Chapter 7 – Can you stand up? (1)

“Si Fuqing!” Zuo Tianfeng shouted angrily, “Yesterday you had that attitude towards your aunt, I didn’t even bother you about it, and today you still dare to come, do you really want to rebel against us?!”

Zuo Qingya stopped crying and stared at Si Fu Qing blankly.

After a while, she angrily said: “Okay, Si Fuqing, when Grandpa was here, you pretended to be a good girl.
When he is gone, you show your true colors.
You’re really good at pretending!”

If old man Zuo knew that Si Fuqing had such a personality, would he still spoil her?

“Not bad.” Si Fuqing clapped her hands.
“That’s a good reason, thank you.”

She was worried about being unable to explain why her character had changed drastically.

Very good, she used to pretend.

“Don’t make me say it twice.” Zuo Tianfeng’s anger intensified, “Take out everything in the bag!”

Si Fuqing shook the bag in her hand, with a smile on her face: ” If you have the ability, you can get it yourself.”

Just like in the early morning, she walked out the door triumphantly.

Zuo Tianfeng was so pissed that he smashed a glass.

“Father!” Zuo Qingya began to cry again, “You didn’t care about me when she treated me like that just now, then who is your daughter?”

“Why are you crying?” Zuo Tianfeng was extremely annoyed.
“Go back to studying quickly.
I won’t say anything to you anymore if you are better than your sister.”

Zuo Qingya stomped her foot and ran away in anger.

“Go check in her room.” Zuo Tianfeng was coldly angry and instructed the housekeeper, “What was taken away?”

The butler answered and hurried upstairs.

After more than ten minutes, he came down and respectfully said, “Master, after checking everything, jewelry, bank cards and other valuables were all there.
Only one book is missing from the bookshelf, but she bought all those books herself.”

Zuo Tianfeng frowned and said: “What book?”

“It’s just a biography of an Emperor,” said the butler hurriedly.
“The biography of Emperor Yin, which is often sold in bookstores, and also a required reading book for junior and senior high schools.”

Zuo Tianfeng immediately lost interest and waved his hand.

In fact, if Si Fuqing took more than a hundred thousand, he would not say much.
After all, old man Zuo had raised her for so many years.

He didn’t expect her to take only one book.

Surely enough, she would never be able to get on the stage.

It was just one book that was taken away, and Zuo Tianfeng didn’t care about it.
He hurried back to his study room to get some documents, then went out again.”.


At 5:00 p.m.
The sun was setting in the west.

Between layers of white clouds, there was a burst of red gold light, like a red fire lit inside a white lantern.

The wind suddenly blew, and the clouds rolled and rushed like the waves of the sea.

Si Fuqing was walking down the street, just wanting to place a bowl, sit down, and knock on a wooden fish.

Wooden fish/ mùyú: a type of woodblock that originated from East Asia that is used by monks and lay people in the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism.
Wooden fish are often used in rituals usually involving the recitation of sutras, mantras, or other Buddhist texts.

She was really poor.

After using the money from her personal bank card to rent a small apartment ten kilometers from the city center, she had only one thousand and five hundred left.

It was too miserable for a celebrity to be in this situation.

In a few days, she would be so poor that she couldn’t even afford a Coke.

This was not good.

Moreover, she still needed to find a way to see the body of old man Zuo.

Si Fuqing frowned, she looked at the time and went to the supermarket across the road to buy daily necessities.

Up ahead, a pure black car was parked there.

No license plate, and not even a logo.

Shen Xingyun came out of the convenience store beside and opened the car’s door.
“Shiyan, I have news.”

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