Zuo Xianyu did not grow up close to old man Zuo and did not have a deep relationship with him.
But she also felt bad for him.

Doting on someone with a different surname, and being confused enough to give away the family properties to her.
What did you get in the end?

Zuo Xianyu had always looked down on Si Fuqing, but she could not help but to feel jealous that that old man Zuo was so nice to Si Fuqing.

After so many years, even if you raised a dog, you would have feelings for it, right?

If old man Zuo knew that Si Fuqing was so cold-blooded and heartless, would he rest in peace?

Si Fuqing’s eyelashes drooped slightly, and she pushed Zuo Xianyu’s hand away.

She smiled lightly and flamboyantly, but her eyes had a hint of anger in them: “Did you touch me?”

Zuo Xianyu’s complexion changed slightly and she took a step back.

“Who are you to be disappointed in me? How many drinks have you had?” Si Fuqing closed the coffin lid, put her hands in her pockets.
“Don’t bother me, take care of the Zuo family, beware it might be gone.”

Hearing these words, Zuo Xianyu laughed in anger for the first time: ”Si Fuqing, do you know what you are saying? And in front of grandpa? Do you still know how to write the word ‘filial piety’*?”

*Filial piety refers to the affirmation of the authority of parents in order to repay the parental upbringing, as to obey the instructions and orders of parents and act according to the wishes of parents.

“Do you think that we will not cancel the adoption agreement if you leave?”

The Zuo family was an aristocratic family in Lincheng, who could mess with them?

What outrageous words to say, it was really ridiculous.

“I’m well aware of that.
As for the adoption agreement, don’t worry, I will cancel it.” Si Fuqing tilted her head and smiled lazily.
“You have to know, it’s me who doesn’t want anything to do with it.”

With that she left and silence fell in the funeral hall.

Zuo Xianyu stood still, her eyebrows furrowed tightly, clearly angry.

The curator looked at the situation for a while, and only then stepped forward: “Miss Xianyu, don’t be angry.
The old man has been wise all of his life, but he can be confused in his old age.
It’s not worth fussing with such people.”

Zuo Xianyu took a deep breath and pressed her temples: “Grandpa has indeed misjudged her, so that’s good.
The faster we see her true colors, the faster we stay away from her.”

She would not care about Si Fuqing’s life or death.

But the 2 billion that was taken away by Si Fuqing, was bound to be taken back.

Zuo Xianyu no longer had sympathy left for Si Fuqing.

She bowed to the funeral hall, and said faintly, “Grandpa, you are kind to her, but she is ungrateful.
Don’t worry, this debt, I will help you get it back.”

After burning incense, the curator personally sent Zuo Xianyu out, and couldn’t help shaking his head.

Zuo was really blind, how could he have adopted such an ungrateful person like Si Fuqing?

Fortunately, the Zuo family had already seen the true colors of Si Fuqing, and he also needed to remind others to stay away from Si Fuqing.


Here, Si Fuqing returned to the training base and continued to watch the trainees practicing dancing.

It was already 7 o’clock when she got off work.

Si Fuqing came out of the base, rubbed her waist, and was about to scan the QR code to drive when she heard a horn sound.

She turned her head and saw the familiar white car parked behind her.

Feng San poked his head out of the car window, respectfully said: “Miss Si, Ninth Brother asked me to pick you up.”

“Wow, the boss is so generous.” Si Fuqing raised her eyebrows, and walked forward, unhurriedly, “His employee benefits are so good, he is really a good boss that people love.”

Feng San hesitated for a moment and didn’t answer this sentence.

But after a few seconds, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

How come he wasn’t treated this well as an employee?

When he followed Yu Xiheng, he didn’t see anyone specifically driving to pick him up.

Si Fuqing looked out the window, narrowed her eyes, and said slowly: “This is not the way to my apartment.”

“Well, Ninth Brother said he will leave at 4:30 tomorrow.” Feng San said, “So tonight Miss Si is staying at Ninth Brother’s place.”

Si Fuqing put away her smile, with a blank expression: “Four, thirty?”

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