Yun Shi explained: “It’s not just us, it’s the whole of Xingshan County, and even the whole of Taizhou Prefecture.
The harvest has been bad in these past two years, so naturally our Zhuangzi farm in Xingshan County is no exception.”

“However, Ruo’er don’t have to worry too much, our family’s condition is not that bad.
With your father’s salary and some savings in the family, life indeed has become a bit difficult, but it’s not that difficult to survive.
It’s just that the people are suffering.
The Pirates had caused so many troubles these years, and coupled with a bad year of harvest, it made things worse.
These days, life is becoming increasingly difficult.”

Seeing that the groundwork was almost done, Wei Ruo asked about the saline-alkali land in the south of the city.

“Mother, the wasteland south of the city is still empty.
If we can plant crops, it should be able to solve the food problem for many people.”

Yun Shi smiled and shook her head, “It’s good that you’re thinking of your family, but that wasteland outside the city is so desolate that weeds can’t even grow a few roots, because the soil there is so bad that nothing grows.”

“Mother, when I was at Mojiazha, there was an old granny there who taught me how to grow crops on barren and desolate land, so maybe it would work on the wasteland south of the city.”

“The condition of these different barren lands are different.
Xingshan County is close to the sea, and as the elderly know, planting crops on the land near the sea is not viable.
This is different from the land you had in Mojiazha.”

“Maybe that method will work too? Mother, if we can grow crops on barren land, we can feed a lot more people, and it would be a commendable achievement that is very useful to Father’s career.”

When Wei Mingting’s career was mentioned, Yun Shi’s expression changed.

But after thinking for a while, she still felt that the feasibility of her idea is not high.

“Ruo’er, your idea is very good, but this matter is really not that simple……”

“It’s true it’s not easy, but Mother, even if we fail, we have nothing to lose.
We will let everyone know that our Wei family is working hard so  everyone won’t starve, which is another gain for us.” Wei Ruo analyzed the pros and cons to Yun Shi.

When Yun Shi thought about it carefully, it did seem to be such a case.
For the Wei family, fame was an important thing, and if they could gain the love and support of the people, it would be extremely beneficial for her husband’s promotion.

Moreover, due to the lack of significant progress in the resistance against Pirates aggression, the Imperial Court was already quite dissatisfied with many generals in Xingshan County.
Recently, news has spread that a group of generals in Xingshan County will be dismissed.

This had also led to her husband not returning home these days and nights, thinking of ways to solve the problem of Pirates Invaders.

Yun Shi was somewhat persuaded.

After pondering about it, Yun Shi said to Wei Ruo: “Mother can’t decide on this matter.
When your father returns, I will talk to him and let him make the decision.”

“Okay.” Wei Ruo also knew that Wei Mingting had to make the decision if this matter was to be carried out.


At the dinner Wei Mingting still did not appear, he had not shared dinner with everyone for ten days in a row.

Counting the first meeting, Wei Ruo had only met him four times so far, and each time he had not said more than a few words.

She thought there was still no chance to talk to Wei Mingting about the wasteland in the south of the city today.
However, before Wei Ruo fell asleep, Cuiping came to deliver a message to Yun Shi, asking Wei Ruo to go to Cangyun Garden, saying that her father wanted to see her.

Wei Ruo dressed neatly again and went to Cangyun Garden, where she saw Wei Mingting whom she had not seen for a long time.

He still looked serious and stern, but more worn out than when she first met him.
He also had an additional injury on his arm, which was wrapped in a white cloth.
It seemed that he had been injured for several days.

“I just heard from your mother that you have a way to grow crops on the wasteland in the south of the city, is it true?” Wei Mingting asked.

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