Chapter 29 – Si Fuqing’s benefactor (1)

Zuo Xianyu was taken aback.

She saw that Si Fuqing said something to the people inside, then bent down and got into the car.

The white car sped away.

Zuo Xianyu was thinking.

She knew that Si Fuqing was in the entertainment industry and signed with Tianle Media, an entertainment company.

Zuo Xianyu had not been involved in this field much, but she also knew that the entertainment industry was a very messy place, and it was not uncommon to sleep with their superior for status and resources.

She worked as the deputy director of Zuo’s Group, and saw many things at the drinking party.

If with the professional ability of Si Fuqing she could be a dance mentor for the popular talent show , there must be some shady deals.

But who was Si Fuqing’s benefactor, Zuo Xianyu didn’t bother to find out.

It’s just that the car she saw just now looks very clean, but it was not a luxury car.

Probably a self-installed car, which was not worth a few dollars.

Zuo Xianyu was a little disappointed.

After all, Si Fuqing had been in the Zuo family for so long, but she was willing to degenerate herself.
She indeed didn’t deserve the teachings of the old man Zuo.

But what did this have to do with her?

Zuo Xianyu withdrew her gaze and walked away.


Inside the car.

Si Fuqing sat on the left, clasping her hands and saying: “Boss, thank you for picking me up by a car because I’m too poor to even afford a bus.
But as we agreed before, you can’t deduct my salary.”

The corner of Feng San’s mouth twitched.

He was indeed worried that Si Fuqing had unruly intentions towards Yu Xiheng before, so he had to be on guard no matter what.

But after these few short interactions , he was sure that Si Fuqing’s true love was only money.

Hearing this, Yu Xiheng eyebrows moved slightly, he put down the book in his hands, propped his head to look at her, and said slowly: “Didn’t you just take a few million from the Zuo family?”

“It’s not what I earned.” Si Fuqing was not surprised why he knew.
She held her chin and said, “only with the money I earn, can I feel at ease when I use it.”

Yu Xiheng didn’t respond to this sentence.

Feng San coughed twice: “Miss Si, Ninth Brother and I just saw that the Zuo family seemed to be in a hurry, what happened?”

“Oh, you want to talk about this.” Si Fuqing didn’t care much.
“It’s just that Zuo Zonghe’s right hand was cut.”

A “just” sounded like a thousand turns1 to Feng San’s ears, and he was a little terrified.

1Thousand turns means there is no need for more words.

Everyone in Lincheng knew how deep the conflict between the Zuo family and Si Fuqing was.

It was indeed because they were worried about Si Fuqing, that they came here.

Now it seemed like a waste of time.

“Boss, you are such a good person.
Not only you pay the five social insurances and one housing fund2 for the employees, but also guarantee the safety of the employees.” Si Fuqing blinked her fox eyes, and clasped her hands together again, “I really love you.”

2Five social insurances and one housing fund refer to the collective name of several kinds of security benefits given to workers by employers, including basic endowment insurance , basic medical insurance , unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance , maternity insurance , and housing provident fund . 

Feng San couldn’t listen to it anymore and drove with no expression on his face.

Yu Xiheng cherished words like gold3: “What time will you arrive?”

3Cherish words like gold: to save words extremely (only say necessary things).

“Just arrive at 8:30.” Si Fuqing rubbed her stomach and bluntly asked, “I’m hungry, can I have breakfast first?”



A few minutes later, the car stopped in front of a steamed stuffed bun porridge shop.

steamed stuffed bun porridge

It was far from the city and there was no one in the store.

Feng San watched helplessly as Si Fuqing ordered three steamed stuffed buns and a bowl of black rice porridge for herself.

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