He propped his chin and looked through the tea mist at Si Fuqing, who was eating duck meat with her cheeks puffed out.

Casually thinking, when she was eating, she was like a little fox.

“Boss, I’m going to look around.” Si Fuqing finished eating and blinked, “I’ll get you some medicine.”

It was not on a whim that she said she would treat Yu Xiheng.

After all, there were not many diseases in this world that she considered difficult and complicated.

Yu Xiheng nodded: “Go.”

“Need to be reimbursed.”


Si Fuqing then went away very cheerfully.

Yu Xiheng put down his teacup and looked up: “Go and settle the bill.”

Feng San: “……”

Although it was true that he had the bank card on him, the difference between the before and after was huge, wasn’t it?



At a hotel.

Feng San checked everything carefully and walked in quietly: “Ninth Brother, Miss Si said she will come back soon.”

Yu Xiheng was reading a book, and when he heard this, he only nodded slightly.

When Feng San saw that he had nothing to do, he thought for a while, then quietly took out his mobile phone and opened the video software.

Ever since learning that Si Fuqing was working as a mentor in , he had gathered a lot of information.

But some of the proper nouns and abbreviations in the entertainment industry went over his head and he failed to learn them after half a day, which was more tiring than having him practice martial arts.

The theme song of came on, and the high notes exploded instantly.
Feng San was so frightened that he immediately pressed the mute button.

But it was too late.

Yu Xiheng raised his eyes: “What are you watching?”

Feng San jolted and a cold sweat broke out on his back, “……watching Miss Si’s show.”

It was over.
During his work period, he wasn’t doing his job during work and even watched talent shows.
He was going to be kicked back by the Ninth Brother.

Unexpectedly, Yu Xiheng slightly raised his chin: “Project it onto the screen.”

Feng San: “???”

He repeatedly confirmed that his ear was still working properly and was in a daze for a while before turning on the projector and connecting his phone.

Numerous comment pop-ups instantly covered the screen.

[Brother Yan, I’m here!]

[Brother Yan is always awesome, he has already dumped someone with 10 million votes.
Who is the last C position? Hasn’t someone figured it out yet?]

[Ah so annoying to see Si Fuqing again, can we cut her out of the shot! I don’t want to see her!]

[When will Si Fuqing die? If it wasn’t for her, would my brother’s popularity have deteriorated?

Half of the comment pop-ups were praising Lu Yan, and the other half was crazily cursing Si Fuqing.

“I’ll turn off the comment pop-ups right now.” Feng San frowned, “Ninth Brother, I’ve searched, and these people are called keyboard warriors*, they’re all mindless and filthy stuff.”

*Keyboard warriors: Keyboard man is an online term that refers to a group of people who occupy a moral high ground online and publish ‘personal justice’ and ‘personal comments’.

They can also be derived from avoiding social groups in daily life.
Once separated from the crowd and facing the computer alone, typing on the keyboard or conducting online comments and chats on the phone, they can freely talk and laugh, and criticize various aspects of society.

No need.
“Yu Xiheng said, “I’ll look.”

His expression remained motionless, but the light in his eyes slowly faded.

Hearing Yu Xiheng’s words, Feng San didn’t turn it off.

[Here we are, let’s see how Si Fuqing made a fool of herself.]

[Every time I see Si Fuqing on the show, I always feel conflicted.
I don’t want to see her ugly face, but I also want to see her make a fool of herself.]

[Is no one curious about her bare face? When can we take her makeup off? Is she really too ugly to be seen?]

The comment pop-ups had been in a state of mockery.

But when Si Fuqing gave Mu Ye an “F” rating, the fans exploded.

[Si Fuqing, can you really get out of there? What did you do for a good talent show?]

[Brother Mu is so good.
Si Fuqing, you can’t sing or dance, why do you give him an F?]

[If Si Fuqing can’t give a reason today, I’ll send her some gory stuffs later [smile][smile]]

On the screen, the girl turned the microphone with a calm and composed expression.

[Si Fuqing is about to answer, laugh, I’ll see what you say.]

[Attention ahead!]

Author’s Notes:
Yu·Double Standard·Xi Heng
Feng San :  )

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