he had really confessed to Yi Shang, and Yi Shang had accepted it.
He felt as if fireworks were set off in his heart.

He covered himself with the blanket, then recited Yi Shang is in a relationship several times and forced himself to suppress his joy.

Maybe because he had quite a lot of interactions with Yi Shang today, Lin Xia dreamed of Yi Shang in high school that night.
The Yi Shang in his dream was wearing an ordinary blue and white school uniform, yet it was the best scene in Lin Xia’s memory.

After school, the sky was dyed orangish pink by the setting sun.
The evening breeze was very comfortable as Lin Xia biked back slowly by himself.

Yi Shang and a group of classmates passed by Lin Xia on their bikes.
Because of the speed, the hem of his school uniform was blown up by the wind.
When they passed Lin Xia, the hem hit Lin Xia’s arm.
Yi Shang also felt it, he turned back and smiled, “Sorry buddy.”

After that, he and his friends rode away in jokes and laughter, disappearing into the crowd.

Lin Xia silently said in his heart: Pay attention to safety, be careful.

When the alarm rang, Lin Xia opened his eyes.
The image of Yi Shang riding past him in his school uniform still drifted in his mind, as if he could still smell the scent of the detergent on Yi Shang’s school uniform.

Back then, he even went to the supermarket to smell all the laundry detergents just so he could have the same scent as Yi Shang.
As if doing so would make their relationship closer, even if Yi Shang never knew him.

After turning off the alarm, Lin Xia suddenly laughed silently.
No wonder Yi Shang never carried anyone before.
His bike didn’t even have a back seat.

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