Chapter 9 – Yu Xiheng, The Courtesy Name of Shiyan (1)

His voice was very pleasant, even the intonation of each word was just right.

There seemed to be a gust of plum rain falling next to her ears, and Si Fuqing’s body tensed immediately.

Her legs had not yet recovered and were stiff.

The man half opened a pair of sleepy eyes, with deep pupils and a faint smile.

But the smile didn’t reach his eyes, reflecting only a glimpse of snow.

Looking at him from this angle, Si Fuqing was able to see his perfect chin, and the smooth lines of his long, slender neck.

The lights in the car were dim, and the man’s entire face was hidden in the shadows, flickering and not clear.
But it could not hide his handsome face.

It was as white as the frost and snow on top of the mountain, and as bright as the moon flowing through the clouds.

Si Fuqing was keenly aware of breaths released by this man, and although he calmly took it back, she still caught it.

She narrowed her eyes.

This was definitely an aura that could only be precipitated by people who had been on the battlefield and killed people.

But this was not something to think about right now.

Si Fuqing took a deep breath, not because she was frightened, but because her legs were disappointing her.

Must be punished.

She would chop these legs when she went back.

“Sorry, it wasn’t intentional.” Si Fuqing pinched an acupuncture point on her leg, forced her leg to recover, and immediately stood up while holding the car door, “Mister, thank you very much.
I’ll make it up to you if we meet again.
Bye bye.”

Sitting on a man’s lap was not something worthy of great achievements.
It was also the first time for Si Fuqing to meet him.  

However, according to her third senior sister, who had many life experiences, when encountering such things, the best plan was to follow the Thirty-Six Stratagems1.
You absolutely must not be responsible for it.

1Thirty-Six Stratagems : it means that when encountering a strong enemy or in a difficult situation, the best strategy is to leave and avoid. 

So, she decisively ran away.

While running, Si Fuqing said in a leisurely tone: “It feels good.”

Yu Xiheng’s expression suddenly darkened.

Shen Xingyun finished the phone call, turned his head and happened to see this scene.
His expression immediately changed.

“Shi Yan, is your leg okay? Your leg is at a critical stage of treatment, so it can not be oppressed by gravity.”

He looked outside, only to find that even the girl’s shadow could not be seen anymore.
He couldn’t help frowning.

He and Yu Xiheng were close childhood friends and knew that since he was a kid, his legs were not easy to walk in, and he needed a wheelchair to travel far.

But this was not Sijiucheng, there was almost no one who knew Yu Xiheng.
Who would specifically target his leg?

Yu Xiheng sat still and gently stroked the wrinkles on his pants, saying, ‘It’s okay, it’s quite light.’”

After a pause, he gently clasped his fingers together and slightly tapped his palm, still without joy or anger: “It feels good.”

Shen Xingyun: “???”

What felt good?

He was confused, but this man was always unpredictable and his attitude was difficult to guess.

Shen Xingyun had no choice but to say: “I have made an appointment for you, and they ask you to go there personally.
Be careful.”

Yu Xiheng nodded slightly, closed his eyes again to rest, and said in a calm voice: “Sorry for troubling you.”

Shen Xingyun shook his head and smiled: “After spending so much time with you, I’ve gained understanding of some old sayings.
I’m afraid others will be tired if they hear you speak like that.”

His eyes fell on the man’s legs and he sighed softly.

He had met many people.
He was a frequent visitor in the celebrity circles at Sijiucheng, and he knew all the young masters and young ladies from big and small families.

However, in the entire Sijiucheng, Yu Xiheng was the only truly noble young master.

He had an atmosphere that ordinary people could not match.
Calm, noble, honorable and unattainable.

However, that gentleman with an air like a quiet orchid in an empty valley was tangled with ruthlessness and cruelty.

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