Chapter 037 – Yu Xiheng : Go pick her up (1)

This was something that Mu Ye didn’t want to see.

In today’s evaluation, not only did he fail to make a fool of Si Fuqing, but instead he was tossed to the F class, and he had no chance of performing the theme song.

Now he could say that he has a deep hatred towards Si Fuqing.

But Si Fuqing was indeed a stepping stone to increase the popularity of , and was of great use to Tianle Media and the program, so Mu Ye could not act yet.

Otherwise, he would have taught her a lesson.

Mu Ye clenched his fists, his eyes were cold.

A blind cat meets a dead mouse*.

*a metaphor for trying to be brave but succeeding by chance.

Lu Yan squinted his eyes, there was some doubt in his eyes, but he remained calm: “We should just concentrate on training, no matter how much she rebels, can she get out of the company’s control?”

After hearing this, Mu Ye smiled: “The company will not allow the program to fail.”

Tianle Media was the leading entertainment company in the Daxia Empire, approximately grasping one-third of the entertainment industry.

If Si Fuqing left Tianle Media, she would not be able to work in the entertainment industry at all.

Moreover, he heard that Si Fuqing and the company had signed the most aggressive terms, a 100 million penalty fee for terminating the contract.
Even if she was sold, she could not afford to pay.

Si Fuqing could never think of leaving Tianle Media in this lifetime.

Mu Ye’s mood was finally better, and he was about to continue practicing the dance when he heard Lu Yan coldly say: “What’s the matter with your evaluation today?”

Mu Ye’s expression stiffened, and he quickly explained: “Brother Yan, I just didn’t expect that Si Fuqing would happen to notice my vocal range.”

“That’s also because your own capability is not good enough.” Lu Yan frowned.
“Originally you were in class A and we kept an eye on Xie Yu together.
But now it’s just me alone.”

Mu Ye pursed his lips.

After the first episode of the program was broadcasted, Tianle Media gave them a death order*.
They must not let Xie Yu get the top three positions.

*Death order: an order that must be executed and cannot be defied.

However, Xie Yu’s popularity was too strong, almost unparalleled.

Even though Lu Yan already had a large number of fans before returning to China and got the help from Tianle Media’s marketing, he barely passed Xie Yu.

Mu Ye couldn’t even imagine how much Xie Yu’s fans would grow after the program aired for a few more episodes.

“Okay, you should go to class F and keep an eye on Xu Xiyun, he is close to Xie Yu.” Lu Yan pointed out, “Xie Yu seems to quite respect him.”

We could not touch Xie Yu, now could we not mess with Xu Xiyun too?

Hearing these words, Mu Ye was reluctant, but he pinched his palm and could only agree: “Yes, Brother Yan.”


Here, Feng San, who just received an accurate report, hesitated a little before speaking with a serious expression: “Ninth Brother, do you really not want to check again?”

The Si Fuqing they saw was so different from the one described in the report, to the point that it seems like they were describing a different person.

But he could also be sure that she was definitely not using any disguise technique or other high technology.

If Si Fuqing was hiding before, she was not hiding too deep.

They needed to change their intelligence network.

Feng San had already begun to imagine the scenes of several other brothers being beaten up.

Yu Xiheng took the teacup and turned it around, calmly saying: “’Use people without doubt, don’t use suspicious people’*.
Since I employ her, I won’t investigate.”

*Use people without doubt, don’t use suspicious people: if you employ someone, don’t doubt them, and if you doubt them, don’t employ them.

Feng San pursed his lips: “Ninth Brother, what if Miss Si is……”

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