this, Ming Huazhang sighed silently and said, “Let’s go too.”

Ming Huazhang went out first, followed by Ming Huashang; Ren Yao breathed a sigh of relief and quickly followed.

Ming Huazhang wanted to investigate the people Wei Zi had met, but now that everyone in the villa was in danger, no one was willing to open the door to answer.
In a blink of an eye, when it was Shenshi1, the sky was getting dark, and they still hadn’t made any discoveries.

In the twilight, Mang Mountain seemed particularly callous, and Ming Huazhang knew that it would be a waste of time to ask any further, so there was no need to squander more.
He noticed that Ming Huashang was quietly breathing on her hands.
Knowing that she hadn’t eaten well since early morning, and her body must not be able to bear it anymore, he suggested, “We’ve gone to all the places we could, so let’s go back now.”

The atmosphere at Feihong Garden was on edge, needless to say, it was safer to stay together tonight.
After the four of them returned to the guest courtyard, they remained silent.

Ming Huashang once again thanked herself for being a glutton.
Before going up the mountain, she did not prepare those impressive-looking but useless clothes, jewelry, poems, and songs, but food.

Although the Feihong Garden had enough food stored, people were panicking now, and Taiping Gongzhu was already busy taking care of herself, how could she remember to prepare food for her guests?

Ming Huashang’s food boxes came in handy again.
Although the food wasn’t hot, it was preferable because it was clean, safe, and filling.
At this juncture, these qualities were more important than anything else.

The four of them all came from noble families, and even Ren Yao, who seemed most casual, had been cultivated in dining etiquette since childhood.
The four finished their food quietly and quickly.
Seeing that everyone relaxed slightly, Ming Huashang let Zhaocai put away the food boxes, and asked, “Zhaocai, is the snow I asked you to collect this morning still here?” 

“It’s still here.”

“It’s just the perfect time.
Go get the flower dew and the red clay stove.
The first snow is clean and crisp, which is perfect for brewing tea.
Remember to get the lily dew.”

Zhaocai has long been accustomed to these whimsical ideas of Ming Huashang, so she accepted without surprise.
Ming Huashang turned around and said excitedly, “It’s not convenient to bring too much heavy luggage up the mountain, so I only brought a small clay stove, which can at least brew some floral tea.
My tea brewing skills aren’t good, but it’ll still be great since the snow on Mang Mountain is fresher.
Second elder brother, Brother Xie, and Sister Ren, will you do me the honor of having a drink?”

Ren Yao frowned; she seldom interacted with girls but did the ladies in Luoyang and Chang’an bring their own clay stoves when they go out these days? Xie Jichuan asked curiously, “Second younger sister, can you predict the future? Otherwise, why did you bring so many things?”

Ming Huashang grumbled, “If I could predict the future, I wouldn’t have gone up the mountain two days ago.”

Xie Jichuan nodded, deeply convinced, “That’s true, I also regret it a lot now; why didn’t I put face aside and refuse the invitation when I received it?”

Ren Yao couldn’t hold back anymore and asked, “People have died one after another out there, aren’t you all afraid?”

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