Seeing that the last maid also put a gold hairpin that she had kept in the box, Jiang Xuening finally nodded with satisfaction.

  Jiang Boyu glanced at the “Young School Qionglin” she was holding in her hand, coughed, and asked tentatively, “Have they all spit out clean, do you want some?”

  Would you like to get this opening book?
  Jiang Xuening was able to say some of the things that Yan Lin gave her on her eighteenth birthday to bluff people.
It was already the limit.

  So I just said: “They must not have finished the things.
I think many people have already taken things out and exchanged them, but it would be too embarrassing for them to take out anything.
I don't order these two boxes either.
It's just a matter of beating and beating them to tell them not to be arrogant in the future.
What's your father's opinion?”

  This is a bit heavy to pick up and put down gently.
  Jiang Boyou frowned: “Is it not punished?”

  Jiang Xuening thought for a moment, then looked at the maidservants in the yard who were kneeling in an orderly manner again, and said, “They were originally assigned to my room only after being taught by the government.
They are all flattering and flattering, and they are not bad when it comes to serving others.
Even if they are asked to come out and kneel, except for a few, they dare not speak back.
There are many people in the world who bully the soft and fear the hard, and they are all 'mediocre'.
In the final analysis, my daughter is too talkative, too indulgent, and thinks too much.
She can't allow others to say a single word to my family.
So my daughter thought, it's better to give them a chance.
This time, I went down to get five boards each.
I will be fined for two months, and I will serve you wholeheartedly in the future and never commit another crime.
If there is a repeat offense, I will take out the new account and the old account together and deal with it directly.”

  These words sounded plain, but when they fell into Jiang Boyou's ears, they had mixed feelings.
  Ning girl has really grown up…
  I thought she was going to fight and fight, but I didn't expect that in addition to looking for other people's faults, she would actually reflect on her own faults, and she was so outspoken, but suddenly she was a little more magnanimous The upright demeanor of everyone.
  The most important thing is not to lose the benevolence of the house.
  Although this method cannot be said to be vigorous and resolute, what does the daughter's family need such a powerful skill for?

  Jiang Boyu looked at this daughter, unconsciously not knowing how much more pleasing to the eye than before, he couldn't help but nodded slightly and said, “Okay, just do as you said.”

  Jiang Xuening's heart was calm and could not be disturbed.

  Of course, she is not completely pure and kind-hearted, but she has experienced the last life and deeply understands the truth of “staying a line in life, and seeing each other in the future”.
  Just like Yan Lin back then.
  Of course, she insisted on being the queen, even if the Marquis of Yongyi did not lose power, she would eventually choose to marry Shen Jie, but why did she say so absolutely, and why did she choose to say it at such a juncture?
  Words are dead, people are done.
  If Yan Lin hated herself, it was completely reasonable that Yan Lin would bully her when she was in power.

  There are two things in this world that are best not to do, one is to bully the poor, and the other is to force a mad dog to jump over the wall.

  Dealing with these maidservants is the same as the latter.
  One is that mediocre people are all the same, it is better to keep these people who already know their faults and are more cautious in their words and deeds if they change to a new one; The hatred is counted on herself, she has been serving her for so long, and the wrong thing is not enough to put them to death.
One person speaks out, who knows what to say?
  What's more, sometimes not dealing with it is not necessarily worse than dealing with it.

  When many people returned their things just now, they must have hidden some secrets, some people took out a little more, and some people took out a little less.
  Jiang Xuening didn't know how much each of them took, and he didn't bother to take the time to investigate.

  But they may not be suspicious of each other.
  You think she hides too much, she thinks I take too little, and when it's gone, she turns around and pinches herself, who should be guilty will naturally be guilty.
  No matter what happens then, I can't hate her.

  In this way, she can stay clean, gain a good name, and make Jiang Boyu like it even more.
Why not do it?

  It should be noted that if you want to leave the government in the future, you will have to give Jiang Boyou's approval.

  Jiang Xuening thought about it, asked Chang Zhuo to order someone to bring a brazier, and then stood up and faced everyone: “You all heard what I said just now, right?”
  Everyone at the bottom was trembling: “Listen clearly.”
  Jiang Xuening said no .
He said in a hurry: “What kind of temperament I am, you have been serving for a long time, and you have always known.
I took the blame for this, I don't really feel that I have anything wrong, but I think that most of you have elderly people to take care of.
I can't bear to let you guys be sold out because of this.
It's hard to find a good family if you have a bad reputation.
I'm used to using you.
The second time, don't blame me for turning my face and not recognizing anyone.”

  Wang Xing's family crouched on the ground in front of him and shivered violently.
  The courtyard was quiet.
  There were many servants and servants who quietly came to watch in the surrounding corners, and when they heard the words, their hearts shuddered: These two girls, it seems that they have become different.
Like those kneeling on the ground, they couldn't eat and walked away.

  Jiang Xuening raised his hand and picked up the “account book”, and paced to the brazier.
  The hot air that came up filled his face.
  She threw the book directly into the brazier, Ming Huang licked up the page with her bright red tongue and quickly burned it.

  Everyone who was kneeling on their heads watched and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

  Jiang Xuening only said: “This time, the matter will end here, and we will not be implicated or pursued further.
You all go down and receive the punishment.”

  Wang Xing's family immediately kowtowed to the ground and flattered: “Second girl is really a bodhisattva, with a kind heart, this old slave and these girls can meet a master like you, it's really smoke on the ancestral grave, burning for three lifetimes.
Gao Xiang! This is the punishment, this is the punishment…” The
  others were also grateful.
  After a while, they all went down to receive the penalty.

  Both Lian'er and Tang'er were literate.
Knowing what words were written on the “account book” just now by their girl, they were stunned to see this development.
Even Chang Zhuo, who was waiting next to him, couldn't help looking at Jiang Xuening with a look of “I'll convince you to use this book to scare people with nonsense.”
  Jiang Xuening's eyes stayed on those maids for a moment.
  She turned her eyes and asked Tang'er softly, “Who was the one who just knelt down and talked back?”

  Tanger was startled and thought back.
  There was only one person in the group who talked back in that situation.
  She replied, “It is also possible to enter the house to serve, called Tianxiang.”

  Jiang Xuening nodded.

  After this good show was over, she didn't rush to leave immediately, but followed Jiang Boyu to get up and walked back to the outside of the study.

  Jiang Boyu saw it: “Do you want to deal with that girl?”
  Jiang Xuening frowned slightly, nodded slightly, but lowered his head again, and said, “The people next to you are okay, they don't have any skills, at most they are bullying the soft and afraid of the hard.
But This sweet and eloquent, mouth can speak very well.
My daughter was almost speechless by her words just now.
If she hadn't really done those things, she would have thought it was her fault when she heard her words.
Then I promised not to pursue it, and the second daughter has never dealt with similar things before, so I really don't know how to deal with her.”

  Jiang Boyu also saw the scene just now.
  The girl who talked back was someone who would bite if she was in a hurry, and others were still a little afraid of Jiang Xuening, but this girl was so arrogant and arrogant that she didn't seem to care about her master.
  The Remaining is mostly a curse.
  He had already made a plan in his mind and only made a gesture to Chang Zhuo, but he didn't know what to say.

  Although the Jiang Mansion is not a very big family in this capital, some methods are known in the mansion.
  Chang Zhuo was taken aback.
  He replied, “I'll take it down.”

  Jiang Boyu stroked Jiang Xuening's back with his hand and said to her: “This matter will come to an end, this girl will take care of herself, so you don't have to worry.
But speaking of it, today's words and deeds are too small.
Did Master Hou teach it?” Of course
  It's just that Jiang Xuening certainly won't tell people that he is reborn.
He has already used Yanlin as a shield before, and this time, he nodded: “It's also taught by Yanlin.”

  Jiang Boyu sighed: “There are people who have successors in Yongyi Hou's mansion.”

  Jiang Xuening lowered his eyes and said nothing.
  Jiang Boyu said: “You are tired too, go back and rest.
You didn't return last night, and there is such a big commotion today.
Remember to go to your mother at night to say goodbye to her, so that she
  can rest assured.” Jiang Xuening replied: “Yes .

  The father and daughter, who are not particularly affectionate, are finished talking.
  She bowed back.
  Jiang Boyu lifted the curtain again and went to your study room, then laughed: “Ju An, have you waited for a long time?”

  At this moment, Jiang Xuening, who only took a step back, was stunned.
  A chill crawled from my feet to my head!
  It's clearly just two simple words, but when it hit her ear, she screamed sharply, and blasted out a shocking bone!

  She turned her eyes and caught a glimpse of the corner of the study that was exposed when the door curtain was lifted: on the delicately and elegantly carved tea table, a roll of books was spread out, and a slender hand with excellent bones stretched out and gently turned it over.
After a page, the pulp of the ring finger habitually stroked along the edge of the page, very natural, and then pressed it on the corner of the page.

  Jiang Xuening is so familiar with this action!
  Whether it was when she entered the palace to read and listen to his lectures in the last life, or when she accidentally stepped into the cabinet to watch him and Shen Jie handle the affairs of the state when she became an empress, or when Shen Jie was poisoned, she walked through the imperial garden in shock and shock But when he found that he was sitting in the pavilion reading the memorial…

  This man raised his hands in a natural manner.
  Even when killing people without blinking an eye, they look good in an instant.

  Xie Wei, the word is safe!

  In this short moment, all the memories related to this person in Jiang Xuening's mind surged up in fear!

  Thinking of You Fangyin, he said, “There was a huge secret in the past, and anyone with a bit of brain knows it, so they won't make mistakes.
It's a pity, I know it's too late…”
  Thinking of the ending of his previous life.
  I remembered the old scar on her wrist that couldn't be erased so far!

  Jiang Boyou had already walked in.
  The curtain was drawn down again.
  But Jiang Xuening's world was extremely quiet, and he could hear the chatter coming from inside.

  Jiang Boyu sighed: “Oh, it was Ning girl's business just now.
She has been worrying me for a long time, but I didn't expect that this time I can handle it clearly.
You are not a father, so you must not know this feeling.
Speaking of which, when you went to Beijing in secret, or With her.
In the blink of an eye, it's been four years!”
  The man across from him seemed to be silent for a moment.
  Then he spoke lightly, his voice was like a spring hitting a stone, low and magnetic: “Miss Ning…”

  At this time, Chang Zhuo, who was behind him, also went in with incense.
  The curtain was lifted again.
  Jiang Xuening then clearly saw the corner of the robe covered with azure crepe, and with a slight movement, the man sitting by the tea table turned to the side of the door curtain.

  Even if she couldn't see his face, she couldn't touch his eyes, but at this moment, she could clearly perceive that he was looking at her who was still standing outside the study!
  It is clearly separated by the curtain, but it seems to be able to come out through the curtain.
  Jiang Xuening only felt that his heart was suddenly grabbed by a huge palm, and he almost couldn't breathe!

  Fang today, everyone knows that four years ago, the young master of the crown prince Xie Wei secretly entered the capital alone to assist the then third prince Shen Lang to ascend to the throne; everyone also knows that Jiang Boyou, the servant of the Ministry of Household, had a great contribution to the dragon and concealed it from the public’s eyes and eyes four years ago.
, secretly helped Xie Wei enter the capital, and he was considered a hero if he was not too big or not.
  But few people know
  that Jiang Boyou falsely claimed that he was a distant relative of Jiang's house, and made him go to Beijing with his daughter-in-law who was living in Tongzhou.
Later, Xie Wei, the imperial teacher who strategized and turned the tide, hid in Jiang Xuening's car at that time!

  Everyone else is called “Second Girl Jiang”, but Xie Wei is different from others, so he has to call “Second Girl Ning”…

  Jiang Xuening has done all kinds of calculations, how can he calculate that the “guest” in Jiang Boyou's study today is Xie Wei?
  She should have been more alert.
  How many people in the court and the opposition dared not say a word, and directly left Zhou Yinzhi, a family of 100 guards in fine clothes, outside, and let him wait without saying a word or complaining?

  Jiang Xuening didn't know how he got out of the study.
  All she knew was that her footsteps were smooth and steady as never before.
  It wasn't until she left the study and went to the corridor, and seeing that she was about to return to her own room, her feet suddenly softened, and she stumbled without warning.
Sitting down in the hallway.

  As soon as he was reborn, he made a fatal mistake!

  She will always remember the first time she saw Xie Wei.
  The man who had not recovered from the cold had a sick face, was dressed in a white cloth without any ornaments, and held a violin.
His expression was a little sullen, but with a smile on his lips, he walked to the carriage and nodded slightly to her.
  At that time, she didn't know that this person would become the emperor's teacher who would dominate the court and the opposition, and she didn't know that this person would slaughter the entire royal family…

  If she knew, during that journey, she might choose to restrain her bad temper and treat this person better.
  If she knew, she would never put the half bowl of blood for him as a medicine when the wilderness was in danger!

  In the last life, when his sword was aimed at the Xiao family and at the beginning of the royal family, she once questioned Xie Wei about how he dared to do such a thing that hurts the world and hurts people's lives.

  Xie Wei used a vermilion royal pen to tick the list lightly, and then replied: “You are not God, how do you know that I am hurting God and doing things for God?”
  Jiang Xuening was completely stunned.
  He put down his pen again and looked at her quietly: “As for the niece, it is Xie's greatest kindness to be able to live to this day.
Back then, when I was ill and confused, I confided some wicked words to my niece.
Fortunately, the niece was at that time.
My memory is not good, and I have no plans.
After I entered Beijing, I ordered people to test it three times, but the niece was completely unimpressed.
I was relieved, and Rao's niece lived two more years.
Otherwise, the day when Xie Moufeng was a young master, Niangniang lost her head.”

  At that time he smiled and reached out and stroked his neck lightly.
  Jiang Xuening felt that his whole body was immersed in ice water.
  And his smiling expression was even more chilling than the night at that time.

  In other words, Xie Wei did not kill her after entering Beijing because she did not remember and was not smart!

  Now, these words echoed in my ears again, and when I recalled the meaningful “Secret Ning”, Jiang Xuening raised his hand and put it on his neck, only to find that the fingertips had lost their warmth.
  Xie Wei is not a kind person.
  In the last two years of his last life, his name was like a huge and heavy shadow, shrouding the entire court and the entire imperial city, causing people to bow their heads in fear even when they walked.

  Tanger and Lianer panicked when they saw her like this: “Miss, what's wrong with you!”

  Jiang Xuening doesn't remember what those rebellious remarks were, but it didn't prevent her from judging the situation she might fall into soon.
  Xie Wei will kill.
  The almost unconscious fingers slowly lowered.
  She blinked, her voice a little dazed: “Tang'er, go back and have a look, Zhou Yinzhi is still there…”

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