Chapter 10 – Yu Xiheng, The Courtesy Name of Shiyan (2)

Shen Xingyun grew up with Yu Xiheng and knew how famous he was in Sijiucheng.

The only pity was that Yu Xiheng’s legs were useless.

He couldn’t stand up and had to use a wheelchair to travel around.

Correspondingly, he was not in good health and needed medications.

This was a fatal blow for a man. 

Shen Xingyun had also helped to find many famous doctors in Daxia and had also traveled abroad, but all of them were helpless to do anything about him.

Doctors said this was a disease carried from the mother’s womb, born with a disability that could not be cured.

Actually, an old Chinese doctor had prescribed a medicine list, but unfortunately the medicinal ingredients on the list had already vanished.

It was no wonder that Sijiucheng gave up on Yu Xiheng and trained other heirs instead, furthermore exiled him to a separate family.

How could a disabled person be qualified to inherit the Yu family?

Yu Xiheng didn’t feel anything about it.
It seemed that this small matter was not important enough to shake him.

Shen Xingyun, however, was unwilling to give up.
He contacted the Shaman from Daxia Nanzhou1 a few days ago.

1Nanzhou 南州: south prefecture; southern state

Although he didn’t believe in these things, he still had to try a dead horse treated as a living horse doctor2.
After all, it was worth a try.

2a dead horse treated as a living horse doctor: holding a glimmer of hope and actively saving a situation while knowing it is hopeless.
It also generally refers to making a final attempt.

If even the Shaman in Nanzhou could not help, Yu Xiheng’s legs may really be hopeless.

Shen Xingyun frowned again: “Shi Yan, where did you go yesterday? Why do I see marks on your hands that look like nail scratches?”

Although Lincheng was far away from Sijiucheng, it was still difficult to ensure that no one would follow.

Yu Xiheng usually traveled in a wheelchair, which was very inconvenient.

Once targeted, the consequences were difficult to imagine.

“I met a fox.” Yu Xiheng said quietly, “There was a conflict.”

“A fox?” Shen Xingyun was stunned.
“Are there any foxes here in Lincheng? What color are they?”

Yu Xiheng simply said: “It depends on her mood.”

One second she was ferocious, and the next second she was well-behaved.

Shen Xingyun was surprised: “Color-changing fox? Is there such a species?”

He had only ever heard of chameleons.


“That’s really rare, you must take a picture when you see it again some other day.” Shen Xingyun added, “Shi Yan, I’m afraid it won’t go well if we meet the Shaman at the end of this month.
Should we ask someone from Sijiucheng?”

“No need.” Yu Xiheng did not say much, but the words fell powerfully, “Go hire a new batch of bodyguards”.

Shen Xingyun thought for a while, and felt the same way: “Okay, this also reduces the possibility of revealing your identity, so I’ll have someone do it.”


After Si Fuqing came out of the supermarket, it was already dark.

She was holding a large bag of ingredients in her right hand and a chopping board under her arm.
She looked like she was going to be a butcher selling pork.

The people around were in a hurry to get home.
Occasionally, a few people noticed the girl and couldn’t help but look back.

At night was when the playboys were active and there was a club across the supermarket.

Several young men crowded around a young man as they walked outside.
One of them turned his gaze and caught the extremely beautiful face.

It was just a short moment, but it was breathtaking.

“Damn it, Ah Yao3, look at that girl.” He bumped the arm of the young man next to him, and whistled, “She is so beautiful, which family’s daughter is she?”

3Ah Yao: nickname for Yu Yao.

“Could it be some celebrity? This face is really pretty, and there are quite a few people who can compete with the beauties in Sijiucheng, right? Why haven’t I seen it before?”

The young man was indifferent and did not even raise his head.

“It could be anyone.” Another noble son couldn’t help but laugh with a sarcastic tone, “It can’t be Si Fuqing who has been chasing after Brother Yao.”


Author’s Notes:

A quick question, is the male lead really disabled or is he pretending?

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