Chapter 4 – The First Encounter (2)

There was only a layer of clothing between her and him, and a stream of warmth came through steadily.

“Your wrist was injured, you are not my opponent.” He tightened his grip on her right wrist.
“If we keep this up, I don’t know what I’ll do.” 

There was no joy nor anger in his eyes, the ripples weren’t shaken, as if any sudden accident would not move him emotionally.

But there was a strong tension and aggressiveness.

Si Fuqing blinked, her emotions didn’t change, slowly said: “Okay.”

“Thank you for today’s incident, Miss.”  The man paused and released his hand, his voice was calm and powerful.
“If I’m lucky enough to meet you again in the future, I will come to thank you.”

He came and went without a sound.

The smell of blood then dissipated.
Si Fuqing only then turned on the lights in the car.

She lowered her head and looked into her palm.

A metal object as thin as a cicada’s wing1 glowed faintly in the dark night.

1cicada’s wing: The wings of cicadas.
Often used as a metaphor for very light and thin things.

Although she didn’t win against him, she got something from him.

The Daxia Empire was divided into numerous divisions of forces.
But the Zhongzhou Mohist School2 was the most famous force.

2Mohist School of the Warring States Period (475-220 BC), founded by the philosopher 墨子 Mo Zi.
It was located at Zhongzhou/Central of China.

Mohist family, an aristocratic family that was dominant at Zhongzhou with their mechanism and concealed weapon.

It had been passed down to the present day and had a history of thousands of years.

Si Fuqing was thinking thoughtfully.

In her previous life, although she was Daxia’s pure bloodline, she had not been to Daxia much.  A lot of the information came from the intelligence network established by her second senior brother and some friends she met online.

But whether that man was a Mohist or not had nothing to do with her. 

What he said was right, her current physical strength was too weak.

“He also spoke in an elegant manner, I thought he was an ancient person3.” Si Fuqing collected her thoughts and put the concealed weapon into her pocket.
“It’s troublesome to communicate with someone who has so many enemies.
Who wants to meet you again.”

3ancient person/古代人 gǔ dài rén: people who lived in ancient times.

She took her last sip of Coke, then raised her hand to toss it into a distant trash can.
She sat quietly on the car seat for a while before starting the car to leave.


8:00 a.m at Zuo’s house.

Old man Zuo’s funeral was still being arranged.
Both Zuo Tian Bei and Mrs.
Zuo were not home, only a few juniors were left in the Zuo family.

“Second sister, we can use this time to drive Si Fuqing out.” Zuo Qingya stirred the coffee in the cup.
“I was angry when I saw Grandpa treating her well.
What exactly is her identity? Is it worth being so kind to a person with a different surname?”

“She even went to the entertainment industry, it’s really ridiculous.
The number of people in the entertainment industry who criticized her had all lined up overseas.
Doesn’t she have any self-awareness?”

Zuo Qingya was very clear about Si Fuqing’s reputation in the entertainment industry.

Too bad to be any worse, a celebrity who couldn’t do anything.
You couldn’t even see her face, how could she gain any popularity?

Sometimes when she has the intentions, she would specially hire a group of water army4 to harm Si Fuqing.

4water army: a group of users who are paid to post online comments with interest on Chinese language websites.
They post news, comments, gossip and disinformation on online platforms like Weibo, WeChat and Taobao, China’s eBay-like platform.

Zuo Qingya, as the third young lady of the Zuo family, was not interested in the entertainment industry, and would not watch any talent shows.
But after she heard that Si Fuqing made a fool of herself in “Youth”, she specifically downloaded it to watch.

Seeing netizens scolding Si Fuqing, she was happy.

Zuo Xianyu did not comment on this, just said: “Speak less5.”

5speak less/ 少说两句 shǎo shuō liǎng jù: It means to tell you not to continue talking, maybe what you said earlier offended others.

She said this, of course, not to defend Si Fuqing, but because Si Fuqing was not worthy of her attention.  


Author’s Notes:

When two people meet, they fight, as expected:)

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