Chapter 19 – He is Emperor Yin (1)

The man’s gaze was steady and powerful, as vast as the sea.

He smiled slightly, like clouds breaking through the moon, the wind and snow finally stopped, and the light blossomed instantly.

He already had a magnificent appearance, and with such a smile, he could almost capture all the hearts and souls.

Si Fuqing was captured by his eyes for a moment, and after a long pause, she blinked, “Boss, you know a lot about this history too?”

Yu Xiheng’s tone was light, no emotion could be heard: “I have read a few history books, very interesting.”

“That’s good, I haven’t finished reading it yet.” Si Fuqing rested her cheeks, “When I finish reading it, I’ll ask boss for some advice.”

Yu Xiheng didn’t nod or shake his head, he just quietly sipped his tea.

His other hand gently tapped on the table, his dark eyes looking deep.

How could he not understand, that was an era he had personally experienced.

This mountain and river, inch by inch, was also where he once stood and looked out.

Only time and space have changed.

As thoughtful and wise as Emperor Yin, he never figured out why he came to the 1500 years future after his death and ushered in a rebirth.

It was like a dream.

But Yu Xiheng knew that it was true.

He saw Daxia 1500 years later.

Maybe God knew the dream he had before he died, took pity on him, and gave him an afterlife.

For him, the records in the history books were not just rigid words, but also proof that he had lived.

Watching future generations evaluate him was another pleasure.

Yu Xiheng did read a lot of his biographies and storytelling, and there was no lack of praise, but there was also sarcasm.

But after he died, he looked at it as past and moved on.

What criticized him and praised him were all past events.

Victory was a joy, but defeat was also a joy.

He never imagined that a little girl could say such a thing.

It reminded him of someone.

In today’s Daxia, science and technology were developed, and flourished in prosperity.

He truly had no regrets.

Si Fuqing was so full from this meal that she lazily leaned back in her chair: “I’m going to be a little chubby and rub my little tummy when I have nothing to do.”

Feng San picked up the dishes with a straight face.

He was used to Si Fuqing saying any weird words.

At this time, Yu Xiheng’s gaze fell on her and he finally spoke: “Where do you live?”

“Ah?” Si Fuqing looked up and announced a location.
Yu Xiheng nodded and looked at Feng San.

Feng San immediately understood: “I’ll send Miss Si off.”

At the same time, there was something strange in his mind.

His Ninth Brother’s attitude towards Miss Si had become a little closer.

Si Fuqing carried her bag, and blinked her fox eyes: “Boss, if I behave well, can I have a long-term contract?”

Yu Xiheng thought of her ruthlessness in the car, and the shocking words she said earlier.
He laughed lightly: “It depends on your performance.”

Si Fuqing was satisfied now, she happily sent her heart: “Boss, love you, I’ll go change first.”

a heart

By getting the approval from her first customer, she can look for another customer later after she is finished.

Though she knew quite a lot of things, she couldn’t go to the top directly right away.

She was such a genius.

Si Fuqing bounced and ran far away.

Yu Xiheng suddenly spoke: “Does she look like it?”

Feng San’s expression froze: “Ninth Brother, what do you mean?”

In an instant, his brain had begun to search for a suspicious person from various organizations, including which agent or killer looked like Si Fuqing.

Although Feng San had already taken a slight liking to Si Fuqing, he was also ready to kill her on the spot.

“Color-changing fox.”



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