At this point, he paused and did not continue.

Yu Xiheng had never been short of secret agents and assassins who wanted to kill him.

Coincidentally, this type of people were also very good at disguise.

After all, Si Fuqing’s skill was too intimidating.

Although his favor towards Si Fuqing had been increasing, Feng San was still very worried.

“Don’t worry.” Yu Xiheng’s eyebrows gently moved, as if he was smiling, “Once the money is in place, she will come.”


His ninth brother really understood Miss Si.

“Go pick her up tonight.” Yu Xiheng said calmly, “We will leave at 4:30 tomorrow morning.
Xingyun has already contacted her, so we can go straight there when the time comes.”

Feng San said seriously: “Yes.”

Going to Yancheng to see a Shaman was a big deal this time.
Whether it was Sijiucheng or Zhongzhou, they needed to keep it hidden.

But even so, a few rumors had leaked out, and he did not know how many dangers they would face along the way.

Feng San sighed lightly, wondering when his Ninth Brother’s legs would heal.


At exactly 1:30, Zuo Xianyu’s car arrived at the funeral parlor.

There was a coffin carved with golden cedar in the center of the funeral hall, with a photo of old man Zuo above it.

Si Fuqing stood at the door, only taking a glance, and felt a natural sense of exclusion.


She narrowed her fox eyes slightly, but still walked forward to give the old man Zuo three sticks of incense*.

*Three sticks of incense :  it signifies prayers for the deceased person.
It is also a sign of respect.

When the curator heard that someone from the Zuo family had arrived, he immediately came out to greet them personally: “So it’s Miss Xianyu, do you have any request? All the things needed for the old man’s funeral are all in place.”

“Qingqing wants to come and see Grandpa.” Zuo Xianyu said softly, “That’s why we need to open the coffin.”

“Open the coffin?” Hearing this, the curator frowned immediately, and looked at Si Fuqing with a bit of resistance.

Anyone who had been in contact with the Zuo family knows how good Mr.
Zuo is to Si Fuqing.
He would give her whatever she wants.

Now that Mr.
Zuo was gone, Si Fuqing was still restless and wanted to disturb his rest.

He really raised an ungrateful person.

But since Zuo Xianyu had spoken, the curator could only obey and ordered the coffin to be opened.

A funeral director had long ago arranged for old man Zuo’s remains and changed his clothes.

Si Fuqing stepped forward, her eyebrows furrowed.

Old man Zuo died of illness, but his facial features… indeed, were depleted of his ‘luck’.

She didn’t deliberately study facial expressions feng shui, but she learned some superficial knowledge from her fifth senior brother when she was bored in school.

She could easily know the simple ones.

Si Fuqing bowed her head, her eyes carrying a few moments of deep thought.

Luck was very important.

After a dynasty’s luck had run out, it was time for destruction.

Just like there has always been popular legends saying that if it weren’t for the appearance of Emperor Yin, the Daxia Dynasty would have had its luck and been destroyed long ago.

Some people were rich and prosperous, while the others were poor and miserable throughout their lives, also because of different luck.

She remembered that her fifth senior brother said that luck can be taken away.

However, taking away luck was against natural principles, so there would also be corresponding punishments.

The old man Zuo’s death from illness was clearly due to a backlash.

Whose luck did he take?

Si Fuqing’s fox eyes narrowed slightly and slightly bent down to take a closer look, then suddenly a hand grabbed her shoulder.

“Among the few of us, grandfather liked you the most, now that grandfather is gone, you are also the one who wants to come to see grandfather.
I thought you were coming to pay your respects, but what are you doing now?” Zuo Xianyu spoke coldly, “Si Fuqing, I’m so disappointed in you.”

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