She supported her head, slowly sat up on the bed, and calmed her breathing a little.

Si Fuqing didn’t think this dream was baffling.

Instead, it resolved her daytime confusion.

She pondered for a few seconds, sorting out the whole truth of the matter.

For the sake of the Zuo family, the old man Zuo took away her luck.

No wonder old man Zuo entered the hospital just before she regained consciousness.

Because her awakening made it impossible for old man Zuo to take her luck anymore, he suffered a serious backlash.

He ended up dying straightaway.

Si Fuqing also remembered one thing.

Not long ago, old man Zuo said that he would distribute the Zuo family’s company to her, and even showed her the will specifically so that she could stay in the Zuo family with peace of mind, presumably for the sake of her luck.

However, due to sudden illness and death, even old man Zuo did not expect it himself, there was no time to change his will again.

It was kinda funny.

Si Fuqing’s eyes turned cold.

As expected, old man Zuo only brought her to the Zuo family for the sake of her luck.

It was true that he adopted her, and he also took good care of her.

But when she was bullied by Zuo Zonghe, Zuo Qingya and the others, the old man Zuo ignored it.

Pretending to be good on the surface, but caused her more trouble.

Her fifth senior brother, who was an Onmyoji, had said that people who had their luck taken away from them would suffer physical damage or have their careers declined.

In short, anything bad would happen.

For example, there was a small probability of choking to death when swallowing one’s own saliva.

Therefore, this kind of method was also wicked in the Onmyoji family, and it was once forcibly banned.
She didn’t expect to see it in such a far away place as Lincheng.

Si Fuqing raised her eyebrows.


She needed to get someone to look into it.

Putting away her thoughts, Si Fuqing simply washed up and went out.

Yu Xiheng and Feng San were already sitting at the dining table, there were freshly baked buns, hot porridge, and a few simple side dishes on the table.

Si Fuqing did not make any formalities, and after saying hello, she sat down to enjoy breakfast happily.

The world was boundless, and eating was the best.

Looking at her scruffy hair, Feng San’s forehead twitched.

Whether in Zhongzhou or Sijiucheng, it took several hours for the celebrity ladies to put on make-up and dress up when they met Yu Xiheng, and they were afraid of something inappropriate happening.

But it was also true that he had never seen anyone more beautiful than Si Fuqing.

After eating, Feng San carried the luggages onto the car.

Si Fuqing followed Yu Xiheng to sit in the back seat.

The air was cool in the morning, she could smell the faint fragrance of moonlight osmanthus on his body again, exuding a hint of enchantment.

There was an open case on the front seat, and there were three human skin masks inside.
Yu Xiheng said and gestured: “Put them on later.”

“Well, it’s so troublesome to wear a mask.” Si Fuqing took it and sighed, “It’s better to change yourself.”

Feng San, who was driving, his hands shaking: “Change yourself?”

“Yeah, speaking of it, I know him.” Si Fuqing said while wearing it, “He can turn into whoever he sees, even his irises and fingerprints can become exactly the same.
We call him a shapeshifter.”

“……Miss Si, have you watched too many fantasy movies?”

Was this still a human being?

“That’s nothing.” Si Fuqing supported her chin and smiled, “I also know someone who has the ability to steal memories.
If you meet her, you must run quickly.”

Feng San’s expression suddenly changed.

Si Fuqing withdrew her smile and said seriously: “Sorry for teasing you, I did watch a movie about genetic mutations last night.”


He almost believed it.

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