Jiang Xuening never denied that she was a very selfish person: compared to the current You Fangyin, she had despicably hoped that the one who came here was the familiar You Fangyin.


But this despicableness is limited after all.


She couldn't just sit back and watch this You Fangyin being harmed, and she couldn't imagine how she would become friends with another You Fangyin after letting all this happen, so she saved her, but she couldn't understand her cowardice, she couldn't understand She is different from another You Fangyin in everything.


But why should this You Fangyin become another You Fangyin?


She's just living her own life.


And although she saved her, she is not qualified to dictate her life, nor is she qualified to express disappointment with any of her choices—not to mention, she actually did as she instructed, buying raw silk , went to learn bookkeeping, walked out of the back house that ordinary women dare not go out, and then put all her gratitude into this small box…


Jiang Xuening calmed down after a while, looked at her and said, “What's next, what are your plans?” You Fangyin felt relieved when she finally stopped crying.


At this moment, I was stunned for a moment, and thought about it: “Make money, make more money, and make the second girl happy!”


Another stupid thing to say.


Jiang Xuening couldn't hold back her tears and laughed, she just thought that You Fangyin was too serious, but after thinking about it, no matter what the reason was, wanting to make more money is not a bad thing.


For her now, there is no better choice than this.


However, there are problems to be solved before that.


She remembered that when she was in the palace earlier, she heard Shen D mention a sentence, saying that it was found that the silk boat on the Cao River capsized, and that it was the collusion between the government and businessmen to drive up the price of silk in order to make a profit from it.


Jiang Xuening said: “Before and after you sold the raw silk, did you hear any unusual news?”


“Yes.” You Fangyin nodded hastily, with a bit of fear in his expression, and said, “Just the day before yesterday, officers and soldiers came to many guild halls and arrested six or seven big businessmen.
Listen to what Boss Xu said, They are all well-known businessmen in the business field.
Several people have asked him to buy a shipment of raw silk from him at a low price.
But he thought the price was too low at the time, and he didn’t even have the money to go back to the villagers.
I didn’t agree.
I didn’t expect that something happened to our silk as soon as it was sold.
I also heard that it seemed to be because of some reason to drive up the price of silk.
Boss Xu and I were very scared, but no one came to arrest us after waiting for two days.
But Last night, a steward in our mansion was taken away, it seems that some relative of his family met in the mansion of an official on Caohe River, I don’t know if he was implicated…”


Jiang Xuening heard that the first half was fine, but when she heard You Fangyin say that a steward in the Qingyuan uncle's mansion was arrested, her scalp exploded.


If officials and businessmen colluded to capsize the ship and drive up the price of silk, it would be unreasonable to even intervene in the small fish and shrimps in the Qingyuan uncle's mansion, and the officials and businessmen who were caught would be enough to toss for a while.


But even arrest the steward?


She slowly raised her hand to press the center of her brow.
Although there was no evidence, she dared to conclude that someone must be secretly chasing You Fangyin! In other words, it was the self behind Cha You Fangyin…


Jiang Xuening didn't know exactly how much You Fangyin earned from this business in the previous life, and whether she told Xu Wenyi about it.
But she knew that since she dared to borrow loan sharks to do business, it must be because she knew the exact news in advance, so she dared to give it a go.


Backwards, it is reasonable for someone in the Qingyuan uncle's mansion to be found out.


Because You Fangyin had just passed through at that time, it was impossible to have any contacts of her own to know the news.


Well, most likely I found out by chance.


You Fangyin in this life got the news from herself, but she did the same thing as You Fangyin in the previous life, and it might even be because of her kindness that others paid attention to this matter.
I found clues to check her.


And it must have checked everyone she came into contact with.


Only then can the person in charge be found.


If this is the case, the person in charge is probably taking the blame for himself.


Seeing her changing expression, You Fangyin gradually felt uneasy in her heart, and said anxiously: “Could it be that someone is looking into this matter, and I might implicate the girl?”


Jiang Xuening let out a soft breath.


She felt that someone was spying on her in the dark, but if someone took the blame for her, she might not have had time to find out about herself: after all, who would have thought that a boudoir lady who had no connection with Caohe would know such a thing? What about the news?


This is an unreasonable thing.


So even if her name is on the investigation list, I'm afraid it will be subconsciously ignored.


So, although the situation may seem tricky, it can still be repaired.


Jiang Xuening said to her: “No matter what you do in the future, you must be careful in your actions.
You haven't mentioned me a word to that boss Xu before, and don't mention a word in the future.
Especially my identity.
I don't know what you are doing today.
Come to me, if there is someone following behind.
But whether there is or not, you don't know about it, and I am not the one who has taught you any tricks.
I am just a lifesaver you are very grateful for.
Tomorrow you buy Some things, then sneak out of the mansion, go to the side door of Jiang’s mansion, and visit me quietly.
I just want to tell you a few words.


You Fangyin's face turned serious, showing unprecedented seriousness.


She nodded vigorously, but then frowned: “If I come here in a sneaky way, won't others be more suspicious?”


“What they want is their suspicion.” Jiang Xuening's eyes were covered with a little haze.
Although she didn't know who the secret opponent was, she had to be extra careful, and she also explained to You Fangyin, “If you don't reveal your wealth, you It’s really strange to make money and buy things with great fanfare to thank me as a lifesaver.
Besides, you are also cautious in the uncle’s mansion, and it seems suspicious to come secretly, but after careful investigation, this is the most suitable way for your situation.


You Fangyin seemed to understand but half understood.


Jiang Xuening laughed: “If you want to dispel a person's doubts to the greatest extent one day, you must let him doubt you first, and then let him deny his own doubts.
Because people are used to doubting others, but they always believe in themselves.
You should know that under the sun, smart people hiding in the dark are hard to deal with.”


You Fangyin lowered her head, thoughtful.


Jiang Xuening then handed back the box containing the banknotes and said, “Take the money back.”


You Fangyin was stunned: “I brought it for the girl! You gave me the money for doing business, you also suggested the way to make money, and you even saved my life.
If you don't accept the money, I will ,I……”


Her eyes were red and she was about to cry.


But Jiang Xuening only picked up a moon-white sachet that was pressed in the box, and said, “Is that why you knocked down someone else's stall last time?”


On the moon-white ground, peonies are embroidered with dark blue thread.


There are also a few strands of dark gold mixed in, which were pierced with gold thread one by one.


The stitching is very unique.


You Fangyin didn't expect that she would know what happened to her foolishly knocking down someone's stall that day, her cheeks were flushed for a while, her hands were on her knees, she was at a loss, and she murmured: “I just saw it on the way back from the business.
I feel that there is a sachet stitch inside which is very special.
I don’t know anything.
When I saw the girl for the first time, I knocked down and stained your sachet, so I want to embroider a better one for you…”


Jiang Xuening stared at the sachet in her hand without speaking.


It was rare for You Fangyin to talk about something she was good at, her eyes brightened a little, and she said, “I have learned this embroidery method for a long time, and this piece of material is also from Boss Xu who saw them in Nanxun last time.” A silkworm farmer said that the silk weaved by his own family happened to have a small piece left over and gave it to me.
I think this is my first time doing business, and it was taught by the second girl, so it happened to be used to embroider a sachet.
It looks good.




Jiang Xuening's heart was warm, and she almost burst into tears.


She held the sachet in her hand, and said: “You don't need money, but I accept this sachet.”


You Fangyin raised her head, as if she wanted to say something else: “But——”


However, Jiang Xuening stretched out her hand, hugged her in her arms, hugged her, and said softly: “What you brought me today is more important than this money.”


You Fangyin was stunned.


Jiang Xuening's embrace was warm, even gentle.


Her voice also floated like a dream: “Thank you, and, I'm sorry.”


Sorry, I misunderstood you;


Thank you very much, you told me, so I can.


No one knew that she had walked on the verge of collapse several times that day.


On this day, Xie Wei told her: You cannot escape;


Also on this day, You Fangyin told her: You can change.


Although the trajectory of many things in this life does not seem to deviate too much from the previous life, everything is different from the previous life.


Especially You Fangyin.


She thought she had saved her, but this is still a cowardly You Fangyin who accomplished nothing, that kind of disappointment with her, Mo Ruo said it was the disappointment that she couldn't change anything.


But she did.


She also succeeded.


Even strictly speaking, she was even more successful than You Fangyin in her previous life.


Although there are some ends left, what is the importance of that compared to what she got today?


You Fangyin didn't know why she was crying today, nor what she meant by what she just said, but from this embrace, she felt an unprecedented softness.


The box brought by her was put back into her hand.


Jiang Xuening only said to her: “Come find me tomorrow.”


You Fangyin hugged the box, nodded in a daze, got out of the car, couldn't help but look back at her, then put the box back in her sleeve, and walked slowly along the long street.


Jiang Xuening watched her walk away.


further and further.


In the end, he got out of the car, stood on the outside of the car shaft, and looked at her figure until he could no longer see her.


When Xie Wei rolled up the answer sheets and walked out from the palace along Zhuque Long Street, this was what he saw.


The carriage stopped by the side of the road, and she stood on it and looked into the distance.


In the rare clear sky in autumn, the sunset glow has been blown by the wind, and she is in this glow.


When Jiang Xuening turned around to get back into the car, she saw him stopping not far away.


It should have been scary.


But maybe it was because she was too happy to see You Fangyin like this today, but seeing Xie Wei who was supposed to have a hideous face now, she actually felt much more pleasing to the eye.


She bent her lips, nodded to him, and only said: “Mr.
Xie is good.”


Xie Wei did not respond.


He only felt that the smile on her lips, like this day, suddenly waved away all the haze that was suppressing her body, and there was a rare clarity.


Just like today's sky.


Jiang Xuening didn't need him to respond, he just said hello, then got into the car, and told the driver to start again, heading towards Jiang's mansion.


It's almost time to get the key to the palace gate.


Many ministers who were temporarily summoned to the palace to discuss matters also left the palace one after another.


On the way, he saw Xie Wei standing over there, he couldn't help asking: “What is Master Xie looking at here?”


Xie Wei withdrew his gaze and turned to look at that day.


In the evening, it is particularly magnificent.


The highest point above the head is a piece of clear dark blue, and then to the west, it gradually turns into deep purple, crimson, and then golden red.


For some reason, he smiled and said back to the adult: “The weather is so nice.”

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