Chapter 22 – Sister Qing, you’re so strong (2)

Lu Yan was the superstar that Tianle Media was about to promote, and there must be no mistakes.

The hot search keywords had been suppressed, but it was undeniable that it did have a slight impact on Lu Yan.

He would definitely be punished by the Tianle Media as well.

Mu Ye lowered his head, clenched his fists, and groaned.

The day after tomorrow, he definitely wanted Si Fuqing to look ‘good’.

After sending those two tweets, Si Fuqing went offline, and her phone was also turned off directly.

She didn’t bother to find out who had done it, such things weren’t worthy of her attention.

On the other hand, Feng San handed the collected information to Yu Xiheng.

“Ninth Brother, I’ve checked.
It is indeed a fake.
This picture is made up by a person named Mu Ye from Miss Si’s company.” He said, “It seems that the company ordered it.
If needed, I’ll find a professional in the entertainment industry to analyze.”

Feng San also realized that Si Fuqing’s situation was very bad.

There was the Zuo family in the front and Tianle Media in the back.

Both attacks were all desperate.

Yu Xiheng was reading a document and didn’t look up: “Well, then?”

Feng San hesitated and handed the phone over: “Miss Si has taken care of it herself.”

Yu Xiheng looked at the word “Go away”, twitched his eyebrows, without showing any unnecessary emotions.

He spoke slowly: “I see.”

Feng San breathed a sigh of relief and nodded, “Ninth Brother, I think Miss Si likes to talk nonsense sometimes, but she’s actually quite good.
Anyway, we don’t need to believe it.” 

At least Si Fuqing was easy to get along with, formidable but without arrogance, better than the other female celebrities he knew in Sijiucheng.

Talking nonsense?

Yu Xiheng supported his head, the fragrance of tea curled in front of him, blowing into his eyes, still calm and indifferent.

He thought about his fight with her that night, and that she had curved eyebrows and smiled at him with that good voice.

— — Do you like to listen to “Wei Feng Tang Tang” or “Hu Shi Dan Dan1”?”

1Wei Feng Tang Tang and Hu Shi Dan Dan: songs from Japanese written by Mei Tora.
The song is sung by the VOCALOID characters “Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kounon Ruka , GUMI, IA “.
The song has been translated into many national languages ​​and is very popular, and there are many national language versions.

After listening to these two songs in his spare time, he thought, this nonsense was the second best thing, but it should be punished for a great disrespect. 


The next day at Zuo’s house.

Old man Zuo’s funeral was scheduled for this weekend.

Dozens of people in the Zuo family were flushed with excitement about the inheritance.
But when the lawyer made public the will that old man Zuo had made before he died, it blew up at once.

The will stated that all of the Yuelan jewelry under the Zuo Group will be left to Si Fuqing, and she would have 8% stake in Jingcheng Real Estate.

Yuelan Jewelry and Jingcheng Real Estate were the core industries of the Zuo Group.

“How could this happen?” Mrs.
Zuo couldn’t accept it, “Si Fuqing doesn’t even have the surname Zuo, why should she have a share? Has the old man gone mad?!”

They thought that old man Zuo was just doting on Si Fuqing a little more, but in the end they finally knew which was more important.

This was simply sending the entire Zuo family out!

Zuo Tianfeng’s temples twitched suddenly, and his veins also popped out.

He suppressed his anger and took a deep breath: “Call Si Fuqing here, and tell her that it has something to do with the old man.”

Zuo Tianfeng also somewhat lost his face, he had only said the day before that he wanted Si Fuqing to get lost, and now he had to get her back.

“If we call her back, will she give up these properties?” Mrs Zuo trembled with anger.
“That little bitch, I’m afraid she would be eager to have them.”

“Give her five million.” Zuo Tianfeng waved his hand casually, “She’s a straw bag2, and she doesn’t know how to manage a company.
If she can get the money, she will burn incense3.
She is not even from the Zuo family, what else does she want?”

2straw bag: idiot.

3burn incense: to thank profusely. 

Five million, Si Fuqing would never see such a large amount of money in her lifetime.


Author’s Notes:

Emperor Yin: Would you sing Wei Feng Tang Tang or Hu Shi Dan Dan?

Qingqing: I refuse both 

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