Chapter 31 – Who do you think you are? (1)

“Okay, let’s continue with this.” The producer lit a cigarette.
“Time is almost up, prepare to record.”

Ten minutes later, at the evaluation room.

In the lounge, another dance mentor, Lin Qingyan, glanced at the vacant seat beside her: “Ms.
Si in a person won’t be like the gossip on the Internet, right… Is she coming today?”

“It doesn’t make any difference whether she comes or not.” Said Li Jingchen, the singing mentor, with a cold expression.
“What can she do when she comes?”

Lin Qingyan said, “Teacher Li, she is still young and not familiar with the rules of the entertainment industry, we need to be more understanding.”

“Teacher Lin, you don’t need to be understanding of her,” Li Jingchen frowned impatiently.
“If she doesn’t have that emotional intelligence, don’t work in the entertainment industry.”

Except for Si Fuqing, the other four mentors were all over 25 years old and could be considered seniors in the industry.

Li Jingchen turned 32 years old this year and was very displeased with the current situation of the entertainment industry.

Not only did the artist’s ability getting worse and worse, but the industry had also learned the pull-step marketing1.
Seeing that Si Fuqing didn’t even follow the basic duties of a mentor, he naturally didn’t have any good impressions of her.

1Pull-step marketing: praising one person one one side and saying bad things about another person at the same time.

“I saw online that the Zuo family is going to kick her out.” Lin Qingyan furrowed her eyebrows and was quite worried.” If she leaves the Zuo family, then—”

The latter words were interrupted by the sound of the door being pushed open.

The girl wore an apricot-white beige striped shirt with a baroque-style leather jacket over it.
Her legs were slender and straight.

There was heavy makeup on her face, which was very exaggerated.

Seeing her coming in, Lin Qingyan paused.

Si Fuqing walked slowly to the empty seat and sat down, ignoring any gazes.

She pulled over the evaluation sheet and hooked a pen with her slender fingers to play with it.

She had indeed never been in the entertainment circle of Daxia Empire, so she thinks she can try this out.

Lin Qingyan withdrew her smile and hesitated for two seconds: “Teacher Si?”

Si Fuqing leaned her chin on her hands, raised her eyes slightly, and smiled: “What’s the matter?”

When she smiled, her fox eyes curved, evoked a little smile, as if there was a light floating, and the ice and snow melted instantly.

Obviously her original face could not be seen at all.
But as she sat there, with just a slight tilt of her head, she could easily grab everyone’s attention.

Naturally attractive like a king.

“It’s not a big deal.” Lin Qingyan paused and smiled again.
“Soon it will be the second evaluation.
If Teacher Si can’t do it, I suggest you withdraw from the program.”

“It’s better than being humiliated and ridiculed by the whole Internet.
Right, Teacher Si?”

Lin Qingyan knew exactly how bad Si Fuqing’s professional capability was.

Having worked so long in the entertainment industry, she knew clearly the rules and regulations of the entertainment industry.

Although she was only a mentor on the show, she also had competitors.

invited a total of four mentors to teach vocal music, singing and dancing respectively, but two mentors came to teach dancing.

Before the recording of the program, Lin Qingyan was worried that she would be Si Fuqing’s stepping stone2.

2Stepping stone: A metaphor for a person or thing that is used by others to climb up.

Now she was completely relieved.

In the entertainment industry, whether Si Fuqing was capable or not, attractive or not, she obviously couldn’t get along with her.

When the show was over, Si Fuqing would be useless.

Si Fuqing glanced at the evaluation sheet that had already been marked.
With an indifferent look, she said lazily: “Then I’ll reluctantly comment on it.”

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