Chapter 11 – The First Mechanical Queen (1) 

When they saw Si Fuqing’s heavy make-up face, they vomited at once.

Her makeup was so ugly.
Her real face must be uglier to be seen.
She was chasing Yu Yao with that kind of face?

Don’t talk about Lincheng, even if they were noble young ladies from Sijiucheng, it was still Yu Yao’s choice to pick.

Si Fuqing had no family background, didn’t have a good-looking face, she only had shamelessness.

“It’s a pity that this old man Zuo is gone.” The noble son sighed, “Si Fuqing’s good days will also come to an end.”

Another person said: “Speaking of which, Zuo Xianyu from the Zuo family is really amazing.
She is only 24 years old and works as the vice president of Zuo’s Group.
They both grew up in Zuo’s family.
Why are they so different?”

“I used to think Zuo Xianyu was quite beautiful, but she can’t be compared to that girl just now!”

“I feel the same way.
Hey, if I had any strength left today, I would definitely have gone and struck up a conversation.”

Hearing this, Yu Yao finally raised his eyelids, and casually looked towards where they were pointing, but only saw the girl’s back.

She had a slender waist and long straight legs.

The girl hopped and bounced forward, like a little fox out looking for food.

Yu Yao narrowed his eyes, and doubts swept past his pupils.

Why was this figure somewhat familiar?

“Hey, by the way, Ah Yao1, that Si Fuqing hasn’t chased you in the past few days?” the noble son teased, “I heard that she entered the entertainment industry because of you.
Seriously, why don’t you give me a response?”

1Ah Yao: nickname for Yu Yao

Yu Yao finally spoke, his face was indifferent while saying: “She deserves it, too.”

“Okay, don’t mention her again.
Ah Yao, are you going back to Sijiucheng? When will you come back?” the noble son asked again, “You said earlier that your uncle, he…”

Yu Yao’s expression changed slightly, he tugged his tie with some annoyance: “It depends on the situation, go away, don’t bother me.”

With a cold face, he left without looking back, leaving a few noble sons looking at each other.

Those noble sons didn’t chase him and didn’t dare to ask again.

They also didn’t understand anything about Sijiucheng, much less were qualified to do so.

They were fortunate enough to be friends with Yu Yao.
How could they dare to ask about his family?


Here, Si Fuqing returned home, slapped the chopping board on the kitchen table, and chopped herself a pound of pork ribs.

After putting all the ingredients into the pan, she was satisfied: “It’s okay, I’m still quite–”

Before the last word was uttered, there was an explosion sound.

Si Fuqing jumped out in time, grabbed the kitchen door, and looked at the gas stove.

The bad news was that the pan exploded.

The good news was, it didn’t blow her up this time.

It used to be her eldest senior brother who was in charge of cooking, and she, who was in the ninth line, was raised to be in charge of kitchen waste.

Even if she wanted to make a meal, she would be kicked out by the senior brothers and sisters, afraid that she would blow up something.

Was she that savage?

Yes, she was.

After all, she was also a great person who blew herself up.

Si Fuqing sighed and after cleaning up the debris, made a bowl of instant noodles hopelessly.

The ribs she bought for 50 yuan had just gone to heaven like this, and the pot was gone.

After eating a mouthful of instant noodles, Si Fuqing revived in a second.

She turned on her laptop and typed in an URL.

This laptop was purchased a few years ago and had poor performance.
The only good thing was she bought it with her own money.

However, the cost in buying a poor performance laptop was, as soon as she pressed Enter, the computer instantly freezes.

10 seconds later, the main processor announced that the reboot had failed and the screen went completely black.


Good, God liked to oppose her.

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