worried about her title and never had to worry about her livelihood.

Ming Huazhang took the lead and said, “I just sent someone to ask the steward of Feihong Garden.
This place is built on the mountain, and it is inconvenient to travel here, so stocking up on food was already a routine.
In addition, since Taiping Gongzhu planned to have this grand banquet, the food stocks were ready last year.
We should not need to worry about food and drink in the short term.
As for the charcoal, that is a real problem.
After I heard about the avalanche, I immediately asked our steward to go get more charcoal, and I also asked people to bring the charcoal from Xie Jichuan’s and my courtyard.
Fortunately, we went early, otherwise, it might not be easy to resupply now.
If we use it sparingly, making it last for another seven or eight days shouldn’t be a problem.”

Ming Huashang was surprised, “Second elder brother, you guys already made arrangements?”

Xie Jichuan jokingly said, “Second younger sister, otherwise what do you think we were doing when we woke up so early last night?”

Ming Huashang rubbed her hands, and said embarrassedly, “I was short-sighted, I only wanted to sleep at the time.
Zhaocai, go and take out our food and pastries.”

Zhaocai responded crisply and swiftly brought out a row of food boxes.
Xie Jichuan’s gaze swept across the neatly stacked food boxes, and laughed, “These are all food?”

“That’s right.” Ming Huashang was quite proud, puffing out her chest, and said, “I was afraid that the dishes at the banquet wouldn’t be filling, so I deliberately prepared a lot of filling food.
Don’t worry, even if the reserves in the villa are exhausted, we can still last longer than the others by a few more days!”

Xie Jichuan couldn’t help laughing, and his eyes contained a rare genuine smile, “Fortunately, we have second younger sister who is prepared for a rainy day.
From now on, I will rely on second younger sister.”

Ming Huazhang glanced coolly at Xie Jichuan.
Xie Jichuan caught it and immediately scorched towards Ming Huashang, “Second younger sister, look, he is glaring at me again.
If he doesn’t give me something to eat later, younger sister, you have to stand up for me.”

Ren Yao’s cheeks wrinkled.
She couldn’t imagine that this was something that the Xie family’s pride, who was known for his aristocratic character, could say.
Ming Huazhang glanced at Xie Jichuan angrily, and then ordered, “Shuli, go and replenish the pot of charcoal.”

Ming Huashang hurriedly asked, “Second elder brother, are you cold?”

Ming Huazhang glanced at Ming Huashang’s pale face, and said, “I don’t use charcoal much in the winter, and I’m used to it.
But you can’t.”

Ming Huashang was startled, she had no idea that Ming Huazhang had this habit, “Why?”



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