Chapter 17 – You see, no one dares to invade today’s Daxia! (1)

“What?” Si Fuqing closed the book and leaned over to take a look.

It was a tweet from a big marketing account.

[@BapoCircleV1:  Is there anyone else who doesn’t know about Si Fuqing taking advantage of male trainees in private? This is a female rascal, right? [vomit]]

1Ba Po, a Cantonese term used to describe a nosy woman.
It is what Taiwanese call “March 8” or what others usually call “gossipers”.
It is a word with a derogatory meaning.

A screenshot of Moments was posted below, showing the name of Lu Yan’s manager.

[​​I’m really fed up with a certain mentor.
What can she do? She doesn’t want to be lonely and touch the students.
If the show hadn’t just started, who would have taken this shit!]

Although they didn’t give a name, everyone knew who it was.

was an idol training show, where the strength of the mentor team was extremely strong, there were ‘heavenly king’ and ‘top streaming’.

Only Si Fuqing who had no capability.

And Lu Yan was the first candidate to debut from C position2.
The show had only aired the first episode, and his fans had already reached five million.

2Debut from C position: it means that a certain artist is very strong in his own group, has relatively many scenes, has strong professional quality, is easier to be remembered, and is the soul center of the team.

As soon as the tweet was posted, fans were furious.

[Si Fuqing, get out of here, stay away from our baby! Don’t you look at yourself? Where does your courage come from to do such an improper behavior to brother3 Yan? 】

[Si Fuqing, you are so ridiculous, do you know the status of our brother Yan3? You have been kicked out of Zuo’s house, do you still have any supporters?]

3Brother here means someone you idolize.

[I just don’t understand why she has to come and ruin the boy group audition, she pissed me off, this resource coffee4!]

4resource coffee: refers to a person whose popularity and quality are not outstanding, those with poor acting skills but playing a leading role when they debut.

The fans of the male idol scolded fiercely and in a nasty way, using all kinds of dirty words.

Feng San pursed her lips tightly: “Miss Si, these…”

Si Fuqing played with her hair: “Starting with a picture, then it will be edited as much as possible.
I’m used to it, don’t worry about them.” 

“I am more beautiful than them, have a better figure than they are, and more capable than they are.
They only know how to type on the internet.
Why should I argue with them?”

Feng San: “……”

Okay, that was very Si Fuqing.

He found Lu Yan’s photo again, and frowned: “Miss Si, why did you go to the men’s boy band audition to be a mentor? And wear this kind of makeup? Do you like this type of person?”

If it weren’t for all the information in hand, he couldn’t believe that the person being scolded was Si Fuqing.

Moreover, with the skill level of Si Fuqing, could the entertainment industry afford this Giant Buddha5?

5Giant Buddha: A satire.
Person who extrude a great significance, normal people cannot mess with.

“You look like a—” Si Fuqing raised her head, sighed, “Baguapo6 with a paralyzed face.”

6Baguapo / 八卦婆 bāguà pó: a (old) woman who gossips; bitch.

Feng San: “……”

Yu Xiheng turned his head at this moment, unhurriedly said: “It’s quite similar.”

Feng San’s back shivered: “Ninth Brother.”

Yu Xiheng said nothing more, and looked out of the window again.

“You guys chat first.” Shen Xingyun smiled, “I’ll ask the kitchen to prepare some food, and since Miss Si is Shi Yan’s personal bodyguard, you should stay and eat together too.”

Si Fuqing was thinking about what she would have for lunch, and when she heard this, she said decisively: “Okay.”

She moved her chair to the dining table and sat down, with Feng San standing behind Yu Xiheng.

“Oh, to answer you, I don’t like him, I don’t even know him.
If I want to like a person, of course I like someone who is like my boss.” Si Fuqing tilted her chin, “Look at my boss, he is handsome and rich, he also has such a good figure and treats his subordinates well.
Where can I find someone as perfect as my boss?”

“My boss has the appearance of a celestial being, a deity descending to the earth, and a living emperor.”

The last words gave Yu Xiheng a slight pause while holding the teacup.

If he hadn’t been sure that some things couldn’t be known, he would have thought he had been exposed.

Yu Xiheng’s expression did not change and smiled: “What an absurd praise.”

Si Fuqing paused and looked at him.

That was it?

This didn’t give her a pay raise?

Blowing his rainbow farts for nothing7.

7Blowing rainbow farts for nothing: praise people not according to each other’s preferences, but according to our own ideas.

Feng San: “……”

He saw that the true love of Miss Si was actually money.

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