Chapter 24 – Yu Xiheng: Get in the car (2)

“Ah? That’s right.” Si Fuqing pointed to the advertisement on the billboard in front, “I’m here as a mentor.”

On the billboard was shown the promotion of , with Lu Yan occupying the C position, followed by Xie Yu.

After the photos of a few popular trainees were shown, next was the mentor group.

Si Fuqing’s killer makeup became a mudslide1 among the four mentors.

1Mudslide, a popular internet term, refers to a sudden change in the person’s makeup style which is different from ordinary people.

Feng San’s forehead twitched: “Miss Si, you don’t remove your makeup on the show?”

Others were eager to make themselves into heavenly immortals.
Why when it came to Si Fuqing, she made herself more and more ugly?

“No.” Si Fuqing tilted her chin, and said leisurely, “It’s enough to please the boss only.
What’s the point of pleasing others? Will they give me money?”

Feng San’s expression changed, he was afraid that what just Si Fuqing said would get her into trouble.

Unexpectedly, Yu Xiheng only opened his eyes and glanced at her slightly, without saying anything.


Whether in the 27 years as Emperor Yin, or now, the beauties he had seen were not as beautiful as Si Fuqing.

She also had a magic about her that could relax him in two or three sentences.

Although thousands of years had passed since the war period, he still had tense nerves to this day.

But her words that day unexpectedly let him have a good sleep.

The promotional picture was still playing on the billboard screen, and Si Fuqing clicked her tongue: “The standard is so bad now,  you can enter the entertainment circle even with such a poor ability.”

Feng San: “……”

Is this you trying to mock yourself?

Si Fuqing looked at the fans taking pictures in front of the billboard screen, and recalled her past.

When she was playing in Greene, the actors around her needed to have good acting skills and good looks.

They were all busy refining their acting skills, where do they have the time to pull-step2 marketing?

2Pull-step marketing: praising one person one one side and saying bad things about another person at the same time.

That was an era of speaking with strength.

Gods and goddesses fought to be at the top.

How come the entertainment industry in Daxia has regressed instead of advancing in the past three years since she left?

She had been doing experiments for too long, and it was indeed a long time since she acted or sang.
She still missed it a little.

“Boss.” Si Fuqing turned her head suddenly and became enthusiastic, “Shall I sing “Wei Feng Tang Tang”3 for you?”

3Wei Feng Tang Tang: a song from Japanese written by Mei Tora.
The song is sung by the VOCALOID characters “Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kounon Ruka , GUMI, IA “.
The song has been translated into many national languages ​​and is very popular, and there are many national language versions.

Feng San, who was driving, was puzzled: “What is a “Wei Feng Tang Tang”? A battle song?”

Yu Xiheng raised his eyes, his black pupils deep and serene, his tone indistinguishable from joy and anger, but he added a cold tone: “Just drive.”


What did he do?

Feng San was surprised.

He drove with one hand and carefully typed the words “Wei Feng Tang Tang” on his phone with the other hand.

He accidentally saw a sentence saying “I still want more”.

A bright and amorous song.

Feng San’s face stiffened: “……”

He silently put away his phone and drove seriously.


After returning to her small apartment, Si Fuqing received a call from the Zuo family again.

The person who called this time was Zuo Xianyu, she spoke softly: “Fu Qing, just come back, it is really an urgent matter.
If it can be resolved well, you can ask for any conditions.”

“Grandpa will be buried soon, and he also doesn’t wish to see you so down.”

Si Fuqing crossed her legs, a lazy smile spreaded on her lips: “Whatever conditions I want?”

The Zuo family could not wait for her to die.

Last time her wrist was cut, this time her head must be cut off?

Zuo Xianyu remained gentle and said: “Yes, Fuqing, everyone in the family is waiting for you.
If you are free, we can have dinner together tonight.”

After two or three sentences, the call ended quickly.
Zuo Tianfeng asked impatiently: “How did it go?”

Zuo Xianyu frowned: “She agreed to come over.”

“Good, Xianyu, it was indeed a success.” Zuo Tianfeng was relieved, “Prepare the consent form for the inheritance, and when she comes, have her sign it.”


Author’s Notes:

Does Si Fuqing also deserve to take things from the Zuo family?

Feng San: The eternal victim!

Qingqing: I am favored!

Yu Xiheng: Hmmm

Wow, when you look at this book’s male lead, even if the other three person combined can’t compare to him ahahaha

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