Autumn is already deep, and even at noon, the sun is shining brightly, but it can't reduce the biting chill in the wind.


Xie Wei stood at the gate of the hall.


He is quite tall, just blocking the light coming in from outside the palace door, covering Jiang Xuening's slightly slender figure in his shadow, and at this moment, she opened her eyes wide, It is impossible to tell what kind of expression Xie Wei is in the blur of the backlight.






Very afraid.


At this moment, Jiang Xuening suddenly felt very tired, as if all the strength in her body had been emptied, she finally stopped covering up completely, blinked and said: “I'm just a boudoir lady, I have no power in the court, and I have no ambitions, and I have no connection with Mr.
Xie except my father.
To Mr.
Xie, I am a small ant that can be crushed to death with a little effort, and I cannot pose any threat to him.
Would you believe me if I said that I was afraid, but I never intended to report or harm Mr.


Xie Wei was silent for a long time, and asked her back: “If you were me, would you dare to believe it?”


It's not whether you want to or not, but whether you dare or not.


Jiang Xuening lowered her head gently, her slender and fair neck was as snow-colored even in the dark shadows.


At this time, I really put myself in my shoes and thought about it.


If she was Xie Wei, she would have had her own plans at least four years ago, but because she was ill or in a desperate situation, she was irrational for a moment, and said some shocking words to the only person around at that time, but afterwards She escaped again, would she believe that this person could keep his mouth shut forever and not reveal this secret to any stakeholders?


Jiang Xuening's eyelashes trembled.
Although she was extremely unwilling in her heart, she had to admit it, and said slowly: “I, I can't believe it.”


Though that threat might just be a speck of dust.


But the embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed by an ant nest.
How do you know that the future will not fall short because of this?


Believe her and let her go, it is tantamount to putting all your plans and even your own head in danger, and you have to worry at any time: Will this person seize the opportunity to plot against me? stab me in the back…


Wanting to understand this point, Jiang Xuening was convinced that he would definitely die.


The pain from when the dagger slashed across her neck in her previous life came out almost at the same time she had this realization, making her hands folded in front of her tremble uncontrollably.


But at this moment, she was unwilling to show fear.
She clenched her fingers tightly.


Xie Wei asked her again: “Miss Ning Er thinks that after four years, suddenly one day, I found out that the little girl who knew my secret was not as innocent and ignorant as I thought.
How should I speculate?”


Jiang Xuening said: “She pretended to be crazy and stupid, trying to save her life.”


Xie Wei's eyes fell on her overstretched palm: “So, if you were me, would you get rid of this person?”


Jiang Xuening slightly closed her eyes: “But sir, I don't want to die.”


Xie Wei fell silent again.


This period of time was suddenly stretched infinitely, and in the extreme tension, Jiang Xuening felt like a lamb standing by the guillotine, who would be put on the sharp knife at some point.


Xie Wei stared at her for a long time, as if he was thinking about something.


In the end, he stretched out his hand to her, and said slowly: “You are not my threat.
The real threat is that I don't dare to believe you, but I want to believe you.
Miss Ning Er, Xie Wei is not a person who does not remember your kindness.” , but what you revealed was not what I expected.
I need to see clearly what kind of person you are, and whether you are worthy of my risky trust.
I don’t want to get rid of my savior.
, and please stay under my nose.”


As he spoke, his slender fingers caressed the top of her head.


Jiang Xuening was stunned.


Xie Wei only said: “Although you don't want to stay in the palace, this is the only way I can convince myself that I don't have to kill you immediately.
Please bury what happened four years ago in your heart.
Be a secret that only you and I will ever know.
Don't push me, and don't make me angry again.”


After finishing speaking, he withdrew his hand, turned around and walked out from the hall.


From darkness to light.


The sky light outside finally illuminated his whole figure, and the green Taoist robe fluttered as he walked under the vermilion palace wall, gradually receding into the distance.




When he returned to Yangzhizhai, Jiang Xuening looked like a water ghost who had just been fished out, his feet were flimsy and his face was pale.


Fang Miao was sitting on the porch, pinching her fingers to count how long it had passed, thinking about whether she should “save” the second girl Jiang if two quarters really passed.


always felt like a joke…


But when she turned around and saw Jiang Xuening coming back like this, she stood up in shock: “Miss Jiang Er, you, what's wrong with you?”


Only then did she realize that what Jiang Xuening said earlier might not be a joke.




But who in the government and the public doesn't know what kind of easy-going person Xie Wei is? What is the second girl Jiang trying to argue about, to be frightened like this by the saintly tempered Mr.


Jiang Xuening did not answer.


She went straight into her room, turned around and closed the door, then slowly slid down with her back against the door, covered her face with her hands, and pressed them against her bent knees.


Until then, I can clearly hear my heartbeat and breathing.


She is still alive.


In the small window to the north, the sun shines in through the snow-white window paper, and the fine dust floats in the air, like bright spots of light swimming in the water.


Jiang Xuening raised her head and stared at the dust for a long time.


Then he suddenly laughed out loud, laughing freely and laughing at himself.


Xie Wei actually said that he didn't want to kill her!


Should she believe such a deceitful person?


But now she is neither a queen, nor does she hold any power in her hands, but a boudoir girl, even if she goes out and is killed by bandits, she probably won't be able to make much splash, and there are thousands of people who want to cover her up.
means to cover up.


Is it necessary for jackals to deceive ants?




Then why did Xie Wei from the previous life say such terrible things to her?


This lunatic thought it was fun to scare her?


Or, the change in Xie Wei's attitude is because of the change in her life——


It has been less than a month since she was reborn, and there are very few things she can do.
In truth, there is only one.
That is when he didn't enjoy Yan Lin's kindness to him as a matter of course, but started planning to hook up with Shen D.


If this is indeed the reason why Xie Wei has a different attitude towards her two lives, and Yan Lin has not even voted for Xie Wei at this time, then she can believe that the last life You Fangyin confided to her twenty years ago The secret of the previous dynasty is probably true!


It is not surprising that Xie Wei would slaughter the royal family and the Xiao family.


Even extenuating circumstances.


At this moment, Jiang Xuening felt that this person was really pitiful.
But after thinking about it, she couldn't protect herself as a mud bodhisattva crossing the river.
Where would she have the right to pity a superior who is holding her own life in her right hand?


“Half a year, half a year…”


She closed her eyes slowly, recited this time in her heart, and finally exhaled slowly.


“It's inevitable, it's better to see the trick and dismantle it!”


Of course it's good to hide.


But she couldn't hide, and she didn't want to be slaughtered.


If what Xie Wei said before is true, then it is naturally the best, and he will be at ease when he leaves the palace after half a year; if Xie Wei is deceitful, and what he said is only deceiving her, then staying in the palace for the past six months will be her instead.
The safest choice you can make.


No matter how you act, you always have to be scruples in the palace.


Taking a 10,000-step back, the worst situation for her is just to repeat the old ways of her previous life, go all out and continue to hook up with Shen D, become a queen and then slowly have sex with Xie Wei!


After figuring out what to do next, Jiang Xuening sat on the spot for a while, and finally felt some strength in her legs, so she stood up again, washed herself, sobered up, then packed her bags a little, and prepared to leave the palace.


Entering the palace for these three days is just to learn the rules and get promoted again.


The real companionship is two days later.
The person who is finally selected goes home and bids farewell to his parents.
After cleaning up, he enters the palace again, following the example of the officials in the court and implementing the rest and bathing system.
After entering the palace to accompany the princess, he can go home every ten days.
one day.


After the results of the knowledge examination came out, Princess Shen Zhiyi of Leyang sent people to give many rewards, both those who were selected and those who were not, but those who were selected added a set of Four Treasures of the Study.


Before Jiang Xuening left the palace with everyone, she even came to see her off in person.


He held Xiao Shu's hand and talked for a long time, then held her hand and talked for a long time, then let Huang Renli, the eunuch in charge beside her, lead a group of palace servants out of the palace.




The carriage sent by Jiang's mansion to pick him up was waiting outside the palace gate.


Lian'er Tang'er was standing by the carriage, saw her coming out of the palace gate from a distance, and waved to her happily.


Jiang Xuening said goodbye to the others and got into the carriage.


Tang'er saw that she seemed to be a little tired, so she hurriedly put the pillow in the car away, helped her to sit down, looked at her a little worriedly: “Miss, are you tired these days?”


It's true that Jiang Xuening's heart is tired, and so is her fear.


At the moment, I just slowly closed my eyes, and after thinking about it, I said: “After returning to the mansion, I will sleep first, and you will send someone to Yongyihou's mansion to deliver a message, and ask the son of Yan to come to me at the floor of the sky tomorrow.
See, I have something to tell him.”


You know, in the past when the second girl played with Yan Shizi, it was Yan Shizi who came to her door most of the time, so gradually even the maids like them got used to seeing Yan Shizi appearing on the courtyard wall of Jiang's mansion from time to time, or the girl's on the windowsill.


It is very rare for the second girl to ask Shizi Yan out on her own initiative.


Tang'er heard Jiang Xuening's calm voice, but for some reason she suddenly felt a little startled, but she didn't dare to ask any more questions, so she answered softly.


Jiang Xuening closed her eyes and took a rest.


The carriage left all the way from outside the palace gate.


It's just that before going far, a subdued voice suddenly sounded outside: “Second Miss, Second Miss!”


Jiang Xuening felt that this voice seemed to be heard somewhere.


She opened her eyes.


The driver driving the car outside saw someone, and stopped in time, and turned his head to report to the inside of the car curtain: “Second Miss, it's a girl who seems to be looking for you.”


With a wave of Jiang Xuening's hand, Lian'er opened the corner of the car curtain, and looked outside, it turned out to be You Fangyin!


She is wearing a crescent white dress today, but it doesn't look very new.
Her hair was tied up in a bun, but she didn't wear any headgear.
A face that could only be regarded as handsome was full of apprehension and nervousness.
Both hands were in the sleeves, as if they were holding something, but they couldn't see clearly through the sleeves.


Her nervousness seemed to be caused by this.


But when she passed the curtain of the car and saw Jiang Xuening sitting in the car, her eyes lit up a little, and even the reddish tear mole at the corner of her eye seemed to be covered with light.


Jiang Xuening was dazzled by the brilliance and freshness that suddenly burst out from this dull face, she didn't react for a while, and looked at her for a while.


Only for a while, You Fangyin became nervous again.


The previous brilliance quickly suppressed and was replaced by her original timidity and fear.


She stumbled and opened her mouth: “I, I, I…”


Jiang Xuening sighed after seeing it, and said, “Get in the car and tell.”


Seeing her like this for a while, she couldn't understand clearly, and she couldn't be asked to stand outside the car all the time.


The coachman moved the footstool, stepped aside, and let You Fangyin get on the cart with the shaft.


Jiang Xuening asked her to sit opposite to him, and said, “What are you looking for?”


After You Fangyin sat down, she was at a loss, her body was tense, and she didn't know what to say after thinking for a long time.
After looking at her twice, it seemed that she took a deep breath and plucked up the courage to hide herself in the The things in the sleeves were taken out.


It was a simple square box.


Flat, it doesn't look like it can hold much, and it is easy to see sour branch pear wood, which is not expensive.


But she held it with both hands, handed it to Jiang Xuening, and said eagerly: “Yes, I want to give this to the second girl.”


Jiang Xuening guessed that he saved her life, so she bought something to repay her?


But she didn't ask for anything in return.


He didn't reach out to pick it up at the moment, but only softened his voice and said to her: “Your situation in the mansion is not good.
If you have anything, you should keep it in your hands first.
If you want to repay, you can wait until your situation is better.” Maybe later.”


“No, it's not…”


After listening to her words, You Fangyin knew that she had misunderstood.
She had a lot of things to say in her head, but she was stupid and couldn't make a complete sentence when the words reached her throat.
Besides, she was extremely nervous in front of Jiang Xuening.
So it looks more and more clumsy.


She could only put this box in Jiang Xuening's hands.


“This must be given to the second girl, and it's all yours.”




Jiang Xuening really didn't remember what he gave her.
Seeing her persistence, she was a little moved by her persistent and clumsy appearance.
She smiled and said, “Then let me see.”


She raised her hand and opened the box.


The next moment, he was completely stunned——


In this simple box, lay a stack of thin banknotes, and next to it was an exquisitely embroidered moon-white sachet.


The silver number is the largest silver number in Beijing today.


Each bank note is worth one hundred taels, Jiang Xuening's fingers trembled slightly, and she picked it up a little bit, it was as much as two thousand five hundred taels!


How could a little concubine from the uncle's mansion get so much money?


The moment she saw these banknotes, she suddenly understood something, her eyes were slightly hot, and she almost burst into tears.


But she still raised her head and asked her, “Where did you get all this money?”


You Fangyin blinked, as if she didn't understand why she asked: “Didn't the girl teach me? I took the money and went to a merchant named Xu Wenyi outside the Jiangsu-Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce to buy raw silk, and then waited for half a month for the price to rise before selling it.” Go out.
I, I bought a whole four hundred taels of silk!”


She actually did it…


Jiang Xuening almost choked up.


But looking at these bank notes, she still did the math, and said: “The four hundred taels of silver, three times the profit is not more than 1,200 taels, and you can only get 1,600 taels of money if you hold it to death.
How can there be two thousand five hundred taels?”


You Fangyin said honestly: “I only made 1,200 taels from the sale, but after the silk was sold, Boss Xu said that he would add 2,000 taels to me no matter what.
I couldn't resist it.
After a long time of persuasion, he agreed.
Just add nine hundred taels.”


Jiang Xuening was puzzled: “Boss Xu gave you money?”


You Fangyin nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, and when he mentioned this, his eyes sparkled: “Yes.
My silk was sold, and Boss Xu's silk was also sold, making a lot of money Yes.
The silkworm farmers in his hometown were also very happy when they found out about this, and asked Boss Xu to tell me that if Fangyin wants to continue the raw silk business next year, he can give me some good products and ask me to pay only half of the price.
It’s fine to take the deposit and sell it first!”


Xu Wenyi's silk was sold…


Jiang Xuening's eyelids twitched: “Does he know that the price of silk will rise?”


You Fangyin only saw that her expression seemed to have changed, her eyes that had brightened just now shrank a little, her voice became much quieter, and she said in a low voice, “He asked me, so I told him.
But, don't worry, I didn't I mentioned your identity, and Boss Xu asked me who you are, but I didn't say a word.”


Holding the box of bank notes, Jiang Xuening couldn't believe what she heard.


First, You Fangyin in the previous life only made three times the profit in this raw silk transaction, but now this You Fangyin took out 400 taels and got back 2,500 taels;


Second, this silly girl just wanted to make a fortune by herself, but she even told Xu Wenyi the news!


She looked at her with complicated eyes: “how dare you tell him? If you tell this kind of news, you will cause trouble.


You Fangyin's face turned pale, she clenched her hands tightly, and opened her mouth: “But, maybe Boss Xu is a good person…”


nice guy?


Jiang Xuening has been a human being for two lifetimes, except for Zhang Zhe, he doesn't know how to write the word “good person”.


She said: “How do you know that he is a good person? If he is greedy for profit, I'm afraid you won't be able to appear in front of me alive today.”


You Fangyin was frightened by her words so harshly.


For a long while, she only knew to look at her, her eyes were open, and there seemed to be a thousand words in it.


But just couldn't say a word.


Jiang Xuening sighed, “That's all.”


She made a gesture to hand the box back, thinking that nothing happened this time anyway, so she just told her to be more careful in the future.


Unexpectedly, You Fangyin suddenly spoke again, although her voice trembled because of fear, there was an inexplicable firmness and persistence in her eyes: “Second Miss, before I, I went to the Jiangsu-Zhejiang Guild Hall, I have asked.
Boss Xu, his wealth and life are all in this business, and the silkworm farmers in his hometown are still waiting in Nanxun for him to sell the silk and get the money back.
Me, me, my aunt told me that if a person There are many friends who help him, and many people are willing to believe him, at least he should be a not bad person.
If, if I don’t tell him, what will he do, and what will those silkworm farmers do? That’s why I, I…”


Jiang Xuening was stunned.


The next moment he laughed.


However, smiling and laughing, I don’t know why, a feeling of sadness welled up in my heart, and the tears I suppressed and suppressed in my eyes all fell down, and rolled down, wet the banknotes in the box .


“Silly girl…”


You Fangyin saw her smile first, and then her face became brighter, thinking that she didn't pursue it, and even felt that she was doing the right thing.


But before she could be happy, Jiang Xuening cried again.


She was so frightened that she panicked and raised her sleeves to wipe her tears: “Don't cry, don't cry, it's all Fangyin's fault.
Fangyin knew she was wrong, and she will never talk nonsense to others…”


Jiang Xuening couldn't stop crying when she heard her talking like this.


You Fangyin started to cry, blaming herself: “Girl wants me to make money, it must be that Fangyin is not good enough, this time I didn't earn enough.
Don't cry, next time, next time I will definitely make more money.” Study hard, and next time, I will make more money for the girl.
A lot, a lot…”


What a silly girl.


Jiang Xuening was crying and wanted to laugh again.
For a while, all kinds of feelings surged up from the past and present, but they turned into something deeper and deeper, and they were firmly pressed down, so that she finally stepped on from the boundless midair.
on the ground.


She choked up uncontrollably.


Looking down at the box of bank notes, he raised his head again, as if to stop his tears, but there was still a cry in his voice: “No, it's good, you've really done a good job.”


it's me.


I am not good enough.

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