Chapter 8 – Can you stand up? (2)

“Hmm?” The man on the front passenger seat didn’t open his eyes, but just responded faintly.

He was wearing a black suit, and the buttons of his white shirt under the suit were unbuttoned two times, and the hem of his shirt was also casually bent.

On his right wrist, he wore a silver black wristwatch with long, slender fingers and fingertips as white as jade.

A man’s sitting posture is very casual, but still could not hide his inherent dignity.

Obviously, he was young and had an excessively handsome face, but he had a formidable power, as if he were an emperor holding the power of life and death.

“Why do you choose a word that sounds like an ancient person?” Shen Xingyun laughed, “Or is it that your Yu family has strict etiquette? You have to abide by the rules of the old ancestors?”

“But I’ve seen those noble young masters in Sijiucheng were not as strict as you.
Do you think I call your name Xiheng, or your courtesy name1 Shiyan?”

1Courtesy name: A courtesy name is a name traditionally given to Chinese men at the age of 20, marking their coming of age.
It was sometimes given to women, usually upon marriage.The practice is no longer common in modern Chinese society.

Yu Xiheng still closed his eyes: “I’m used to it, call me whatever you want.”

Shen Xingyun chuckled and said, “Previously, you said you were strict in etiquette, but now it seems that you are not that strict anymore.”

As he spoke, he pressed a number and said, “Shiyan, I’ll call over there again to confirm about the time.”

Yu Xiheng nodded his head, still closing his eyes.

The next second, his ears twitched and his eyes suddenly opened.

That was a pair of extremely beautiful Rui Feng eyes, the end of the eyes were long and narrow.
There was a divine light that was reserved, distant and deep.

Rui Feng Eyes: Eyes with elongated eyes and pupils closer to the corners of the eyes.

As far as the eye could see, there was a six or seven year old girl standing in the middle of the road, looking confused.

Just ahead, a large truck suddenly made a sharp turn and was about to hit her.

Yu Xiheng’s eyes moved slightly and raised his finger.

“Be careful!”

A voice rang at this moment, a very familiar female voice. 

These two words gave his hand a pause.

Yu Xiheng’s tilted his head, his calm gaze fell on the Si Fuqing, who was one step ahead of him, stirred up his emotion slightly.

He saw her pick up the little girl and roll her on the ground, and the next second, the truck hurtled past.

The crisis was lifted in the nick of time.

Seeing that both of them were safe, he withdrew his gaze and closed his eyes again.

The hidden weapon between his fingers also disappeared instantly.

In front of the black car, Si Fuqing released the little girl and looked at her left hand.

The wound opened up again and oozed blood.

One word, miserable.

Si Fuqing touched the little girl’s head with her right hand: “Next time, don’t run around, okay?”

The little girl was obviously frightened, and she froze on the spot, unable to recover.
Tears kept falling.


In the past, others would run away when they saw her, but she was not good at coaxing children.

“Hurry up and find your family.” Si Fuqing asked again, “Do you know the way?”

The little girl nodded in confusion, but her tears grew worse.
She pointed to her hand and said in a crying voice, “Blood, sister, blood…”

“It’s okay, just a little injury.” Si Fuqing used her right hand on the ground to stand up and smiled, “Little friend, be sure to pay attention to safety.
Next time, there will be no me, a beautiful and lovely sister to save you.”

The little girl was stunned again, staring at her blankly.

Si Fuqing stood up.

However, her legs were a little numb from the previous movement and she immediately froze, and couldn’t help but take a few steps backwards.


An arm caught her waist in time.

The man’s thighs were warm, slender and strong.

Si Fuqing could clearly feel the kind of tightness wrapped under the suit pants, and the explosive power hidden inside.

His body, however, was extremely cold, like a frozen soul without any temperature, as if the whole body was made of ice.

A second later, a male voice fell from the top of her head.

The tone of his voice was low, the ending sound was cold.

 “Can you stand up?”


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