Jiang Xuehui looked at her quietly, a pair of dark eyes seemed to hide a little sigh, and after a long time, she said: “You have been waiting for me to ask, right?”


Jiang Xuening acted as if she didn't hear it, and instead directly ordered the maid in her room: “Mei'er, why don't you go and bring me a cup of tea? It's a long story, so speak slowly.”


Meier was too angry to speak.


However, Jiang Xuehui said: “Go and serve.”


Mei'er was stunned immediately, and called out directly: “Big girl!”


Jiang Xuehui ignored it.


Mei'er held her breath, gave Jiang Xuehui a vicious look, and then turned around to serve tea.


Jiang Xuening then laughed: “My sister is really good-tempered.”


Jiang Xuehui only said: “After all, losing your temper won't let you go out of my place.
Then there is no difference between a good temper and a bad temper.”


This is really what Jiang Xuehui can say.


She was like this in her previous life.


Being bullied by her, she still managed to maintain her dignity, as if nothing was enough to make her angry.
But people living in this world, if they don't even have a temper at all, then they really don't seem like real people.


Hearing her words, Jiang Xuening just walked around in her house, looking at the exquisite beech bed, the dowry of carved lacquer lotus, and those newly scented dresses…


She has them too.


But what Jiang Xuehui got was given by Mrs.
Meng, and what she got was fought for by herself.


“You really don't look like Wanniang's daughter at all.” Jiang Xuening gently picked up a bracelet made of red agate on her dowry, “As far as I can remember, Wanniang was a very temperate People.
We lived in a village in the country at that time, because we were kicked out by the mansion, so many people bullied us and said some gossip.
I was very scared.
But she would come out of the house and stand under the eaves, Smiling and cursing back sentence by sentence.”


Jiang Xuehui closed her eyes slightly.


But Jiang Xuening's voice kept ringing in my ears: “You can't believe it? Even in such a poor country, she always dresses herself up beautifully, even with the worst makeup.
She will settle accounts, She can read, recite poems, and curse people.
She doesn’t talk to those village women, because she never regards herself as a person like them.
She doesn’t even allow other people’s children to come to play with me.
She told me , I am not the child of a farmer's woman in the countryside, I am different from other people.
At that time, Wanniang was the most different, the most beautiful and the most powerful woman I could see…”


Jiang Xuehui has always lived in this prosperous capital.


She has never seen life in the countryside, and she can't imagine the vulgar appearance of the peasants and women there, let alone the scene of a woman standing under the eaves laughing and scolding others…


Chinese clothes and gourmet food, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.


This is what she is familiar with.


But everything Jiang Xuening said was unfamiliar to her.


“When I was young, I played in the yard, catching dragonflies, and picking peach blossoms.
Occasionally, Wanniang would sit on the steps under the eaves and look at me, and sometimes stood behind the small window to look at me.
At that time, I just I think Wanniang's posture and appearance are really pretty; when I get a little older, I can feel that the way she looks at me is actually very different, always in a trance, always in a trance, as if thinking of something else .”


When he said this, Jiang Xuening's voice suddenly became a little mocking, and a smile was pulled from the corner of his lips, as if this could suppress a certain kind of astringency in his heart.


“Others say that Wanniang is the concubine of a rich family, and I am the concubine of a rich family.
In short, I came from a rich family.
I thought that Wanniang might want to return to the capital.
So one day, in Wan When my mother looked at me like this again, I ran in, took her hand and said, it doesn’t matter if the mansion doesn’t let her go back to the capital.
One day, I will take her back and buy her the best rouge and Clothes, so that others can no longer bully us.”


Obviously she was reborn, this memory was really a long, long time ago for her, she thought that she had almost forgotten it.


But when it comes to it, it is vivid.


Jiang Xuening even remembered that Wanniang wore three buns that day, and on her soft earlobe hung an old red coral earring…


“When she looked back at me, she seemed to be moved.
I was very happy.
But then, her eyes changed suddenly, and she pushed me away.
Do you know what Wanniang said to me?” Jiang Xuening said Jiang Xuehui The string of red coral bracelets was worn on his slender wrist, and he lowered his eyes to appreciate it, “She told me to get out, and said that I was a bitch, and told me to go back alone if I wanted to go back to the capital.”


Her skin is very white, lined with red coral of excellent texture, like a sheet of snow.


Jiang Xuehui felt shocking from this extreme color difference.


This bracelet looks good.




Like Wanniang, it does not belong to her.


Jiang Xuening suddenly felt the coldness that had nowhere to go, and laughed: “Wanniang used to be very good to me, I don't even know why she scolded me.
I hugged myself wrongedly, sat under the eaves and cried, thinking Maybe Wanniang hated the capital, so she was afraid that I would not want her if I went to the capital; maybe Wanniang hated my father for being ruthless, so she called me a bitch.
How ridiculous and pitiful?”


After staring at the bracelet for a while, she took it off.


Then he walked back to Jiang Xuehui, took her hand and put it on for her, with a gentle expression on his face: “I didn't understand why she scolded me until four years ago when I found out about my life experience and recalled everything in the past.
Me, why are you looking at me like that…”


Jiang Xuehui slowly clenched her hand, only to feel that when the red coral bracelet was worn on her wrist, it was like a string of soldering iron had landed on her skin, which finally gave her voice a hint of mystery Trembling: “Enough, stop talking.”


Jiang Xuening acted as if she didn't hear it, and continued: “Look, God is so unfair.
Obviously you and I have been replaced, so we should have everything the other party should have.
At least I should have a share of what the other party should have.
But, Wanniang knew that I was not her daughter, and her real daughter was in the capital; but my biological mother just didn't know that you were not her daughter, so she raised you as her own daughter and devoted more than ten years So, not only do I not have the love of my biological mother, but I don’t even have the love of Wanniang.
You enjoy the love of the two of them, you have everything, but I…”


I have nothing.


She seemed to hear the wind in the tree in the mountain blowing from the bottom of her heart again, sweeping away everything and leaving nothing behind: “So whatever you have, I will have it; and whatever you have good, I will grab it.
But there are some things that I can't grab in this life.
Before Wanniang died, she was thinking of her own daughter.
I was going to be crazy with jealousy, but you dismissed it…”


There was a “snap”.


Jiang Xuehui's face finally turned cold, and she got up suddenly, tore off the bracelet she had worn on her wrist earlier and threw it on the table, and asked, “Why should I care, why should I ask? You are jealous, that's what you have to do.” No; but what you are jealous of may not necessarily be what I want.”


Jiang Xuening looked back at her.


Jiang Xuehui's voice has a rare bitterness: “Wanniang is my biological mother, but I have never seen her even once, let alone her bad intentions first, deliberately replacing you and me, which caused all kinds of troubles later.
All pitiful things come from hatred.
Sister Ning, you are a willful person, but I can’t.
I was brought up by my mother, and I learned to be wise and protect myself.
But ask Wanniang about things, I owe Wanniang a debt of gratitude ;I am responsible for my mother's kindness to meddle in Wanniang's affairs.
Since I can't do both anyway, why should I put myself in a disadvantageous situation? Besides, for more than ten or twenty years, my mother has nurtured me carefully, even if she is sorry for you , but I am not sorry.
How do you want me to be so cruel as to hurt her? “


When she said this, she actually showed a bit of sadness.
He just sat down again dejectedly, and said: “I know that there is a huge gap between you and your mother now, but when you first returned home four years ago, your mother also wanted to make up for you.
But you always mentioned Wanniang, He also disobeyed discipline and poked her sore feet everywhere, which wore away all the guilt, and made her think of Wanniang all the time.
I tried to persuade you, but you hated me too, and you didn't listen.”


There is no doubt that Jiang Xuehui is a smart person.


But this kind of cleverness always makes Jiang Xuening feel chills: “In this world, not everyone can be like you.
We weigh the pros and cons in everything, and are so cold-hearted that it is almost cold-blooded.”


Jiang Xuehui said: “So you should hate me, and I will never retaliate against you.”


Jiang Xuening couldn't hold back her laughter, as if she just really got to know her today.


For a while, I remembered all my past and present lives.


She looked at her, and murmured in a trance: “Why didn't I realize that you are the queen material…”


The voice was too low, as soft as a whisper.


Jiang Xuehui didn't hear clearly.


But this didn't prevent her from issuing the order to evict the guest: “I've said so much today, I think my mother will have to deal with it for a long time, and she has been suspicious of me for a long time.
You are happy, should you go?”


Jiang Xuening said, “It's time to go.”


After taking two steps outside, she stopped again, looking back at her with a deep gaze: “I always see Wanniang in my dreams at night.
But if you haven't seen her, you probably can't dream of her.” right?”


After speaking, he smiled and turned to go out.


Jiang Xuehui sat in the room, only looking at the string of red corals that had fallen apart, and said nothing.




When Meng got up early the next morning, she learned from the maid who was serving her that Jiang Xuening went to Sister Hui's room for a long time and talked for a long time last night.
All the lamps fell.


Also cursed several times.


She sent someone to call Jiang Xuening to “talk”, but Jiang Xuening didn't bother to answer.


After returning from the palace, he was indeed very tired, and he had a good night's sleep without dreams.


When the men from the Meng family came, she was putting a warm face towel on her face.


Hearing that Mrs.
Meng called her, she just laughed, and her voice was mixed with heat, vaguely, lightly: “Today I want to entertain guests, and I have an appointment with Prince Yan later, I'm afraid I won't have time to say hello to my mother.
Just tell my mother to be more polite to me in the future, and don't try to order me around.
Otherwise, I will have the ability to make everyone in the capital know the background of her beloved 'daughter'…”

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