Chapter 28 – Scum abuser (2)

The family doctor hurriedly began to bandage the wound, gave another injection, and then Zuo Zonghe slowly woke up.

His mind was still confused, but the fear was still there: “Mom…Mom! Si Fuqing is going to kill me, she is going to kill me!”

Zuo Tianfeng was taken aback for a moment, and became even more angry: “What nonsense are you talking about?”

If Si Fuqing had the guts, he would write his name upside down1.

1write name upside down: something unbelievable; do not believe something will happen.

“Si Fuqing!” Mrs.
Zuo didn’t care, and began to knock on the door, “Get out! Look at what you’ve done! Si Fuqing, you scumbag!”

After a few taps, the door opened with a “squeak” sound.

Si Fuqing draped in her coat and walked out unhurriedly, with water droplets still hanging on her eyelashes, foggy and hazy.

She yawned and raised her eyebrows: “Why is the young master Zuo injured and still not going to the hospital?”

“It’s you!” Zuo Zonghe gritted his teeth, his body couldn’t help but tremble again, “You’re the one who cut my hand!”

“Master Zuo alone can go against two of me, how can I cut your hand?” Si Fuqing leaned against the door frame, “And I went to bed at 10 o’clock yesterday, so I never saw you.”

Zuo Zonghe was so angry that his teeth itched and almost spitted out blood: “It’s you, you used a beer bottle, otherwise how did I get this injury?”

“Oh.” Si Fuqing was not in a rush,” Yes, I drank the wine and left the bottle at the door.
You are such an adult, how can you walk without looking at the road?”

“It’s okay if you kick my bottle to pieces, but it’s not okay if you hurt yourself.”

Zuo Xianyu frowned.

After drinking, Zuo Zonghe became very drunk, and it was dark at night.
This kind of thing does have the probability of happening.

But it was impossible for Si Fuqing to attack Zuo Zonghe.

“Grandpa is already gone, how dare I go against the Zuo family?” Si Fuqing sighed.
“Isn’t it?”

She put her hands in her pockets and stood obediently.

From this angle, only Zuo Zonghe could see the cold light in her pupils, as sharp as a knife, almost slitting his throat.

“You, you… ” Zuo Zonghe couldn’t breathe properly, he oppressed his nerves for a long time.
His eyes darkened and he fainted again.

Zuo was so angry that she cried out: “Si Fuqing, you are a jinx!”

As soon as Si Fuqing returned, she injured her son.

“Zuo Tianfeng obviously didn’t believe Zuo Zonghe’s words.  “Xianyu, you stay at home while your mother and I take your elder brother to the hospital.”

He didn’t believe that Si Fuqing did it.

He knew this son best, he was bright on the outside and idiot on the inside, but he had been in the military academy for a while, and his skills were not bad.

Si Fuqing suffered such a serious wrist injury a few days ago, could she knock down a big man?

Zuo Tianfeng sneered.

He was afraid that Zuo Zonghe felt ashamed that he hurt himself, so he didn’t dare to tell the truth.

Zuo gave her a bitter look, and reluctantly left with Zuo Tianfeng and Zuo Zonghe.

Si Fuqing’s lips curled up, her brows and eyes were lazy, and she smiled.

The villa quieted down and the servants went back to work.

“Fuqing, are you going to work?” Zuo Xianyu took the initiative to ask, “I’ll take you.”

“No need.” Si Fuqing had already gone downstairs, “I don’t want to have anything to do with you.”

Zuo Xianyu frowned again.

She already broke her connection with the Zuo family.
How could Si Fuqing continue to live in Lincheng?

But of course she wouldn’t stop.

Zuo Xianyu walked to the balcony and looked down at Si Fuqing who was leaving.

And ahead, a white car stopped at the corner of the street.

Si Fuqing also stopped.

A few seconds later, the back door opened.

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